Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 14

Two weeks after begun on February 24, Russia’s campaign continues as planned — with special care taken to protect civilians in harm’s way.

Days earlier, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, General Igor Konashenkov, explained the following:

Russian forces discovered classified Ukrainian documents.

They confirmed preparations for large-scale Kiev aggression on Donbass this month — code-named “Joint Forces Operation” against the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, by Nazified and other Ukrainian troops.

The above information debunks fake news claims by Kiev of no plans for cross-border operations against Donbass — that issues will be resolved in a “political and diplomatic way (sic).”

Begun two weeks ago, Russia’s special military operation foiled Kiev’s planned offensive — orchestrated by Pentagon and CIA elements.

Ukrainian military capabilities have been largely neutralized.

Its forces are greatly disorganized and surrounded in Kiev, Kharkov, Mariupol and other cities.

Its battalions in Donbass are on the back foot as Donetsk and Lugansk freedom fighters continue to liberate more of their territory.

On Wednesday, the Donetsk News Agency reported the following:

“The DPR People’s Militia destroyed 12 Ukrainian fire positions in Mariupol as the Republic’s forces take control over the city step by step” — citing DPR deputy chief of staff Eduard Basurin, adding:

In Mariupol urban combat, “our defenders destroyed 12 Ukrainian fire positions in residential houses, where (Nazified) Azov units were located.” 

Civilians held hostage as human shields were rescued.

“Eight marines of the 36th Ukrainian brigade defected to the DPR.”

“DPR forces made a 1-km advance into Mariupol.” Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed.

“Currently, humanitarian corridors are open to evacuate civilians from the city that is encircled by DPR and Russian forces.” 

“Nationalistic units try to prevent the evacuation as they intend to (keep) us(ing) unarmed residents as their shield.”

Since the campaign to liberate occupied parts of Donbass began, more than 1,500 Ukrainian forces were killed or wounded.

Scores more surrendered, Basurin reported.

On Thursday, Sergey Lavrov met with his so-called counterpart Dmitry Kuleba in Antalya, Turkey. See below.

On Monday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu expressed hope that talks between them would advance things “toward (restoration of) peace and stability” in Ukraine.

He, Lavrov and Kuleba know that Biden regime hardliners control decision-making on conflict resolution.

As long as they intend war to the last Ukrainian, fighting will go on.

When dominant Nazified battalions  are defeated, US-dominated NATO may resort to guerrilla war by use of jihadist and other imported foreign fighters — an issue discussed in a previous article.

Three rounds of talks between Russian and Ukrainian officials achieved nothing positive.

Lavrov won’t likely be more successful by meeting with Kuleba.

Vladimir Putin wisely chose not to meet with or otherwise discuss Russia’s special military operation with US-installed puppet Zelensky.

Moscow is committed to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine, to halt 8 years of war on Donbass, to protect Russia’s security at the same time.

Separately in response to US/Western sanctions war on Russia, the country’s United Russia ruling party announced the following on Wednesday:

“(M)easures designed to support the Russian economy (include) a mechanism for the nationalization of the property of foreign” enterprises that suspended or otherwise shut down their operations in the country.

Russian upper house Federation Council Senator Andry Turchak introduced the measure, saying:

“The (US-dominated) West unleashed a sanctions war against Russia which include(s) not only governments, but also private companies.” 

“Our task is to save jobs and not allow our economy and production potential to be destroyed from within.” 

“United Russia is proposing the nationalization of the production capabilities of those companies which have announced that they will be exiting Russia and closing down production during the special military operation in Ukraine.” 

“This is an extreme measure, but we will not tolerate being stabbed in the back and will protect our people.”

Other proposals aim to support Russia’s economy at a time of US/Western aims to destroy it.

US/Western firms that announced a suspension of operations in Russia include the following:

Adidas, Airbnb, American Express, Apple, BMW, Airbus, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Dell, Disney, Exxon Mobil, Ford, General Motors, H&M, Ikea, Inditex, John Lewis, McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Netflix, Nike, PayPal, Pepsi, Puma, Spotify, Starbucks, Visa, Mastercard, Volvo, Facebook, Twitter, Google, UPS, DHL, and FedEx, among others.

Separately in response to the Council of Europe’s suspension of Russia’s membership, its Foreign Ministry said the following:

“Moscow will not participate in NATO and EU turning ‘the oldest European organization into another platform for mantras about Western superiority and narcissism,” adding:

“Let them enjoy communicating with each other, without Russia.”

A Final Comment

Following talks with Ukraine’s Kuleba on Thursday, Lavrov said the following:

Their discussion was not a substitute for multiple rounds of talks in Belarus with more to come, adding:

Kuleba defied reality by falsely claiming that Kiev is acting responsibly on all things diplomatic.

The Kiev regime “want(s) to substitute real work on implementing agreements by inventing new formats that are supposed to be covered prominently in the news,” Lavrov stressed, adding: 

“I am not surprised that Kuleba made a statement that we didn’t agree to a ceasefire.”

“Nobody was negotiating it here in the first place.”

It’s no surprise that Lavrov accomplished nothing by meeting with his so-called Kiev counterpart.

Like the US-dominated West, the only language Nazified Ukraine understands is toughness.

Russia’s demilitarization campaign is delivering a bellyful.

3 thoughts on “Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 14

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  1. Mr Lendman

    I wasn’t aware of the Uki Plan
    That the Russians foiled.

    However it lead to some hasty tactical decisions.

    Kinda like shooting pool
    You may knock the Ball in the Pocket

    But where you leave the cue ball on the Table after the shit is critical.

    I must add..
    Blitzkrieg Warfare

    No other game since WWII
    With Armor..

    Only Deep Penetration and Bagging Salients

    Which the Russians are doing
    With Air Cavalry

    But I must caution what
    Mannstein and Zhukov

    Knew ..Today’s warfare
    Similar to chess..

    Taking pieces off the Board
    Only helps if your planning on a long End Game..

    CHECKMATE is what we’re looking for.

    The King is Kiev..
    The Queen is the Bourgeois Media


  2. The Wag The Dog scenario following two years of a pretend virus has the masses blind to what is really going on in the world, the media, both alt and main stream are injecting minds with the old control method of fear and “scarcity,”

    Soon the start of the death count from the toxic injection (to be blamed on yet another “virus”) will continue their control toward various nefarious agendas but a probable over all goal of total control of a highly reduced population living under 24/7 track, trace, and data basing living in 5G SMART cities, no private vehicles, no access to the country side, most living on the Government dole and forced to obey any laws or regulations put out by the Government to maintain the dole.

    “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.” Henry Kissinger 1970

    The dangerous 5G networks are mostly in place now; the Judas Elon Musk has 20K of his 5G satellites in orbit hoping to double that number; the digital ID is being covertly brought into our reality with any number excuses…to fight terrorism, to stop the soon breakdown of the banking system, etc. as a “health” ID; nothing “right” brained is in prominence anymore…

    Art is crap, no poets or philosophers of worth are around; pop music is brain rot; our young men are being held in a perpetual arrested adolescence with computer kill-em games, sex obsession, cowardice behavior; our young women are in a narcissistic entitlement; no respect is given to high thinking elders; we are in the death throes of a dying nation and anyone who says the truth is blocked, canceled, etc. on most all the commenting machines.


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