Pentagon Forces Massacre Civilians in Northern Syria

For nearly 11 years since March 2011, hegemon USA has been waging undeclared war on Syria and its long-suffering people.

Along with terror-bombing civilian targets at its discretion, US forces illegally occupy northern and southern parts of the country, including its oil-producing area.

It’s being stolen and transported cross-border to deprive the country and its people of vitally needed revenue.

On Thursday, the fake Biden falsely  called the latest Pentagon attack on Syria a mission to eliminate an ISIS leader.

Left unexplained was that the US created and uses ISIS — as well as likeminded jihadists — as proxy foot soldiers in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

The White House imposter lied to the public as follows, saying:

“Last night at my direction (sic), US military forces in northwest Syria successfully undertook a counterterrorism operation (sic) to protect the American people and our allies (sic), and make the world a safer place (sic),” adding:

“Thanks to the skill and bravery of our armed forces (sic), we have taken off the battlefield Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi — the leader of ISIS (sic).” 

If the above or another ISIS element was killed, it was someone not following orders from his Pentagon and/or CIA handlers.

US-dominated NATO continues aggression against Syria, a country posing no threats to regional or other nations.

Since March 2011, hundreds of thousands of Syrians were massacred in cold blood by US forces and their jihadist foot soldiers.

As against many other countries, US forever war on Syria is one of history’s greatest crimes — with no end of what’s going on in prospect.

The fake Biden suppressed what the Syrian Arab News Agency reported on Thursday, saying the following:

“At least 13 people, among them children and women, were killed in an airdrop operation carried out by US occupation forces on Thursday in the vicinity of Atma village in northern countryside of Idlib province,” adding:

“Local sources said that an airdrop was launched from US helicopters for US special forces targeting some houses near Atma village.” 

“The US forces raided and destroyed some houses after encircling them in Atma area, north of Idlib along with drones’ shelling, killing at least 13 people, including six children and 3 women.”

“The sources added that the number of the victims is expected to increase as there are people under debris of the houses which were destroyed by the US occupation forces.”

“The Pentagon declined to give any details” about its latest mass slaughter operation.

Iran’s Press TV reported the following about what happened overnight against Syria and its people, saying:

“The deadly raid took place (near) the Syrian border with Turkey.”

According to an eyewitness survivor of the incident, “emergency rescuers pulled out bodies of victims from the rubble of a multi-story building.”

“We woke up at 1am to the sound of helicopters.” 

“At around 3am, we heard a barrage of attacks.” 

“We saw a house that was targeted and damaged roads, but we still have no idea what was going on.”

“Heavy gunfire was also heard during the raid…”

All that’s known on the ground about the incident is that civilian men, women and children were massacred in cold blood.

The latest US war crime had nothing to do with eliminating one or more terrorists — used by hegemon USA in waging wars on humanity.

Even pro-Western Al Jazeera expressed skepticism about a “barrage of attacks (in which) civilians were killed,” adding:

“Residents said the helicopters were hovering over the building for more than two hours, before attacking it.” 

“US special forces then carried out a landing operation and stormed the house.”

Mahmoud Chehadi, who lives nearby, said the following:

“When the operation ended, we went to the area and saw a woman who apparently detonated an explosive vest, and inside the building, we saw some bodies, including a man and a child.”

What a Pentagon statement called a “successful…mission” killed at least 13 Syrian civilians in cold blood.

Time and again, hegemon USA falsely claims to be combatting ISIS and other jihadists — elements that it actively supports.

In October 2019, Trump announced an end to US involvement in Syria — except for continued occupation of the country’s oil-producing area to “keep the oil,” he said.

Nearly two-and-a-half years later, US forever war on Syria and its people continues endlessly.

What happened overnight Wednesday is known because the fake Biden announced a falsified version of events on the ground.

Nearly 11 years of US crimes of war and humanity against millions of Syrians went largely unreported.

In support of US aggression whenever waged against invented enemies, MSM ignored them.

Nor has the dominant 4th estate explained the suffering endured by hundreds of thousands of internally and externally displaced Syrian civilians.

Last week, Russia’s Charge d’Affairs to its UN mission, Dmitry Polyanskiy explained that “intense (US) airstrikes in densely-populated areas ruined buildings of the technical college and economic department of the local university, destroyed a fuel warehouse, disrupted energy supply to” the area attacked, adding:

Indiscriminate strikes by Pentagon warplanes massacred Syrian civilians in targeted areas — on the phony pretext of combatting ISIS.

On January 20, a US-orchestrated ISIS attack on Syria’s largest prison facility freed “at least 800 inmates,” mostly jihadists.

The prison attack was supported by Pentagon warplanes and armored vehicles.

What’s going on in US-occupied Syria are joint operations by Pentagon forces and jihadist foot soldiers.

“This is why Syrian armed forced supported by the Russian military keep searching for and eradicating ISIL terrorists in Syria,” Polyanskiy explained.

“The illegal presence of US military forces in Syria created a ‘lawless zone’ in the northeast.”

It’s “where (ISIS and other) terrorist feel perfectly at ease.”

“There is anarchy and violence (where) terrorists are” supported by Pentagon and CIA elements in the country. 

Hegemon USA pretends to combat ISIS and other jihadists it supports.

The US-orchestrated and directed attack by ISIS jihadists on Syria’s main prison facility was one of many examples of its forever war on the country and its people.


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