Crashed F-35C in S. China Sea: Did Kill Shots Cause Pilot Error?

According to Defense News last November:

US active duty naval personnel are “almost fully” jabbed — for flu/covid protection not gotten.

Defense News quoted navy secretary Carlos Del Toro, claiming that naval personnel are 99.4% jabbed, marine corp personnel around 95%.

While the accuracy of the above figures is questionable, it’s likely that the unnamed pilot who bailed out of an F-35C stealth warplane while attempting to land on the USS Carl Vinson’s flight deck on Monday was fully-jabbed.

Were toxins in jabs gotten responsible for pilot error?

According to flight experts, landing an aircraft on a carrier deck is one of the hardest things for a pilot to master.

A carrier’s flight deck has about 500 feet of runway.

Planes onboard have a tailhook.

When landing, a pilot must maneuver the aircraft to snag one of four arresting wires on the flight deck.

If executed properly, it can stop a warplane or other aircraft traveling at 150 MPH in two seconds.

It’s no simple task even for an experienced pilot.

The aircraft must approach the flight deck at precisely the right angle.

Unlike a land-based air strip, an aircraft carrier at sea can be a moving target because of weather conditions that rock the deck back and forth.

At times when negotiating a landing, things don’t go as planned so the pilot must go around until able to land properly as instructed.

A helicopter recovered the unnamed F-35’s pilot from the South China Sea.

The US Navy is going all-out to recover the crashed jet.

According to navy spokesman Lt. Nicholas Lingo, the warplane “impacted the flight deck during landing and subsequently fell” into South China Sea waters.

Seven flight crew were injured, including the pilot and two others sent to Manila for treatment apparently not available on the vessel.

Efforts are underway to recover the downed aircraft. 

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore research fellow Collin Koh believes that naval recovery efforts will retrieve it, adding:

If otherwise, China will likely do it.

Clearly, the Pentagon doesn’t want its high technology gotten by an invented enemy like China.

It would be an intelligence triumph for its military.

Flaws and all, the F-35 is the most advanced US warplane with cutting-edge avionics, stealth coatings and other high-tech technology.

According to military expert Antony Wong Tong, even a piece of the F-35C would provide valuable information for China.

Naval expert Li Jie said that while it’s unlikely that China will recover the aircraft or part of it, Beijing “developed the world’s most advanced diving technology.”

“Its Haidou 1 sub went down more than 10,000 meters in the western Pacific Ocean.

Unless China monitored USS Carl Vinson’s flight operation by satellite or other means, only the US navy knows exactly where the F-35 went down.

According to US Naval Safety Center data, the USS Carl Vinson had four “class A mishaps” in November and December 2021.

The US navy department defines them as “property damage (of) $2.5 million or more and/or aircraft destroyed,” that may include “fatalit(ies) or permanent total disabilit(ies).”

An investigation was initiated on what may have caused the F-35 mishap to learn if what happened was a technical issue or pilot error.

If the latter, was mass-jabbing the pilot responsible for the mishap?

If the latter is determined or suspected, what’s learned will no doubt be kept under wraps.

A Final Comment

In mid-November last year, a UK F-35 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea — after the pilot ejected and was rescued.

According to a Boris Johnson regime war ministry statement at the time:

“A British F35 pilot from HMS Queen Elizabeth ejected during routine flying operations in the Mediterranean this morning.} 

“The pilot has been safely returned to the ship and an investigation has begun, so it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

Did the warplane go down for technical reasons or was pilot error responsible?

According to UK military sources, the vast majority of its personnel have gotten at least one flu/covid jab.

It’s highly likely that the downed F-35’s pilot was jabbed.

If pilot error caused the plane’s downing, were toxins in one or more kill shots responsible for what happened?

One thought on “Crashed F-35C in S. China Sea: Did Kill Shots Cause Pilot Error?

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Class A..(Mishigosh) Mishap

    Wow interesting correlation you make, sir.

    And a keen wager..if 99.4 % are Vaxed..( so they say)

    The odds are overwhelming.

    Was it Pilot Error..

    F-35 the Fux Up..
    The Enormous Failure

    “Unsafe at any Speed..
    Of Jets..”

    5th Generation

    A statement really
    More than an individual “mishap”

    A Banner Ad:


    Aeronautical engineering
    Fifth they can’t compete

    And Russia is making SIXTH…

    Like Russia doing Calculus II

    And Sammy still doing Fractions..


    of the Article..

    Did the Poison kick it
    Like a double martini on the Delta flight to Dallas..

    Pilot skills diminishing due to the Poison Apple..

    More than plausible..
    I’d say it’s so realistic a Scenerio


    For Petty Mason to ask the DA
    As to call a for aGrand Jury..

    Mind you: need to pull the Bio
    The Record on the Pilot

    Could be some enlightening aspects..

    Prior landing Problems
    Other Medical Problems

    We would certainly want to check.


    Now I’m Running the Naval Hospital in Pensacola

    I’m like Walter Mitty..!


    The Ralph Sampson of Jets


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