Biden Regime Intends No End of Kiev Aggression on Donbass

Dominant Biden regime hardliners didn’t rev up Kiev aggression on Donbass to switch hegemonic objectives.

What’s planned aims to get Moscow involved to protect its DPR and LPR nationals.

Kiev and the US-dominated West consider both independent republics to be Ukrainian territory.

If Russia intervenes defensively to protect its nationals as permitted by the UN Charter, Putin will falsely be accused of invading Ukraine.

According to WaPo fake news on Monday, Donbass is shelling Ukraine (sic).

Russia is poised to invade Ukraine “with more than 150,000 troops (sic).”

“Putin all but announced his intentions (sic).”

“He told us what he was going to do, and he’s doing it (sic).”

“He is moving to take Ukraine hostage this week (sic).” 

Another fake news US-designated Feb. 20 D-Day was as wrong-headed as two others, with perhaps more of the same to come.

On the Russian side of the border with Ukraine, not a hint hostile actions exists.

According to WSJ fake news, “Putin’s chief foreign policy goal is the return of the former Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries to Russia’s sphere of influence, but his ambitions are broader (sic).” 

“He wants to blow up the post-Cold War global order (sic).”

While largely ignoring the ugly face of Trudeau regime tyranny in Canada, screaming MSM reports continue hyperventilating fake news about a nonexistent Russian invasion of Ukraine to come any day now. 

Ignored as well as was DPR People’s Militia head Denis Sinenkov warning as follows, saying:

“The enemy’s armed forces are ready for the forcible takeover of Donbass.” 

“Kiev, with the approval of the West, has started to implement a plan for invading the territory of our republic.”

LPR official Ivan Filiponenko accused Kiev of attacking the People’s Militia across the contact line.

Because of heightened East/West tensions and escalated Kiev aggression on Donbass, Russia and Belarus agreed to continue joint military exercises beyond their scheduled Feb. 20 end date.

A Belarusian Defense Ministry statement announced the change, saying:

“Given the ongoing military buildup near the external border of the Union State and the aggravation of the situation in the Donbass, the presidents of Belarus and Russia decided to continue inspecting the response forces of the Union State.” 

“The Russian Armed Forces will return to their bases only when an ‘objective need’ to do so arises and when we decide to do so.” 

“This is purely our internal affair.”

“Troops and hardware that have been recently deployed in the Eastern European region, including near the state border of the Republic of Belarus, are one of the factors affecting the further development of the situation.”

“Therefore, Belarus has the right to demand that the US and NATO member countries pull back the troops from the border of the Republic of Belarus and the Union State and to ensure control over this pullback by verification measures.”

On Monday, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) reported the following: 

A “shell…fired from Ukrainian territory completely destroyed the place of work of guards from the border department of Russia’s Federal Security Service in the Rostov region.”

The guard post was located about 150 meters from the Ukrainian border.

No casualties were reported.

Head of Ukraine’s national security and war council, Aleksey Danilov, falsely denied Zelensky regime responsibility for what happened.

Russian explosives experts will likely verify that Ukrainian munitions destroyed the guard post by identifying the origin of shell fragments.

On Saturday, the FSB reported two explosions in Russian territory.

Both incidents are being investigated.

Were they Biden regime provocations?

Was Kiev ordered to strike Russian territory?

Are dominant Biden regime hardliners trying to draw a retaliatory response to falsely blame Moscow for attacking Ukraine?

All things military by Kiev forces are controlled by hegemon USA.

Its dominant hardliners continue pushing the myth of an imminent Russian invasion.

Are they manipulating events to make things appear this way?

Separately on Monday, a DPR  People’s Militia statement reported the following:

A “Ukrainian saboteur blew himself up (pre-dawn Monday) while installing an explosive device next to the Donetsk central railway station.”

“Next to his remains, a bag with another explosive device was discovered.”

Separately, the DPR reported that “730 explosions of Ukrainian projectiles were recorded.” 

“The enemy is using large caliber mortars and artillery cannons.”

“A similar situation is observed in the LPR, where 674 explosions of Ukrainian shells were reported over 24 hours.”

“Key infrastructure sustained damage.”

A “Ukrainian saboteur squad infiltrated the DPR with the purpose of arriving to the Russian border.” 

“Approximately at 8.10 a.m. a Ukrainian squad broke through into the DPR.”

“The stand-off is ongoing.”

“A DPR artillery depot has been blown up.”

A state of near-full-scale aggression is ongoing by Kiev forces against Donbass.

So far, it’s short of invasion — except for incidents like the above and others reported last week.

Does the Biden regime intend full-scale Kiev invasion of Donbass ahead?

DPR and LPR officials believe it’s coming.


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  1. Mr Lendman,

    I’m going to Press with the following,

    Mind you the USA is on the other side of the globe..

    Telling Russia to pull back their troops.. within good their own borders.

    Astonishing, huh?

    See anything wrong in this Picture..

    You’d actually see it from
    Outer Space..!



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