Hegemon USA on the Couch

Psychopathological derangement defines US rage to dominate the world community of nations by brute force if lesser tactics fail.

If hegemon USA had personhood, criminal psychology expert Robert Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist would define its geopolitical agenda.

Both right wings of the US war party have delusions of grandeur.

They exhibit “dissocial personality disorder.”

Their derangement includes “coldheartedness, (and a) callous unconcern for the feelings of others.”

They lack remorse, shame or guilt.

They irresponsibly exhibit an extremely high threshold for disgust, impulsiveness, emotional shallowness, “pathological lying, (and a) grandiose sense of self-worth.”

Their “parasitic lifestyle” and other abnormalities drive their megalomaniacal actions.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners and their congressional counterparts on both sides of the aisle include recklessly deranged psychopaths and sociopaths.

Judge them by their actions.

They’re at war by hot and/or other means on multiple fronts against invented enemies.

Their rage for unchallenged global dominance threatens everyone everywhere.

They want maximum number of unwanted Americans and others abroad exterminated by kill shots.

Daily events should scare everyone.

The fake Biden reportedly told US-installed Ukrainian puppet Zelensky that a Russian invasion is virtually certain ahead (sic).

That Kiev could be “sacked (sic).” 

That the regime he nominally heads should prepare for the onslaught (sic).

CNN, the most reviled and distrusted name in TV propaganda, reported the above rubbish as “breaking news.”

Other MSM repeated it.

The UK Daily Mail said Zelensky was warned on Thursday of a “certain Russian invasion.”

The London-based Independent reported that Zelensky was warned that “Kiev could be sacked by an imminent Russian invasion.”

Winston Churchill reportedly once said that “(a) lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

Today it circulates worldwide at warp speed.

The New Zealand Herald headlined: (Fake) “Biden tells Zelensky to ‘prepare’ for Russian invasion.”

The Times of Israel reported the same thing.

AFP, the BBC, Al Jazeera, France 24, ABC News, the NY Post and other MSM repeated CNN’s fake news.

No matter that a “virtually certain” Russian invasion is Russophobic rubbish — its prospect zero.

In damage control mode, Biden regime national security council spokeswoman Emily Horne tweeted the following:

What CNN and other MSM reported “is not true.”

The Biden regime said that “there is a distinct possibility that the Russians could invade Ukraine in February (sic).”

It’s “been warning about this for months (sic).”

Along with relentlessly pushing kill shots and all else flu/covid with destroying public health and freedom in mind, a nonexistent Red Menace in new form dominates US/Western and other world headlines.

Overnight, more CNN fake news defied reality by falsely claiming that “the US and NATO continue to brace for the prospect of a (nonexistent) Russian invasion.”

Earlier on Thursday, Biden regime war department spokesman John Kirby continued his daily Russophobic rubbish remarks, saying:

“We continue to see, including in the last 24 hours, more accumulation of credible combat forces arrayed by the Russians in, again, the western part of their country and in Belarus (sic).”

On Thursday, White House spokeswoman Psaki again repeated the Big Lie claim about nonexistent Russian “preparations and buildup at (Ukraine’s) border,” adding:

“(I)nvasion could come at any time (sic). Our assessment has not changed (sic).”

“(W)e’re continuing to strongly encourage US citizens who are in Ukraine to depart” the country.

According to Axios fake news, “(t)here’s a growing consensus among close watchers of Russia’s military that some sort of escalation is likely soon (sic).”

Escalation is how US-dominated NATO, apartheid Israel and likeminded regimes operate — clearly not Russia or other nations free from US control.

On Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry deputy press department director Alexey Zaitsev straight talk stressed the following:

“We have said multiple times that our country isn’t going to attack anyone.”

“We believe even the thought of a war between our peoples is unacceptable.”

Zaitsev slammed US-dominated NATO regimes for “inflaming” what’s going on — including the risk of escalating Kiev aggression against Donbass.

A Final Comment

According to Russia’s US envoy Anatoly Antonov on Thursday, the Biden regime’s State Department said he’ll be told to leave the US by April if Moscow doesn’t grant the number of visas it demands for its (likely CIA spies, masquerading as) embassy and consulate bodyguards in Russia, adding:

“There are no advancements either in regard to the diplomatic property, or in regard to the issuance of visas or in the development of relations.” 

There’s “only a trend towards a worsening” relations. 

“Everything that has been going on over recent months on this track only indicates the hardening of the (Biden regime’s) line with regards to our presence” in the US.

Dominant US hardliners on both sides of the aisle keep pushing things toward a possible rupture of bilateral relations.

While war between the world’s leading military powers is highly unlikely, what’s unthinkable is possible because lunatics run the Washington asylum.


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  1. Mr Lendman..

    This Article is in your Top Ten ..

    The first ten paragraphs/ sentences are the best ever written anywhere by anyone!

    You delved into the
    ” Outer Limits”

    Excavating the psychological basis of this madness..,!

    Need be said.

    These are Psycho Killers.
    Blood Simple.

    In Actuality much worse than can be imagined by our citizenry.

    The Secret Police
    Are looking to Recruit from the
    “Trinity ”

    When the Recruit was a child did they,

    1) ..Torture of animals ..
    2)..Window Peek
    3)..Wet their Bed
    4)..start fires..pyromania
    5)… were sexually abused
    6)…gay bashing or corresponding cross dress..

