Trudeau regime jackboot thuggery continued on Saturday in Ottawa.

A Twitter page under the above hashtag is following events with tweets like the following:

“#cdnpoli #JustinTrudeau #TrudeauTyranny #TrudeauMustResign #TrudeauDictatorshipMustGo https://pic.twitter.com/upseJd8XCG

#TrudeauStain #CanadaHasFallen #TruckersForFreedom2022 #CanadianFreedomConvoy #TrudeauTyranny #TrudeauTyranny

Today, February 19, 2022, Trudeau’s most obedient bottom of the barrel armed thugs arrested peaceful Canadian Veterans…at a war memorial. 

I am ashamed that he is currently our PM🇨🇦 #TrudeauTyranny

Canadian police take the knee for BLM protests, yet crush freedom protesters under the hooves of their calvary! #TrudeauTyranny

Ottawa police vow to pursue and punish protesters in Canada with criminal and financial penalties even if they go home. 

So much for the right of peaceful protest. This is wrong. #TrudeauTyranny

Do they use these tactics on murderers, rapists, child traffickers etc…? Asking for Canada.

A WhatsApp chat group of Mounties boasted about the cruelty & violence they plan to use against peaceful protesters, and laughing at injuries done to civilians.

This was leaked by the one honest cop still in there.

The Nazis had a phrase which covered all abuses by the state:

Fur Ihre Sicherheit

It’s for your safety.

Liberal Democrats 🌸@LibDemAus

We strongly condemn the authoritarian and undemocratic actions of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

Freezing assets of protesters is inconsistent with anything even resembling a free society, and use of the Emergencies Act to expand police powers is tyrannical.

Ottawa police fought for their rights to not have to get jabbed to keep their jobs, yet here they stand (brutalizing) and arresting truckers who want (and deserve) the same rights.

The Twitter page thread includes lots more remarks like the above.

The Trudeau regime and its figurehead tyrant lost the legitimacy to govern.

Over the weekend, a leaked message by goons masquerading as cops said:

“Time for the protesters to hear our jackboots on the ground.”

Bragging about thuggery includes trampling, beating, pepper-spraying and otherwise brutalizing peaceful protests extrajudicially.

Rebel News journalist Alexa Lavoie “was brutally assaulted” and injured by Trudeau regime goons “while covering the peaceful protests in Ottawa,” the news operation reported, adding:

“This is a disgusting abuse of power, and we plan to sue.” 

“Trudeau instructed his (goon squad storm troopers) to attack journalists.”

“Alexa sa(id) she was specifically targeted by a cop who saw her camera.” 

“She sa(id) he came up to her and beat her and pushed her down.” 

“She sa(id) he tried to knock the phone out of her hands to stop her from filming.”

Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly was likely forced out last week for not unleashing thuggery against peaceful protests.

Installing deputy police chief Steve Bell to replace him no doubt reflected his willingness to operate extrajudicially in support of tyranny over the rule of law.

On Saturday, the Toronto Sun reported the following:

Goon squad cops “donned helmets, wielded batons and deployed pepper spray in downtown Ottawa on Saturday” by waging war on freedom-fighting truckers and supporters. 

Thugs masquerading as cops said they (used) mid-range “impact weapons on Saturday evening…”

They unjustifiably justified their brutality by falsely accusing peaceful protesters of “assault(ing) officers with weapons (sic).”

Bell lied saying that he unleashed goons against freedom-fighting truckers and supporters to “stop the(ir) violent actions” that no evidence suggests happened.

A goon squad tweet turned truth on its head as follows:

“Protesters continue to be aggressive and assaultive on officers (sic).” 

“They are refusing to comply with the orders to move (sic).” 

“You will have seen officers use a chemical irritant (aka toxic pepper spray) to stop the assaultive behavior (sic) and for officer safety (sic).”

According to poison.com:

Dangerous pepper spray chemicals “cause intense irritation to the eyes, skin, and lungs and can temporarily incapacitate an individual.”

“More severe effects require medical evaluation.”

Inhalation causes coughing, breathing difficulties, nasal and throat irritation. 

Medical News Today reported the following:

“The Chemical Weapons Convention banned the use of riot control measures such as pepper spray and tear gas in warfare.”

When the former “comes into contact with a person’s eyes, it causes immediate eye closure, acute eye pain, and temporary blindness.” 

“Some people describe a bubbling or boiling sensation and severe discomfort.”

More severe injuries “includ(e) corneal abrasions, wheezing, and skin blisters.”

Events on Ottawa streets have been live streamed for the whole world to see how Trudeau regime tyranny operates.

On Saturday, “hundreds of protesters faced off against rows of armed officers south of (Ottawa’s) Wellington Street,” the Toronto Sun reported, adding: 

“The crowd of drum-beating, flag-waving demonstrators, which included at least half a dozen elementary school-aged children, were packed tightly against the police line.”

Around 170 arrests were made.

According to Bell, efforts to identify protesters with criminally charging them in mind continue.

Last week, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) filed suit in federal court to overrule and halt the Trudeau regime’s tyrannical abuse of power.

The freedom-fighting struggle of Canadian truckers and supporters continues in Canada nationwide — whatever the outcome of events on the ground in Ottawa.


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  1. https://gab.com/SonOfEnos/posts/107827847975034179
    Copy from link: Kenan
    I got to say, that I had my suspicions that many of the Tyrannical Covid-Cops in Ottawa were actually UN Troops, but this is confirmation

    They just happened to land in North Bay, my hometown

    These Globalists Scumbags can’t get, nothing past us Patriots

    I’ll try to swing down to the airport to check this story out myself, tomorrow


  2. The Reformed Physicist
    Musings of an Ottawa Data Scientist

    “A night with the untouchables” at https://maybury.ca/the-reformed-physicist/2022/02/03/a-night-with-the-untouchables/


    It is a touching story from an Ottawa resident who lives above the heart of the convoy who went down and talked to the visitors out in the trucks. What he wrote had heart where heart is very absent in the “get your shot and die” of the criminal agenda.

    It received 994 comments in short order and Dave closed down comments with this locked entry at the top of the comments:
    February 9, 2022 at 8:26 pm
    Thank you for all the messages. It’s overwhelming both figuratively and literally. At this time I have to close the comments because I can’t keep up with moderation. I have only been able to read a fraction of what has come in. For days now I have been receiving a new comment about every 30 seconds and sometimes faster than that. I had no idea that what I wrote would touch so many. There is much kindness in the world.

    I believe that we must all find it in our hearts to see ourselves in the “other”, otherwise we are lost. We are all human; we all suffer.

    “The highest forms of understanding we can achieve are laughter and human compassion.”
    ― Richard P. Feynman


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