Donbass Falsely Blamed for Ukraine Aggression

US/Western portrayal of events on the world stage follows a familiar pattern.

Invented enemies are consistently blamed for US-dominated NATO high crimes against them.

That’s what is going on along the contact line between Ukraine and Donbass.

Whatever conflicts with the fabricated official narrative is suppressed in MSM reports — no matter how indisputably true.

So it follows that Donbass is falsely blamed for heavily shelling of its infrastructure and residential areas by Kiev forces.

Cross-border incursions began in likely preparation for full-scale invasion.

What’s going on was planned, orchestrated and directed by Biden regime dark forces — in cahoots with subservient NATO vassal states.

Like always when hegemon USA goes to war or plans one — directly or by use of proxy forces like Kiev troops — MSM operate as complicit press agents for what’s in flagrant violation of core international law.

In its latest edition, NYT fake news invented threats to Ukraine that don’t exist, misreporting as follows:

“(S)helling by Russian-backed separatists (sic) escalate(d)” over the weekend (sic).

“(A) volatile situation is rife with opportunity for pretext for a Russian invasion (sic).”

Fact: Escalated shelling has been ongoing for days.

Fact: As orchestrated and directed by Washington, Kiev forces bear full responsibility.

Fact: People’s Militia forces of the Donestsk and Lugansk People’s Republic of Donbass responded in self-defense as permitted by the UN Charter.

Fact: When attacked by a foreign aggression, self-defense is inviolable and crucial.

The Times and other MSM falsely blamed Donbass forces for Kiev’s aggression against them.

Reinventing reality, Times fake news falsely accused the DPR and LPR of “fighting the (US-installed) Ukrainian (regime) for years (sic).”

Reality is the other way around.

Yet the Times stuck to the fabricated official narrative by blaming victims for the aggressor’s criminality.

In spite of escalated Kiev aggression and start of cross-border incursions, Times fake news claimed that there’s no “evidence that Ukraine (intends) a large-scale attack on” Donbass, adding:

“Western leaders derided the notion that Ukraine would launch an attack” at a time when it’s ongoing. 

According to Kiev, what’s happening in real time is “a cynical Russian lie (sic).”

At the same time, the self-styled newspaper of record blamed Donbass freedom fighters for “mortars, artillery and rocket-propelled grenades” fired by Kiev forces at their vital infrastructure and residential communities, adding:

“Ukrainian officials said the shelling came exclusively from” Donbass (sic).

Things are “edg(ing) perilously closer” to what Biden regime officials call “precursors to a pretext for a Russian invasion” not planned or forthcoming.

In response to the evacuation of Donbass women, children, elderly, and other residents to Russia for their safety ahead of a likely Kiev invasion guns blazing, the Times cited unnamed Western officials.

They mocked Russia’s humanitarian outreach — calling it a “baseless provocation (sic).”

Separately, the Times reinvented the Obama/Biden regime’s February 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev.

Ignoring what replaced democratic governance with Nazi-infested fascist tyranny, the Times quoted Zelensky’s perversion of reality, falsely saying:

Ukrainians died “for the right to live in an independent state, in the family of European nations (sic).”

TheObama/Biden regime’s coup transformed Ukraine into a US vassal state.

Maidan events were aided by sniper shootings of protesters and police — killing around 100 individuals, injuring hundreds more.

At the time, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said “there is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not (ousted President) Yanukovich, but it was somebody from the new (putschist) coalition.”

“All the evidence shows” they were shooting at people from both sides. They targeted police and protesters. 

From Kiev. Dr. Olga Bogomolets said much the same thing, citing photos for proof. 

Paet called her evidence “quite disturbing.”

Snipers were likely CIA-recruited neo-Nazi hitmen. 

Shots came from one or more buildings overlooking the Maidan.

Snipers with automatic weapons were inside. 

Eyewitnesses saw them leaving the area’s Philharmonic Hall, carrying military-style bags used for sniper and assault rifles with optical sights.

Former Ukrainian Security Service head Aleksandr Yakimenko confirmed what happened, planned well in advance he said, adding:

Elements involved “carried out everything that they were told by their leadership – the United States.” 

Maidan leaders practically lived at Washington’s embassy, he stressed.

The battle for Ukraine’s soul was lost. Washington gained an imperial trophy bordering Russia.

The above and much more about US-orchestrated events in late 2013 that culminated on or around Feb. 20 eight years was ignored by the Times and other MSM.

Democracy in Ukraine died. 

US-controlled fascist tyranny replaced it.

What happened reflects how the scourge of US imperialism operates against sovereign independent nations — waging hot and/or cold wars to control them by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.


One thought on “Donbass Falsely Blamed for Ukraine Aggression

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    The Crimes of the Obama Regime..

    The Crimes of the USA..
    Like Nuland’s snipers.

    Just boggles the mind
    But I repeat myself.

    Bore you and myself..
    You know all that.

    Put no Crime beneath them.

    An Evil this egregious cannot survive in the Information Age

    Putting the DNA of the Internet and the Scope of Reason..

    And a smattering of Basil

    And the Essence of Sanity of Mankind

    Up against this ghola.
    This Spectre that haunts the World..

    Although the objective conditions belie that bet

    The Evil so Profound.
    So all encompassing.

    To let thus


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