Fraudster Fauci’s Diabolical Agenda

Along with enriching Pharma and himself, Fauci’s agenda prioritizes maximum harm to maximum numbers of unwanted people.

Notably since appointed NIAID director in 1984, chronic diseases in the US skyrocketed.

What’s been a boon to Pharma profiteers has been the bane of countless millions of harmed Americans — including children at a time of life when good health should be at an optimum level.

I vividly remember that time of my life long ago.

Overall, I enjoyed good health and boundless energy.

Illness I thought was for the elderly, not children, adolescents and youths.

What few health issues I had were minor at a time when our family doctor was my favorite uncle, a blessed man who made house calls outside of office hours. 

I never needed him for that purpose, but he was always there for patients, including overnight if called on.

Fraudster Fauci is polar opposite what he was on all things health relateed — a monster who never treated a patient.

In his book on “The Real Anthony Fauci,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explained the following:

When he arrived on the public stage, “6% of American children had chronic disease.” 

“By 2006, 54% had it.” 

The US “went from being the healthiest country in the world with the healthiest children to the sickest.” 

“Literally, we do not even qualify as a developed nation.” 

“We are 79th in the world, behind Nicaragua and Costa Rica in terms of our health outcomes.”

“And why did that happen?” 

“(T)he one figure who is more responsible for that than anybody else in the world is (fraudster) Fauci.” 

“He is the reason we take more pharmaceutical drugs than any other nation in the world” — at double or more what they cost in other developed nations. 

Indeed, Americans “pay the highest prices and have the worst outcomes.”

Fauci uses his multi-billion dollar budget to more greatly enrich Pharma profiteers than already — while prioritizing self-enrichment at the same time.

It’s at the expense of public health instead of the reverse.

America’s healthcare industry is misnamed for prioritizing sickness over wellness.

What should be a model system for the rest of the world community of nations to emulate is dysfunctional for most of its people.

Sickness is prioritized over good health because the latter is unprofitable.

America has the world’s best healthcare system — based on the ability to pay.

Proper care when most needed is increasingly unaffordable for millions.

Since seasonal flu underwent a name change over two years ago, all things flu/covid have been pushed to irreversibly harm the health of millions and billions of unwanted people throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

A recent Fauci audio recording exposed part of his diabolical agenda, saying:

If things go as planned, US ruling regimes will “never…ever” allow life to return to normal as it existed pre-2020.

That’s the unrevealed plan.

It includes annual or multi-annual kill shots to continue the destruction of public health — with elimination of unwanted segments of society, enriching Pharma, and replacing the remnants of freedom with social control tyranny.

In December 2020, Fauci virtually admitted his diabolical aims, including by changing the definition of normal, saying:

“(N)ormality…depends on what you mean (sic).”

“(I)f normality means exactly the way things were before we had this happen to us, I mean, I can’t predict that (sic).”

If he and likeminded members of the US criminal class get their way, forever kill shots will be mandated for everyone.

The same will apply for harmful to health masking, socially destructive distancing from others, testing to produce false positives, vax passes for access to public places, and all else destructive of normality and health flu/covid related.

If things go as US/Western dark forces plan, pre-2020 normality won’t ever return.

Great reset dystopian hellishness will replace it permanently — wrapped in deceptive socioeconomic rhetoric to conceal planned ruler/serf societies.

What was inconceivable not long ago may become reality ahead without mass resistance against what no one should tolerate.

The only solution is popular revolution.

Will Canadian and US truckers lead the way?

Will their activism inspire millions of others throughout the US/West and elsewhere to demand restoration of lost freedoms?

It’s the only way. Power yields nothing without demands.

More than ever, they’re needed at a time when the alternative is unparalleled depopulation of unwanted billions, along with elimination of free and open societies worldwide.

At a time when US/Western and allied dark forces want your health and freedom destroyed, the only alternative is hell no defiance.

When fighting the bastards is the only option, vanquishing them once and for all is the only way forward.

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