Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine Update

On Wednesday, Russia sent documented evidence of state terror by US-colonized Ukraine against Donetsk civilians, killing over 20, injuring over three dozen more — including women, children and the elderly on a single day in a single city.

Use of banned cluster munitions by the US-installed regime breached fundamental international law — notably what relates to protecting civilians in time of war.

According to the Additional Protocol of the Geneva Conventions (1977):

“Parties to the conflict shall at all times distinguish between the civilian population and combatants and between civilian objects and military objectives and accordingly shall direct their operations only against military objectives.”

In virtually all its direct and proxy wars of aggression against invented enemies, hegemon USA-dominated NATO breached the letter and spirit of international law with flagrant regularity. 

Separately on Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov explained the following:

“We have it on good authority that, with the support of Western (regimes), the security service of Ukraine is preparing a provocation using poisonous substances against civilians.”  

“The purpose of this action is to (falsely) accuse Russia of using chemical weapons against the people of Ukraine.”

“I want to officially declare that the units of the Russian armed forces involved in the special operation do not have and cannot have chemical munitions.”

Russia long ago prohibited use of chemical, biological, radiological and other banned weapons — what hegemon USA routinely uses in smashing one nonbelligerent, nonthreatening nation after another.

Russian forces captured documentation of Ukraine’s planned CW attack, Konashenkov adding:

Any attempt by Kiev “to carry out a provocation using poisonous substances will inevitably be uncovered.”

MSM falsely accused Russian forces of shooting and killing “10 people queuing for bread (sic).”

In response to the bald-faced Big Lie, Konashenkov stressed:

“Russian forces…are not in Chernigov.”

“All (its) formations…are situated outside the city.”

They’re “blocking roads and are not carrying out any offensive activities against the city.” 

“The footage put out by Ukrainian propagandists shows no evidence of exploded shells.”

“All windows in nearby buildings are intact.” 

“No damage to walls or other evidence of explosions on the ground are present.”

“(T)he dead are either victims of terror (by) Ukrainian nationalists, or the footage is another fake by the” regime’s security service, the Pentagon and/or CIA. 

Koashenkov also revealed the following:

Russian forces discovered documents to show that hegemon USA-controlled biolabs in Ukraine studied how deadly diseases can be spread to humans by infected bats, stressing:

Indisputable evidence shows that “these studies have been carried out in Kharkov on a systematic basis and under the direct supervision of specialists from the US for many years.”

Other US-conducted research in Kharkov “studied wild birds as vectors for transmitting highly pathogenic avian influenza.”

“Simultaneously, conditions were assessed under which the transmission processes could get out of control, cause economic damage, and create risks to food security.”

Evidence discovered by Russia will be revealed so the world community of nations will more fully understand hegemon USA’s pure evil agenda.

Separately on Wednesday, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service chief Sergei Naryshkin stressed the following about the ongoing special military operation, saying:

Launching it “was based on a deep analysis of historical patterns and an extremely accurate and realistic assessment of the situation in the world.”

“Russia was simply left without a chance to act otherwise.” 

“The slightest delay in regard to the openly Russophobic, corrupt and oligarchic Kiev regime would have resulted in a great tragedy in the near future.”

On Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the following:

“We will resort to all possible measures to make sure that (Kiev’s) crimes against humanity are not left unpunished.”

In cahoots with the US-dominated West, its bald-faced Big Lies will be exposed to the light of day for everyone paying attention to see and understand.

A Final Comment

Earlier in the week and again on Thursday, China thumbed its nose at what US-dominated NATO requested, saying:

“Chinese people can fully relate to the pains and sufferings of other countries because we will never forget who  bombed our embassy in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.” 

“We need no lecture on justice from the (US) abuser of international law,” adding:

“China’s position on opposing sanctions is clear.” 

“The US made many provocative remarks about China.”

Hostile remarks by hegemon USA “reflect thinly-veiled bullying and coercion and expose the ingrained Cold War zero-sum mentality and bloc confrontation.” 

“They represent another product of the US’ philosophy of doing things “from a position of strength.”

“On the Ukraine issue, China has been independently making its judgment and expounding on its proposition based on the merits of the matter itself in an objective and just manner.” 

“China has been calling for dialogue and negotiation, working for deescalation of the situation and putting forward China’s initiative to resolve the current crisis.”

“Any disinformation that dismisses China’s efforts, misrepresents China’s intention and slings mud on China with lies is irresponsible and unethical.”

Beijing categorically opposes US/Western sanctions war on Russia and other nations.

Illegally imposed, they create problems instead of solving them.

“China opposes all forms of unilateral sanctions and ‘long-arm jurisdiction’ by the US.”

“We will resolutely defend the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies and individuals.”

“Wielding the baton of sanctions while seeking China’s support and cooperation simply won’t work.”

“We urge the US not to undermine China’s legitimate rights and interests in any form.” 

“If the US insists on having its own way, China will definitely take strong countermeasures.”

2 thoughts on “Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine Update

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  1. Mr Lendman


    Let me skip to your comments on CHINA..


    I love it.
    Touchdown China..!

    The Bully Boy
    Still with the audacity to ask

    to drop Russia in the Grease for those Heroin Pushers..!

    I remember the Bombing of the Chinese Embassy..

    The arrogant Gringos
    Acted like…

    “so what..big deal .. you’ll get over it…!”

    I’m still sitting here remembering that..

    So eerily haunting
    Who we are.

    Beyond all recompense and impugnity.

    The Dollar Bill Clinton
    Good Guy.

    And Bloody Hillary still in the Closet..

    Just stealing
    Not yet mass murdering..

    The Stark contrast if China bombed us…

    Wasn’t what slapped me..
    But seeing the Empire..

    Literally already on the very Edge of Wetness in the Late 90s..

    Remember saying to myself
    This Karma you’re gathering

    Will come back to you.
    Take that to the Bank, bro.

    ====FAST FORWARD==

    That and only a few yrs later
    Idiot Boy #43

    Is under his desk on the Video
    ” Nope, No WMDs under here!”

    The Joke..
    The Joke is on you…!

    So many chickens coming home

    The Chinese are at the
    Dynamo Stage now

    No one can change their destiny..

    Nobody can make Threats anymore.

    Everything that can be done on Earth by mortal Men & Women

    China can do.

    Notice how China prudently
    Used their resources..

    Balance of Infrastructure
    and R & D..

    Oh the Advantages of
    Central Planning…

    Oh the Advantages of a
    Benson and Hedges..!

    Gee… A Planned Economy.
    Go Figure..?

    Lastly..with nearly all arising Hegemons in history

    Many have it thrust upon them

    Rather seeking the
    Bronze Ring.

    Asia and Russia will assume the Mantle.

    China and Russia and Iran and India..Pakistan and Indonesia.

    That’s 75% of World’s Population..!

    Have Everything they need.
    Remember your Plato..
    Or was it Euripedes…lol

    The former Slave is Now the Master..

    The Former Master is now the Slave …

    And the Twain Shall Meet

    And play Pick up Sticks
    With your bones…!


    The Wall..
    The New Wall that

    China is nit

    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
    No … Beijing..!


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