Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 16

On Friday, the Biden regime officially revoked what was already abandoned — Russia’s most favored nation status (MFN).

According to the State Department in 1997:

“Nondiscriminatory, or most favored nation (MFN), treatment of trading partners is the norm in international trade.”

“MFN means that imports from a trading partner receive rates of duty (as explained in) the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the US (HTS).”

“Products from countries not eligible for MFN treatment are subject to much higher rates. 

“The US currently affords MFN treatment to (nearly) all countries.

Not North Korea, Cuba along with Russia.

Most everywhere hegemon USA goes, the UK, EU, Japan, Canada and other vassal states follow.

Abandoning MFN status for Russia followed a blitzkrieg of illegal US/European sanctions.

In 2021, Russian exports to the US of around $30 billion were largely energy related.

On Saturday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenko said a high-precision strike disabled Ukraine’s main radio intelligence center, adding:

The regime’s “military airfield in Vasilkovo and electronic intelligence center…were put out of action.”

Nearly 3,500 Ukrainian military facilities were destroyed, including “123 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1,127 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 115 multiple launch rocket systems, 423 field artillery guns and mortars, 934 units of special military vehicles.”

Separately on Saturday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said convoys of weapons from foreign suppliers are legitimate targets for elimination, adding:

While Moscow is prepared to discuss security issues with the Biden regime, relations with hegemon USA “radically” changed because of actions taken to harm Russia and its people economically. 

Steps prepared by Moscow in response to US/Western economic and political war will be revealed soon.

What’s going on in Ukraine aside, Ryabkov stressed that the US-dominated West would have invented pretexts to escalate sanctions war on Russia ahead.

Reciting Russia bashing lines days earlier, White House press secretary Psaki falsely accused the Kremlin of preparing to use weapons of mass destruction against Ukraine (sic), adding:

“We should be on the lookout for Russia to possibly use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine (sic), or to create a false flag operation using them (sic).”

In response on Saturday, Russia’s US envoy Anatoly Antonov debunked the transparent Big Lie, saying:

Psaki “did not bother to provide any evidence.” 

“This is another attempt to demonize our country” with fake news.

“Our country, unlike the US, eliminated all available stocks of chemical warfare agents in 2017.”

“This fact has been documented by the OPCW. It is pointless to argue with this fact.”

Russia discovered evidence to show that US-supported neo-Nazis may be preparing a false flag chemical weapons attack on Ukrainian civilians to blame on Moscow.

On Friday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry reported the following:

“Radical Ukrainian groups under the control of (US) special services prepared several potential scenarios of the use of toxic chemicals to carry out various types of provocations.” 

“The objective of such actions is to (falsely) accuse Russia of (using) chemical weapons against the civil population and violating its obligations” under international law.

“Several diversionary scenarios have been developed.”

“There is no doubt that the provocations being planned are meant to accuse Russia of the use of chemical weapons” by the US-dominated West.

Separately on Friday, the fake Biden signed an executive order that bans US investments in Russia.

Sanctions were imposed on more Russian nationals.

On the same day, the Donetsk News Agency said “Volnovakha in the Republic’s south” was liberated.

Russia continues to deliver humanitarian aid to Donbass and liberated parts of Ukraine.

2 thoughts on “Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 16

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Here’s a Critical Element about all the Sanctions

    The North Star
    Hidden by fog..

    Borrell of the EU has done nothing but pour poison

    Everything and Anything concerning Russia.

    He had nothing but acrimony for Russia.

    Wants to destroy Russia, in a word.

    Then last week, suddenly says

    In his new found Benevolence towards Russia..

    “Well that’s it Russia..
    No more Sanctions left..

    Theres nothing more we can do


    Not only Stranger than weird his comment from out of the Blue..

    But the biggest tell sign
    This side of Amarillo.

    Borrell is scared shitless

    That the Russians will stop selling them anything.

    Because if Russia did stop selling them everything

    They’d collapse in a month.

    Father why is it okay for the West to carry out Economic Genocide of Russia..

    But Russia can’t strike back?
    Baffles me.

    And not even strike back..

    Just do nothing.
    Just don’t sell them anything?

    So simple.
    And they Crash.
    Freeze, starve and get gouged

    And needless to say get very ,very angry !

    Their Working Classes throw them out.

    Why can’t that?

    Father: Very simple son,

    Got them so fuxed up and confused

    the leadership can’t see or think Straight.

    Could easily outlast the West on their Gold Deposits
    And just sell to China..

    EU said,

    They’re gonna get new suppliers

    Good that will take a few years
    You won’t be in power by them

    And we’ll just sell everything to China.

    One little kick to the Achilles tendon..and Pop..

    The Fight is over..huh Father.

    FATHER.. yes, it’s that simple. Amazing huh.

    The Temple of Satan, son
    Makes people wear blinders.

    They destroyed USA
    And they’ll destroy Russia.


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