No Holds Barred Propaganda War on Russia

In lockstep with US imperial interests, MSM wage propaganda war on all its invented enemies.

Daily fake news mass deception is its weapon of choice, based on state-approved talking points.

Truth and full disclosure are nowhere in sight.

What conflicts with the fabricated official narrative is banned by MSM editorial policy.

It’s much the same on all major domestic and geopolitical issues.

At a time when the only US/Western foreign threats are invented, MSM consistently pretend otherwise.

According to NYT fake news,  “Russia’s (noninexistent) military buildup on the Ukrainian border is easy to see (sic).”

What the Times — and other MSM — claim to see, a handful of truth-telling Ukrainian officials haven’t spotted what’s not there.

The overly-hyperventilated Russian “threat” doesn’t exist.

Yet according to dominant Biden regime hardliners and their MSM press agents, those hard to spot Russian hordes “are within striking distance of Kiev (sic).”

Not according to Ukraine’s war minister Aleksey Reznokov, saying:

“(A)t this very moment, not a single strike group of the Russian armed forces has been established, which attests to the fact that” no invasion is imminent.

According to MSM-regurgitated fake news by dominant Biden regime hardliners, Russia spreads “disinformation” about Ukraine.

That’s how the US/West and their MSM press agents characterize truth and full disclosure that conflicts with its fabricated official narrative.

Addressing Russia’s lower house State Duma on Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

“Depending on the contents of th(e) (Biden regime’s) reply (to Russia’s sought security guarantees), we and our colleagues from other agencies will draft our proposals addressed to President Vladimir Putin regarding further steps.” 

“There is a distinct trend towards downplaying our proposals and brushing them under the carpet in endless discussions.” 

“In particular, this concerns the attempts to dump this issue onto the OSCE and the insistent calls by the European Union for finding a place for it in these discussions.”

“We will not let this happen. We will not let them emasculate our initiative.”

Hegemon USA and its Western vassal states “have fundamentally forgotten the culture of diplomacy.”

They’ve “been doubling down on their efforts to contain our country.”

“In addition to illegitimate unilateral sanctions, they are intensifying military and political pressure.” 

“It is enough to look at the increasingly provocative military drills near our borders, at the regime in Kiev being dragged into NATO’s orbit, the deliveries of lethal weapons to it and it being prodded to carry out direct provocations against Russia.” 

“Given this background, the demands addressed to us to cease military exercises on our own soil, which we are fully and indisputably entitled to, sound particularly cynical.”

“Those with pro-Western inclinations led by the US attempt to counter the objective flow of history, seeking to secure their one-sided advantage.”

Vladimir Putin “laid out all the fundamental positions during extended meetings of the collegiums of the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Defense, in his other speeches and press conferences.”

“Profound changes are taking place in the international arena, and the changes are not entirely positive, to put it mildly.”

“The whole system is in disarray.”

“(T)he security of Russia and its citizens is an absolute priority and will be reliably ensured under all circumstances.”

If the US-dominated West rejects Russia’s sought security guarantees, the Kremlin will respond appropriately, Lavrov stressed.

“(S)it(ting) idly in this situation” is not an option.

Despite knowing that claims of a threatened Russian invasion of Ukraine are fabricated — without a shred of credible evidence backing them — they’re repeated daily anyway.

It’s been clear all along that dominant Biden regime hardliners and their subservient NATO counterparts have no intention of respecting Russia’s legitimate security concerns.

It’s an indisputable reality no matter how the Biden regime formally or otherwise responds to Russia’s proposals.

If things play out this way that’s virtually certain, Lavrov warned that Moscow’s response will be“appropriate measures” left unspecified.

Put up or shut up time approaches.

Beneath its hyperventilating bravado, the US is inherently a cowardly nation.

Throughout the post-WW II period, its hot wars were waged on nations it believed were easy to roll over — even though things often didn’t turn out this way.

Its wars on Russia, China and Iran are waged by other means — knowing that these nations can hit back punishingly hard against aggressors.

It’s long past time for Russia to give hegemon USA a strong taste of its own medicine in whatever ways it chooses.

It’s the only way to get its attention, the only way it’ll back off.

Like street bullies and nation states that operate in similar fashion, hegemon USA will think long and hard about attacking a nation able give as much or more than it takes.

It’ll back off, tail between its legs, and resort to its customary war of words and illegal sanctions — what never achieved its aims and won’t ahead.

Meanwhile, as Russia, China, Iran and other nations continue to rise in prominence on the world stage, hegemon USA will go the way of all previous empires in world history —  its imperial arrogance virtually certain to be its undoing.

It can’t happen a moment too soon.

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