The Latest Russophobic Rubbish

Fake news defines it.

Like crabgrass, fakery is everywhere throughout the US/West in temper tantrum form.

Facts on the ground on all things Russia are absent in MSM reports.

State-approved talking points replaced them.

All propaganda, all the time is featured in Russia bashing reports by making up stuff, what’s worlds apart from reality on the ground.

Following rubbish to stay informed assures minds being filled with mush.

Brainwashing works this way, including images unrelated to events reported on for added impact — most people none the wiser.

On Friday, Ukraine’s war ministry Twitter page posted video game footage.

A fake news tweet falsely claimed that it showed a MiG-29 downing a Russian Su-35 with a missile.

MSM reported the fake news.

They operate as agents of regimes they represent, mind-manipulation their game, truth-telling banned.

On all things about Russia’s demilitarizing and deNazification of Ukraine, propaganda rubbish is in overdrive round-the-clock on television and online.

Lots of fake videos and other images are published to mass deceive viewers and readers.

Fake news reports by WaPo invented nonexistent “street battles (in) Kiev (sic),” falsely adding:

“(F)ighting continues in many cities across the country (sic).”

Claims of Russian strikes on civilian infrastructure are fake news.

Video and still images of a damaged Kiev building are unrelated to Russia’s demilitarization campaign. See below.

A UK fake news report falsely said most Russian forces are “18 miles from Kiev (sic).”

The same goes for claiming that “Russian casualties (are) heavy and greater than anticipated or acknowledged by the Kremlin (sic).”

A BBC fake news report falsely claimed that 450 Russian soldiers were killed (sic).

A WaPo opinion piece fake news included the following rubbish:

Putin intends to “gain full control of Ukraine (sic).”

Russia “threatens the Baltic states (sic).”

“Putin has unfinished business in America”— referring to nonexistent Russian US election “interference.”

What’s been longstanding US practice in scores of nations throughout the post-WW II period and earlier is polar opposite how Moscow operates.

The WSJ top featured fake news about street battles in Ukraine — falsely claiming the following:

“Russian forces and undercover units in civilian clothes tried to enter the city (sic).”

Nothing of the sort is ongoing.

“Russian “airborne landings continued throughout the country (sic).

More fake news.

A previous article explained that its  paratrooper forces “gained control of territory in the vicinity of the Chernobyl” nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

The operation followed “an agreement…with Ukrainian servicemen from the (plant’s) special guard battalion about joint actions to ensure security of the energy blocs and sarcophagus of the Chernobyl NPP.”

Controlling the facility is to protect Ukrainians from radiation leakage and to prevent Kiev Nazi elements from developing a dirty bomb.

What the WSJ should have explained it suppressed.

The same reality applies to virtually all MSM reports on what’s going on — state-approved fiction featured over facts.

The Journal and other MSM quoted Zelensky’s hyperventilating nonsense.

Reading Biden regime rubbish scripted for him to recite, he sounded buffoon-like roaring:

“Truth is on our side (sic).”

“This is our land, our country, our children, and we will keep defending them all (sic).”

“We are not laying down our arms (sic),” as increasing numbers of conscripts are deserting.

In desperation, he added:

“Everyone who can, come back to defend Ukraine (sic).” 

“All the friends of Ukraine who want to come join us, come here, too (sic).”

“We will give you weapons (sic).”

After calling for negotiations with Russia in Friday to halt fighting, Zelensky likely spoke before asking permission from his US master.

Likely scolded for his outreach, he backed off on Saturday.

Citing invented reasons, the regime he nominally heads rejected Russia’s choice of cities, adding:

“It was an attempt to force us into capitulation (sic).”

The Kiev regime “categorically rejects any unacceptable or ultimatum-like conditions of the Russian side.”

Refusing to accept Russia’s legitimate demands gives Russia more time to demilitarize the country by smashing its war machine.

Putin was willing to suspend military operations if Zelensky engaged in good faith negotiations.

He refused so Russian strikes on strategic Ukrainian military targets continue.

On Saturday, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov explained the following:

“During the night, Russian Armed Forces carried out long-range precision strikes via naval-and air-based cruise missiles on Ukrainian military infrastructure objects,” adding:

“Russian Armed Forces destroyed over 800 Ukrainian military infrastructure objects.”

They “hit a total of 821 Ukrainian military infrastructure objects, including 14 military airstrips, 19 control centers and communication nodes, 24 S-300 and Osa missile air defense systems, and 48 radar stations.”

“A total of seven military planes, seven helicopters and nine drones have been downed.” 

“A total of 87 tanks and other armored vehicles, 28 multiple launch rocket systems, 118 special military automobile vehicles have been eliminated.” 

“Russia’s Navy destroyed eight Ukrainian military patrol boats.”

“Russian Armed Forces units (liberated) the city of Melitopol.” 

They’re taking “all measures to ensure the safety of civilians and to rule out provocations from Ukrainian intelligence and nationalists.”

“In the evening of February 26, after an amphibious landing near the populated locality of Azovskoye (Ukraine), Russian units were on the march, and entered Melitopol, meeting no resistance.” 

“Melitopol residents welcomed the Russian troops who were moving around the city.” 

“Some elderly citizens took to the streets” waving Russian flags.

Claims by hegemon USA, its NATO vassal states, colonized Kiev extremist and their MSM press agents falsely accused Russia of targeting Ukrainian cities and residential areas.

A Russian Defense Ministry statement categorically denied the bald-faced Big Lie.

Military targets alone are being struck.

Ukrainian civilians are threatened by their ruling regime, not Russia.

A Final Comment

A claim by Kiev and MSM about a Russian missile striking a Kiev residential building was fake news rubbish.

Indeed a residential building in the city was struck and damaged — by a misfired Ukrainian Buk-M1 air defense missile.

Setting the record straight, Russia’s Defense Ministry explained the self-inflicted damage, saying:

“The Buk-M1 missile failed, most likely, due to lack of proper regular maintenance and objective deterioration of equipment that has remained on duty in the Ukrainian Armed Forces since the Soviet era.”

A Final Comment

On Friday, Sergey Lavrov again explained that Russia is ready to hold talks with Kiev if its forces halt aggression on Donbass and lay down their arms.

So far, Kiev refuses on orders from its higher power in Washington.

The Biden regime and NATO vassal states don’t give a damn about ordinary Ukrainians.

The same for neo-Nazi hoodlums running wild in the country.

2 thoughts on “The Latest Russophobic Rubbish

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    Just 24 hrs ago I thought Zelensky and Putin meeting

    Would not only happen
    I liked the idea

    But also it had a good chance..

    No..Rather, some chance of being Successful.

    Moving the ball forward
    Even the slightest amount

    would be tantamount to a peaceful resolution.

    Now 24 hrs later .
    That was all Delusional.

    The War Mongers in USA and NATO wouldn’t let that happen

    Back to Square One..

    We’re just in the
    Top of the 1st inning

    This looks like it’s going to blow up.

    And somebody is gonna get killed.

    Maybe Earth and all Civilization.


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