US-Installed Puppet Zelensky Reinvented As Courageous

Time and again, the power of endlessly repeated propaganda rubbish convinces most people to believe almost anything — no matter how untrue.

US-installed puppet Zelensky serves at the discretion of his higher power in Washington.

A caricature of leadership as it should be, he shames the office handed him by hegemon USA.

No government committed to peace, equity, justice and the rule of law would tolerate the likes of him.

Detached from reality by cognitive impairment, the real Biden is uninvolved in affairs of state.

His lookalike impersonator knows little more than lines scripted for him to recite or paraphrase.

On Wednesday, he was directed to turn truth on its head as follows, saying:

Zelensky “speaks for people who have shown remarkable courage and strength in the face of brutal aggression (sic) — courage and strength that’s inspired not only Ukrainians but the entire world (sic).”

Most brainwashed, know-nothing Americans and their Western counterparts likely believe the above rubbish.

It’s pounded into their minds by the power of endlessly repeated state-approved propaganda.

Days earlier, Britain’s BoJo reportedly said the following after speaking to Zelensky by phone:

“Jesus, that guy is brave (sic).” He displays “incredible heroism (sic).”

According to France’s Macron, Zelensky “is the personification of honor, freedom and courage (sic).”

German Chancellor Sholz cited Zelensky’s nonexistent “bravery.”

MSM have been stumbling all over themselves to transform sow’s ear Zelensky into a silk purse.

The NYT headlined the following reinvention of reality, saying:

“I thought I knew what bravery was. And then I saw Ukraine (sic)” — under US-installed puppet Zelensky.

According to WaPo, Zelensky is “everyman…His courage…inspired millions (sic).”

WSJ fake news hyperventilated the following rubbish: 

“Zelensky defines courage in our time (sic).”

CNN fake news pretends that Zelensky “inspired” the US and EU “into going far further and far faster (sic).”

CBS (fake) News reinvented a “courageous stand” by Zelensky that doesn’t exist

Britain’s state-owned BBC propaganda disservice highlighted Zelensky’s nonexistent “bravery.”

Canada’s state-owned CBC propaganda operation reinvented him by falsely claiming that he “embodies the defiant courage of Ukrainians (sic).”

US/Western MSM across the board posted similar rubbish about an imitation leader, a farcical one, a cartoon-like cutout of the real thing.

Yet mocking reality as part of all-out US/Western war on Russia by other means, parliamentarians in Britain and Canada, along with US congressional members, disgraced themselves more than already by giving Zelensky a standing ovation in response to his scripted address via video link.

According to investigative journalist John Helmer, claims about Zelensky remaining in Kiev during Russia’s special military operation are fake news.

He hightailed out of Dodge cross-border to Poland with his tail between his legs who knows how many days ago.

The so-called March 15 summit that he allegedly hosted in Kiev with Eastern European leaders “was fabricated by the Polish government,” Helmer explained, adding:

“Polish secret service agents (masqueraded as) journalists…”

“(F)ake photographs of the meeting, press briefing, and train journey (were) prepared by Zelensky’s press office.”

The charade was staged to create the illusion of a leader at the helm of the ship of state under fire.

It also aimed “to accelerate” the process of admitting a Nazified state to the EU.

According to reality turned on its head by Polish prime minister Morawiecki:

“It is here that freedom fights against the world of tyranny (sic).” 

“It is here that the future of us all hangs in the balance (sic).”

Helmer minced no words stressing:

“Morawiecki and the western press were lying.”

“There was no meeting in Kiev.” 

It “was staged at the Polish rail junction town of Przemysl, 95 kilometers west of Lvov and 20 kms inside the Polish frontier with the Ukraine.”

“(E)vidence gathered from sources in Warsaw and from analysis of videos and photographs published on the meeting proves there was no “long journey.”

“(N)o meeting (was held) in Kiev or Lvov…the operating headquarters of the Ukrainian government.” 