    The Gestapo had a similar set of criteria.

    ( Small Point but elucidating: they also had homosexuality as a selling point..

    But today I think the stigma is gone..it’s not so profane…

    If you’re out today..or not..
    Blackmailing someone today for that is probably passe.)

    They make the best agents.
    Most pliable, no doubt.

    Sick, deformed, Degenerated Dystopian Society.

    In Toto..one must not overlook
    The long range effects of a Mob since Nov 22, 1963

    Running the Government
    Three Generations now

    And placing all the Criminals
    In high offices.
    ( Recruited in their own image)

    That’ll gum up the Works.


  2. “Mr Lendman”..

    I think I can speak for Lendman in saying it would be fine just to call him Lendman. When you add Mr. you are just making him and everyone else read another word he does not need. I have had him in my Magnificent Seven since the beginning of the list. My extended name for Lendman is Lendman the Magnificent. He likes to be called Lendman.

    Bitchute is coming alive on the drop-them- like-flies program I am trying to fix my award winning mess, find my phones, and set up my computer to do videos.

    My access to this the comment section got cut off yesterday and my access to Google Voice and Google gpt cut too. So I am at the library seeing what works here. I have no access to Gmail or Google Voice which is a loss, but me make for by saying “Shoot Them Where They Stand.”

    So this is a test.


  3. The keyword in need of an explanation is “graphene oxide” Graphene oxide is harder than diamonds and it is in all the kill shots. It was introduced into the kill shot from the beginning by citing trade secret which is just a way to keep it secret when the contents should have been disclosed if there were such a thing as a safe and effective vaxxine, which there is not.

    It is being sprayed in the chemtrails and any other method possible.There are videos of magnets sticking to meat which allows possible but has extreme fit to wanting to FreeUsAll. I suspect it is in the numbing agents used in dentistry. The reason for wearing mask does two things for Monopoly Medicine. It makes people sick by means of cultivating bacteria, mask mouth, and pneumonia, fallallala Graphene oxide.just about has to be in the blue mask and that very,very, bad.

    Test to see if they block me here as yesterday


  4. Oh, me break through and now have two hands. Me be bad in good way even with brain damage, thank you much less than very.

    I am much more about a librarian effort than compostion, any normally would speak in links.
    The only thing I have read is for getting graphene oxide out is glutathione as if in normal course the immune system would take care of it if survive the nanorazor blades.long enough.

    The shots transmitters with nanorouters capable of having an IP address.

    Glutathione is the best antioxidant of the body. There are three substances by body need to make it with limiting one being NAC. Everybody should be taking NAC and I think Amazon shut all of that off. Solutions are blocked

    People should be aware of the importance of iodine and should have some. It can be applied directly to the skin and you look for the iodine skin test where the time the absord tells you your level of iodine.

    testing again


  5. The MOST POWERFUL Antioxidant is Melatonin, NOT Glutathione
    (by Eric Berg who is hard core keto and is probably #1 on keto and Thomas DeLauer second maybe and Mercola maybe third.

    This is his description: information is brand new, and it’s one of the most important videos I’ll ever do regarding your health.


    It is the biggest news since K2, the Factor X Weston P. Price could not identify in his book as the needed nutritional component . It is something I was taking most every day, last month. Some people take it in a pill in magnesium and vitamin D with that.

    This is huge news as graphine oxide is will kill you and more than that it makes it possible to kill you by means of its electrical properties. I have seen two videos of people having a cell phone giving them an instantly deadly headache. I saw them on Max Igan’s The Crowhouse. One said assassination in the video of the woman getting her nails done and the other showed an “anomaly” where there was a flash and a man was deader than two doorknobs and a bucket of sand instantly.


  6. I have seen a picture of a large drone that if equipped to do so could kill everybody with graphene oxide in them by energizing it. One flyonver and one second your head is where is where it should be and two seconds later it is on the ground.

    It is of extreme importance to find out how to best get that out or all the military can be killed by a little boy in China killing Americans with his remote communication to a toy drone.

    I have certitude on China being the uniting agent of all this crap and treason.

    All these politician are bribed or have control files on them by China.

    I don’t know how America will survive since China took care of their soldiers and had vitamin C stockpiled at the beginning.

    There is such a thing as calling, and many would have a calling to join the military even with the aggression of the Dollar Empire. They were removed from their calling and we need them back. When they find and form it be a swift and blinding justice as R&D in office is Hangable Treason per se.


  7. Vitamin C is a big subject since it is much needed by the body and the body does not make it. It appears that this engineered because there are only two mammals that do not make Vitamin C.The other one being the guinea pig. Testing in the guinea pig would of course that the situation and would have fit to us humans not making it.

    There was a video of Mercola interviewing a leading expert researcher on cancer at MIT named Klinghart- sp Klinghart has a thick German accent and brutally pronounces coffee when does drink only one cup. He says cancer has two foods- one being sugar and the other glutamate. and it is important to know which one your cancer uses for food.

    But back to Vitamin C. In the interview on probiotcs he spoke of a certain bacteria that produces vitamin C.in the gut. All the YouTube videos got taken down but it was removed when I went back to find it. It is extremely important to find that bacteria. Like all things that are solution, you want want find it with a Google search.


  8. So true, Stephen. I feel embarrassed to be an American these days. And not a little frightened about the hell they will bring down on our heads in the end for all their hubris. “Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad!”


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