Russia Falsely Blamed for Mariupol Theater Destruction

Since its special military operation began on Feb. 24 to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine, Russian forces struck military targets exclusively.

They’ve taken great pains to protect civilians.

No credible evidence disputes the above reality.

Yet on March 16, the US-installed, Nazi-infested, Kiev regime falsely accused Russia of conducting an airstrike on a Mariupol theater.

Scores, perhaps hundreds, of city residents reportedly used it to shelter from harm’s way.

It’s known that at least 130 civilians in the facility left the building unharmed. See below for more on this.

No Mariupol bombing occurred by Russian forces. 

On Thursday, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia explained the following:

“(A)s early as March 13,” city residents able to escape through a Russian protected humanitarian corridor explained that the (US/Western supported) Nazified Azov battalion “was holding a huge number of people in that building (as human shields) and preparing a bloody provocation.”

“Russian armed forces were informed about the situation…”

“The theater building wasn’t designated as a target for an air strike anyway.”

Claims otherwise by hegemon USA, its NATO vassal states, colonized Ukraine and MSM co-conspirators are “barefaced lie(s),” Nebenzia stressed.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov explained the following about the incident:

For days, “it was known from the refugees who got out of Mariupol that the Nazis of the Azov battalion might be holding civilians hostage in the theater building, using the upper floors as firing points.”

Based on “available reliable information,” Azov neo-Nazis bear full responsibility for a “bloody provocation by blowing up the theater building they had mined.”

Perhaps the incident was a made-in-the-USA false flag to wrongly blame Russia for what no evidence suggests that it had anything to do with.

The puppet Zelensky regime falsely accused Russian forces of shelling civilian areas of the city.

According to Ukrainian media fake news:

Russia’s military “dropped a bomb on the building where hundreds of Mariupol civilians were hiding (sic).”

On Thursday — stopping short of laying blame where it belongs — an unnamed Ukrainian official said everyone in the Mariupol theater survived.

Yet here’s how MSM Biden regime press agents reported on the incident:

As expected, NYT fake news falsely accused Russia of conducting an (air)strike (that) reduced (the Mariupol) theater to rubble (sic).”

Further bald-faced Big Lies followed, falsely blaming Russia for “thousands of civilian casualties (by) increasingly aiming bombs and missiles at towns and cities…leveling them (sic).”

According to WaPo fake news, “a Russian airstrike hit and largely destroyed the (Mariupol) building while hundreds of residents were taking refuge inside (sic).”

On Thursday, WSJ editors turned truth on its head by falsely accusing Russia of committing a “massacre in Mariupol.”

As always in lockstep with each other on invented US enemies, MSM across the board falsely accused Russia of bombing and shelling civilian targets during its ongoing operation, including the Mariupol theater.

After the incident occurred, images showed no casualties or ambulances on the scene.

AP News reported the following:

“More than a day after the (Mariupol incident), there were no reports of deaths.”

Reuters reported much the same thing, saying:

Mariupol’s city council “said on Thursday it was still not possible to estimate the number of possible casualties” — apparently because civilians in the facility were unharmed.

City residents continue leaving the city through a Russian humanitarian corridor.

Its forces largely control the city.

Mopping up operations continue to liberate it entirely from the scourge of US/Western supported neo-Nazi thugs.

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Today I felt troubled
    So I asked God…

    God Said “Son, you must be putting me on ..!


    God replied, well put very directly and simply

    “*Here’s the criteria for

    1)…Do they support the Ukrainians against the Russians?

    2)…Do they gag, block or abrogate your right to speak out against the Nazis..?

    3)…Do they post anti Russian slander and Half Truths about Russia..?

    4)..Do they post malicious and hate filled words encouraging physical harm on Russians..?

    5)..and they blatantly cover up heinous Nazi Crimes?

    That should suffice as a working model.

    Thank you.. God.

    By your words I see
    Facebook is a Neo Nazi Website

    God said, “You can say
    that Again..!”


    The Drug Pushers tell big lies

    ” If I was the President of your Land…

    I’d declare total War on the Pusher Man..!”


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