“From evidence provided by the Poles and…Zelensky’s publicity staff, it is now clear that only a small part of western Ukraine remains in Ukrainian hands.”

At this time, and perhaps since Russia’s campaign began, US-installed puppet Zelensky is “in Polish hands.”

Photos and other images alleging to show him in Kiev were “faked.”

MSM publishing them know it but support the ruse as part of their all-out Russia bashing jihad.

If the meeting occurred “in a genuine situation room, the absence of computers (in released) images belies it,” Helmer explained.

Ones published by AP News said that images were from “video provided by (Zelensky’s) press office.”

Helmer also stressed that given ongoing conflict in Ukraine, it’s inconceivable that Polish, Czech and Slovenian presidents would have risked their lives to reach Kiev by train, knowing that Russian forces could have attacked it as a military target.

A Final Comment

In response to dementia Joe’s double calling Vladimir Putin “a war criminal” — a bald-faced Big Lie — Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov minced no words as follows, saying:

Moscow considers the remark “unacceptable and unforgivable…”

It ignores reality about a nation at war on humanity throughout the post-WW II period — “whose bombs killed hundreds of thousands (and millions) of people around the world.”

On Tuesday, S.Res. 531 “express(ed) the sense of the (US) Senate condemning the Russian Federation, President Vladimir Putin, members of the Russian Security Council, the Russian Armed Forces, and Russian military commanders for committing flagrant acts of aggression and other atrocities rising to the level of crimes against humanity and war crimes against the people of Ukraine and others (sic).”


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  1. “The Russians Are Losing!”? Really? (Prelude to a False Flag)” by Gonzalos Lisa– today’s 7:35 video report says the Russians keep closing up the three cauldrons and it is all but over. He is in Kharkov reporting the city long surrounded will soon be captured. There is no chance of resupply and the Zelenski regime has no chance. . He predicts a chemical attack by the west to create a false flag. within 24 or 48 hours.and that was 6 hours ago. The Russians only used there B-troops and mostly older equipment.



  2. Yo Pingback.


    New Century
    Same old shit..!

    In this new War for Fascism..


    we see final exalted sickness

    Which would be the

    Triumph of Fundamental Darkness over Light..

    A precipice so steep
    So dark ..
    so shackled and chained and electrically prodded like cattle..

    It could last for 1000s of Years.
    Now we have the Pigs

    Supporting the Very People
    Avov Brigade
    And the BANDERAS

    Who killed the Jews..

    Right in the Middle of downtown Kiev is

    Baba Yar
    where the AVOV BRIGADE

    Brought 20,000 Jews
    To be shot in the Back of the Heads

    And thrown in a ditch..
    One after the other..


    gleefully Murdering a Million Jews in the UKRAINE

    Now being Celebrated
    by Nazis in Congress..

    Celebrated by the Nazi Media

    And the Guys who saved the Remaining Jews..

    While the Russians
    And the Ted Army

    The guys who lost a
    Million Men

    Liberating the Ukraine…

    I repeat..


    They’re the Villain’s in the

    Watch in 20 yrs ..

    the Bio Weapons Labs
    found in the Ukraine will be changed to say they were in Russia.

    So egregious is the Lie..
    That covers the Fourth Reich

    No information can be allowed in.

    We’re in the final S Curves
    Chapter 27 of 29

    Actually Chapter 29
    is only 100 words..

    Chapter #29

    “Our New Savior..
    For the midgets..

    For the Mental Midgets
    Is a Zionist Jewish Nazi..!”

    Replacement for Jesus.

    That’s 75 Yrs later..
    After Nuremberg.

    The Jackels
    The Pathetic Clowns

    The New Nazis Present
    This shit.

    The Comedian Savior.


    Let’s see our new Savior also has a $31Million Dollar home in Miami Beach…!

    Of Course..
    The Comedian Savior



    The Jewish Zionist Nazi Comedian on the phone..


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