All Things Russia Fake News Rubbish

MSM never met Big Lies about invented US enemies they didn’t jump on in screaming headlines.

On all things Russia, they’re outdoing themselves in unparalleled fashion.

Virtually everything reported about Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine is fake news — based on Big Lies and mass deception supplied by US/Western regimes.

According to reinvented reality by the self-styled newspaper of record NYT:

“Russian forces opened fire on a cancer hospital in…Mykolaiv (sic).”

“A war of annihilation” is ongoing (sic).”

“Russian forces have not achieved anything resembling a strategic military victory (sic).”

They’re “flatten(ing) whole sections of cities (sic).”

“Ukrainian forces inflicted heavy losses in manpower and equipment” on Russia (sic).”

Virtually admitting that the above is fake news, the Times said that “claims (above) could not be independently confirmed.”

Indeed not because they turn truth on its head.

Ukraine’s military is largely a spent force.

Most of what remains is embedded in Kiev, Kharkov, Mariupol and other cities behind involuntarily held civilians as human shield captives, surrounded by Russian forces.

Claims about “thousands of Russian prisoners of war who had either surrendered or been captured” is more fake news.

The same goes for saying that Russian forces “devastated several Ukrainian cities (sic).”

Military sites alone have been targeted with precision weapons.

Times editors once again hyperventilated fake news about Russia’s ongoing campaign.

Its forces are not “demolishing (Ukrainian) cities and brutalizing its people (sic).”

Daily “fresh horrors” are made-in-the-USA, other Western capitals and colonized Ukraine, not Moscow.

No “maternity hospital (was) blasted into pieces in Mariupol” by Russian forces (sic).

Ukrainians “under siege” are involuntarily held by Nazified battalions, preventing them from leaving captivity through Russian-established humanitarian corridors.

Indeed, unparalleled sanctions war on Russia is ongoing by the US-dominated West.

Ignored by the Times and other MSM is that Security Council members alone may legally impose sanctions on nations, entities or individuals.

When nation-states impose them on others, their enterprises or citizens, their actions are flagrantly illegal.

Instead of denouncing US/NATO weapons, munitions and related equipment that have been pouring into Ukraine for endless war on Donbass, Times editors endorsed what Vladimir Putin condemned as “genocide” on its four million people. 

They reinvented reality by falsely claiming that Russia is “horrifically targeting civilians (sic).”

Saying sanctions on Russia “help Ukraine” ignores their harm on businesses and ordinary people in both countries, throughout the West and elsewhere — notably by skyrocketing prices of energy, food, other commodities and overall cost of living.

Urging a break of dependency on Russia oil and gas ignores the reality of no simple way to compensate for the shortfall over the near-or-intermediate term.

Russia is the world’s largest exporter of national gas, about 23 billion cubic feet daily, mostly to European and Eurasian markets.

Russia and Saudi Arabia are the world’s largest oil exporters.

If Russian energy exports are blocked to most countries dependent on them, oil and gas prices would likely skyrocket to much higher levels than already.

According to WaPo fake news, “Russia may be preparing to use chemical weapons against Ukraine (sic).”

Not a shred of evidence suggests that Russian forces intend using any banned weapons — what US/Western regimes do in all their wars of aggression on invented enemies.

What WaPo falsely called Moscow’s “faltering military offensive” destroyed most of Ukraine’s war machine, along with gaining control over its airspace and coastal waters.

WaPo also denied indisputable evidence of US war department funded and controlled bio-labs involved in developing and producing deadly pathogens for use as bioweapons on the European continent. 

Saying Vladimir Putin authorized use of banned “nerve agents” to assassinate political foes was a bald-faced Big Lie.

An unnamed NATO official was quoted saying that Russia “is preparing the ground for a chemical or bioweapons attack (sic).”

No evidence corroborated the above accusations because there is none.

Nor is a Russian “false flag operation” in prospect — a longstanding US specialty since at least the 19th century.

No Russian “fierce bombardment” of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities occurred, no strikes on civilian targets.

No evidence suggests Russian use of “cluster bombs,” no “airstrike in Belarus” by its forces to blame on Ukraine, no corporate America “new morality of doing business” by pulling out of Russia.

“Dirty war” defines longstanding US aggression throughout its history from inception.

Russian operations in Ukraine are polar opposite how hegemon USA raped and destroyed one country after another throughout most of the 20th century and new millennium. 

No Russian intention exists to occupy and control Ukraine as a vassal state — its current status as a virtual US colonized territory, its sovereignty lost in the process.

In the third week of its special military operation, Russia continues to prioritize slow-going to minimize civilian casualties.

Liberated Ukrainians are fed, clothed, given medical care as needed and provided with other essentials by Russia.

Its policy is worlds apart from US/Western contempt for the rights and welfare of ordinary people at home and worldwide by serving privileged interests exclusively at their expense.

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