UN’s Guterres Advances His Self-Disgrace

Dissevring as the world body’s 9th secretary general, Antonio Guterres continues taking great strides to leap past Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-moon as worst of the worst top UN officials.

Since installed by hegemon USA on January 1, 2017, he’s gone all out to breach his mandate.

Instead of supporting the world’s poor, most vulnerable and oppressed in words and deeds, he largely looks the other way.

Instead of going all-out “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind,” he tacitly supports US-NATO wars on invented enemies by failing to condemn and work to halt them.

He largely ignored over a decade of US/NATO aggression on Syria and its people, the rape and destruction of the country, Libya and Yemen as well in pursuit of Washington’s imperial aims.

Time and again, he blamed victimized nations for US/NATO crimes of war, against humanity and atrocities committed against them.

He’s largely been hostile toward all countries on hegemon USA’s target list for regime change.

On Israel/Palestine, he’s ignored longstanding Jewish state apartheid viciousness, its illegal blockade and wars of aggression on Gaza, its daily oppression of a long-suffering people, their fundamental rights denied for decades.

Calling Israel a “democratic” state was an affront to Palestinians who’ve endured Ziofascist persecution for nearly 75 years with no end of it in prospect.

Saying he supports a two-state solution failed to explain that he’s done nothing for Palestinians, serving Israeli interests exclusively, ignoring its high crimes.

Ignoring North Korea’s right of self-defense against the threat to its sovereignty and people by the scourge of US hegemonic rage, he called for maintaining “pressure” on the country — code language for continued (illegal) sanctions war.

Instead of supporting world peace, equity and justice for all people everywhere, Guterres consistently supported US/Western aggressors and oppressors instead of the other way around.

After ignoring 8 years of US/NATO-orchestrated and directed aggression by Ukraine on 4 million long-suffering Donbass people, he denounced Russia’s intervention to halt it.

Reciting a litany of bald-faced Big Lies — as scripted by his higher power in Washington — he turned truth on its head by falsely accusing Russian forces of the following:

“(K)illing (c)ountless innocent people (sic), including women and children (sic).

Destroying “roads, airports and schools (sic).”

Attacking “24 health facilities (sic).”

Infrastructure attacks — leaving “hundreds of thousands of people without water and electricity (sic).”

Highlighting what he called “the desperate plight of the people of Ukraine,” he ignored the following:

Eight years of oppression by US-installed fascist tyranny.

Russian-speaking Ukrainians mistreated as fifth column threats, their fundamental rights denied.

Endless war by Kiev on long-suffering Donetsk and Lugansk residents, killing around 14,000, injuring many thousands more, causing vast destruction and human misery.

US/NATO responsibility perpetuating endless war in Europe’s heartland.

On Kiev’s March 14 Tochka-U missile strike on Donbass this week — killing at least 21 civilians, injuring dozens more — no official UN statement condemned the indisputable war crime.

Guterres disgracefully said the following — without laying blame where it belongs:

“Any attack on civilians or civilian infrastructure is regrettable if accidental and condemnable if done on purpose (sic).”  

“But let’s be clear (sic).”  

“The overwhelming majority of civilian casualties and the overwhelming majority of civilian infrastructure destruction was done in the context of the war by the Russian forces (sic).”   

Irresponsibly pointing fingers at Russia, he failed to lay blame where it belongs throughout nearly 3 weeks of conflict and what preceded it.

The same goes for Kiev’s war on Donbass throughout his tenure, turning a blind eye to the highest of high crimes — premeditated aggression by a nation-state.

In response to his unacceptable actions and non-actions, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia said the following on Tuesday:

“We are very much concerned by how UN officials, including the top ones, including the secretary general and his deputy Di Carlo view the situation in Ukraine, (falsely) accusing Russia of indiscriminate attacks.”

Guterres defied reality by falsely claiming that “most…destruction (in Ukraine) comes from Russian sources.”

He virtually “compar(ed) two events and impl(ied) that (Kiev’s Tochka-U missile strike on Donbass) didn’t deserve condemnation.”

Like his 8 predecessors, Guterres is mandated to uphold international law, serve the world community of nations and their people equitably, along with condemning actions in breach of the above.

Instead, he’s been a reliable imperial tool for hegemon USA’s diabolical interests — at the expense of world peace, equity, justice and the rule of law, including the UN Charter that he’s sworn to uphold.

4 thoughts on “UN’s Guterres Advances His Self-Disgrace

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  1. A tellingly frightening, sad read. Leaders (sic) the world over have sunk to improbable levels of incompetence and manipulated complicity with an encompassing evil, soiling the global landscape and its suffering people.


  2. Mr Lendman..

    The Little Caesar from Portugal
    Is Pontus Pilot.

    Serving his Imperial Roman masters loyally.

    Crucifying Jesus everyday.
    The Poor,.the Downtrodden, the vulnerable and wretched
    Can be damned..

    Cuz Tony the Gut..

    has a job to do..licking ass for the Criminal Elite.

    A Despicable Nothingburger
    made for the Rectum and Bowels of History.

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  3. The UN is meant to be the ultimate in Monopolized Power and that is why Rockefeller donated the land in NYC for the UN. The corrupt and murderous WHO has begun an effort to get the countries of the world to yield sovereignty and sign a treaty to accept WHO mandates.

    This Max Igan’s Telegram account on the subject: https://t.me/thecrowhouseoffical/972

    The Fuel for Food program from the first Iraqi invasion, built a huge 5 story building in Bern, Switzerland and Annan’s son got a big paycheck from that stolen wealth. My memory holds him as head of the program.

    I wonder who John Rockefeller’s dad really was, but he did know people would spend money on addictive substances and people who were sick or dying would buy anything if properly marketed. Some things are meant to be sold and some things are meant to work. Rockefeller Medicine is all about marketing. The UN needs marketing to.

    I am being shadow banned on Rumble.

    Death and control by injection marches on.

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  4. It was probably the 2nd invasion. I get the American invasions mixed up with all the British invasions. My head and heart are not what they were last year.

    The Ukrainian government was acting like a rejectionist with GMO and it was said the winner of the 2014 color revolution inflicted on the Uranians with a $5 billion dollar expense by the Dollar Empire. Brennan was the head man in getting the terms of occupation signed and that ushered in control of the ancient seeds and their replacement by GMO

    I always wondered what the native Americans held as their highest beliefs. The rewriters of history won’t even tell us what “aloha” means.

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