Brainwashed, Know-Nothing Americans

Brainwashed, Know-Nothing Americans

by Stephen Lendman

Since Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification campaign began against US-colonized Ukraine on Feb. 24, virtually everything reported officially and by MSM collaborators has been fake news.

Polls show how most Americans have been brainwashed by a 24/7 onslaught of state-approved Russia bashing.

On Feb. 28, Quinnipiac University polling data showed the following ignorance:

Over 60% believe that Vladimir Putin will nuke Ukraine.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents said he intends to invade other countries.

Over two-thirds support US war on Russia if a NATO country is invaded.

Over two-thirds of respondents favor the deployment of additional troops to Eastern Europe near Russia’s borders — ignoring a potential tripwire for potential confrontation if things are pushed too far.

According to Quinnipiac’s polling analyst Tim Malloy:

“American support for defending NATO countries surrounding Ukraine gr(ew) dramatically, but Americans cast a wary eye on the possible consequences.” 

“By more than three to one, they see Russia expanding its attack, and register deep concern over the darkest possible scenario, a nuclear attack on NATO and/or the US.”

At the same time, 52% of respondents oppose the fake Biden’s agenda. Only 37% approve.

Most respondents (57%) said the Biden regime hasn’t been tough enough on Russia.

Do they favor WW III?

Showing profound ignorance about Nazified Ukraine, about 8 years of US orchestrated and directed aggression on Donbass by its forces, 45% of respondents think that the Biden regime is doing too little to help the US-installed regime.

Over 80% of respondents view Vladimir Putin negatively, only 4% favorably.

Half of Americans think he’s mentally unstable.

The above results were published on Feb. 28, four days after Russia’s campaign began.

Results of a subsequent March 7 poll showed the following:

Over 70% of respondents favor stiffer sanctions on Russia — even at the cost of skyrocketing gasoline prices.

More than half of respondents (56%) said Biden regime steps taken against Russia aren’t tough enough.

Nearly 80% favor US war on Russia if its forces attack a NATO country.

By more than a two-to-one margin (60 – 28%), respondents believe Putin is willing to nuke NATO countries.

Asked how long they expect what’s going on to last, 44% said months, 23% years, 19% weeks.

Most Americans view the fake Biden negatively.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans view US-installed puppet Zelensky favorably, only 6% unfavorably.

Applying a you-know-who’s mustache to Putin, along with matching his hairstyle, got half of respondents to compare Russia’s campaign in Ukraine to actions by Nazi Germany against Austria and Czechoslovakia in the run-up to WW II — what they likely know little or nothing about.

Ignoring Russian democracy — the real thing compared to US/Western fantasy versions — 86% of respondents expressed the harebrained belief that Russians have no say over how they’re governed.

Ignoring Russian media that shame their fake news US/Western counterparts, nearly 75% of respondents believe that the nation’s people fail to understand what’s happening in Ukraine because they’re denied accurate information.

According to Pew Research polling from March 7 – 13, around half of respondents view what’s going on in Ukraine a “major threat” to US interests.

By an overwhelming 85% majority, respondents favor US sanctions war on Russia.

Over three-fourths of respondents favor the involvement of large numbers of US military forces in NATO near Ukraine’s borders.

Most respondents identifying themselves as Dems or Dem-leaning approve of Biden regime actions against Russia.

Others identifying themselves as GOP adherents or leaners disapprove.

By a 42 – 37% margin, respondents said the Biden regime is providing Ukraine with too little aid, only 7% saying too much.

A Final Comment

MSM propaganda never rests.

Never slows its war on truth.

Never deviates from the fabricated official narrative on domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

I’ve stressed time and again that debauched NYT management and editors are the worst proliferators of fake news in print.

On Tuesday, they defied reality by falsely accusing Vladimir Putin of “gearing up for (war on Ukraine) for years (sic).”

Since 2014, they reinvented the historical record — suppressing that the vast majority of Crimeans voted by referendum to rejoin Russia, refusing to live under fascist tyranny.

They falsely blame Moscow for US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Kiev on Donbass.

They’ve been silent about Putin’s increased public support for confronting the scourge of Kiev’s fascist tyranny at long last.

In daily editions, they falsely accuse Russian forces of “bombing Ukrainian cities (sic).”

Ignoring press freedom in Russia, they lied claiming that it’s “suppressed.”

They lied saying that human rights groups in Russia “were shut down…thousands…detained and beaten (sic).”

They lied claiming that government critics were “exile(d) or killed (sic).”

They support political nobody, convicted embezzler, CIA/NED asset, unregistered US foreign agent Navalny.

They tried and failed to reinvent democratic Russia as “a new evil…armed with” nukes.

They falsely accused Vladimir Putin as being the root of all evil in Russia.

For time immemorial, the scourge of evil at its worst has been headquartered in Washington with branch offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv and elsewhere.

“(H)ard to imagine things could be anything other than awful,” the Times asked?

Imagine possible global war 3.0.

Imagine hegemon USA waging it to retain its waning power and influence on the world stage.

Image extinguishing life on earth by its rage to own and exploit it — to prevent its imperial decline and arrival in history’s dustbin where it belongs.

5 thoughts on “Brainwashed, Know-Nothing Americans

Add yours

  1. We are not all brainwashed, some of us follow very closely what is happening and just do not speak loudly because we are indeed surrounded by easily stampeded sheep. I have determined that we are governed by fools, who are controlled by demons. This is not going to end well for us. Sadly, it is not actually going to end well for anyone…


  2. Mr Lendman

    The above article is a Classic.
    Goes right on the Mantle next to a ’57 Chevy or a 56 T-bird.

    I emailed it to myself.
    It’s a template.
    Reference material..

    You said it all.

    I only add, slightly redundantly

    The Bourgeoisie uses their Media like Nuclear Weapons

    They’re very effective..
    Very destructive..

    Professional liars.
    The best ever

    I wish the Russians and Chinese…

    ( Both too honest and forthright

    To get down in the gutter with Uncle Sam & John Bull..sadly)

    I wish they put more resources and political weapons into the In Information Wars.

    Lastly…in my entire life the only thing I can ever remember that the MSM reported Truthfully..

    Was Bibi saying,
    ” 911 was good for Israel..!”


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