Biden Regime Orders Kiev Proxies to Invade Donbass

On Sunday, head of the Donetsk People’s Republic of Donbass, Denis Sinenkov, explained the following:

Kiev “armed forces are ready for the forcible takeover of Donbass (by) implement(ing) (a Biden regime) plan for invading the territory of our republic.”

Lugansk People’s Republic spokesman Ivan Filiponenko said Ukrainian forces engaged militarily with Militia freedom-fighters across the contact line.

Pre-dawn Sunday local time, “troops of (Kiev’s) 79th Airborne Assault Brigade attempted to attack the positions of the People’s Militia in the area of the settlement of Pionerskoye with the crossing of the Seversky Donets River.” 

“As a result of the clash, the enemy suffered losses and retreated.”

“The unlawful actions of the Ukrainian armed forces led to the destruction of five residential buildings and casualties among the civilian population.”

Shelling by Kiev forces across the contact line continues intensively.

According to LPR security forces on Sunday, Kiev cross-border “aggression” killed two civilians and destroyed five residential buildings in ​​​​the settlement of Pionerskoye.

A DPR television film crew “came under fire in Sakhanka,” the Union broadcaster reported.

On the same day, a DPR People’s Militia statement said “(t)he situation along the line of contact remains critical,” adding: 

Kiev forces continue “heavy fire at civilian infrastructure and facilities that are critical to the functioning of the republic round the clock.”

DPR intelligence reported that Kiev forces are posed to launch “new terrorist attacks on (vital) infrastructure and civilians.”

In the last 24 hours, Ukraine unleashed “1,220 munitions” against the DPR, according to its Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire Regime (JCCC).”

As of early Sunday, around 40,000 Donbass residents arrived in Russia’s Rostov region to be out of harm’s way.

Reporting from Donetsk, a Sputnik News journalist said explosions from artillery fire occurred overnight Saturday for hours.

According to the secretary general of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Stanislav Zas:

Russian-led CSTO peacekeepers may be sent to Donbass on a peace and stability mission, adding:

“If we need 3,000, we’ll send them.” 

“If we need 17,000, we’ll send them.” 

“If we need more, there’ll be more.” 

“As many as are needed” if a plan is agreed on.

According to UK BoJo’s reinvention of reality, Russia plans “the biggest war in Europe since 1945 (sic).”

Nothing from Western regime officials can be taken at face value.

BoJo’s remark was harebrained and inflammatory.

On Sunday, dementia Joe’s double reportedly will hold a national security council meeting to discuss invented regime “intelligence” about a nonexistent Russian invasion of Ukraine to come “at any time (sic).”

On Saturday at the Munich Security Conference, Biden regime vice president of injustice Harris hyperventilated about an invented Russian threat to Ukraine that doesn’t exist, saying:

“We…receive(d) (fake news) reports of (Russian) provocations” that don’t exist.  

Nor is there any evidence of what Harris falsely called “Russia(n) disinformation, lies, and propaganda (sic).”

All of the above are longstanding hegemon USA-dominated NATO tactics — notably in preparation for or while waging preemptive wars on invented enemies.

Like dementia Joe’s double, interventionist Blinken and other Biden regime extremists, Harris time and again finds ways to embarrass herself on the world stage.

Her Munich propaganda remarks were the latest example.

Separately on Saturday, a made-in-the-USA G7 statement repeated thoroughly debunked disinformation about Russia.

No “threatening Russian military buildup around Ukraine” exists.

No earlier “annex(ation) (of) Crimea.

No “challenge to global security and the international order” by nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

No “escalation (of) tensions” by Moscow.

The Biden regime even got its G7 counterparts to refer to what hegemon USA calls its “rules-based international order” — without explaining that it’s all about circumventing the rule of law as it should be observed.

Separately on Saturday, interventionist Blinken repeated the Big Lie claim about Russian aggression on Ukraine not planned, ongoing or forthcoming.

On Feb. 24, Sergey Lavrov will again waste time and effort by meeting with him for more talks on Ukraine and related issues to accomplish nothing positive like earlier when they met.

At this time, escalated Kiev aggression on Donbass continues.

Orchestrated and directed by the Pentagon and CIA, vassal state Ukraine is beholden to its higher power in Washington on all things geopolitical that relates to advancing its hegemonic aims.

A Final Comment

On Sunday in cahoots with Biden regime orchestrated aggression on Donbass, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell recited lines scripted for him by his higher power in Washington.

Falsely blaming Donbass for made-in-the-USA Kiev aggression against its territory and people, he embarrassed himself by saying:

“The EU condemns the use of heavy weaponry and indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas (by Donbass), which constitute a clear violation of the Minsk agreements and international humanitarian law (sic).” 

“We commend Ukraine’s posture of restraint in the face of continued provocations and efforts at destabilization (sic).”

Ahead of and during wars, truth-telling journalism, remarks by aggressors and their co-conspirators are the first casualties.

The pattern repeats time and again with disturbing regularity.

On orders from Washington, Kiev escalated aggression on Donbass.

Like always when wars are waged, civilians in harm’s way suffer most.

Despite Kiev forces being heavily armed, trained and directed by the US/West, Donbass is prepared to defend itself against aggression.

Years earlier when Kiev forces invaded the DPR and LPR, it paid a high price for aggression.

While nothing is certain, things most likely will play out in similar fashion ahead.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    I’m calling Mr Zas tomorrow with this suggestion..

    Broaden the Formation

    1)..Send the CSTO
    2)..Shanghai Partners
    )…EVO had some Org with 13 Countries..

    Venezuela Nicaragua
    Trinidad Tobago etc

    Let’s Roll Right Now Boys

    “Hey Mr Postman..
    Look and See..

    Is there letter..
    A letter for me….?


    Why yes,.yes there is..
    Addressed to Walter Mitty
    % Brad Kahn

    A Postcard from Mr Zas..

    Reads, “We found the bastards and kicked their ass…!”


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