Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 24

Russia’s special military operation continues as planned with great care taken to protect civilians and nonmilitary infrastructure.

See below for the latest developments. First an overall assessment on what’s ongoing.

The extent, ferocity and speed to which US-dominated NATO regimes have waged all-out war on Russia by other means risks the specter of pushing things beyond a point of no return by accident or design to hot war between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.

What’s unthinkable was never more possible than now in the days ahead.

For time immemorial, the US ruling class has been hell bent to control and exploit planet earth, its resources and populations by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.

Will the megalomaniacal rage of US ruling authorities destroy life on earth by waging nuclear war in pursuit of what’s unattainable?

Has push come to shove at this time?

Was Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine to end the scourge of US-orchestrated and directed forever war on Donbass along its border the tipping point to global war 3.0?

The coming days bear close watching for how far dominant US hardliners intend pushing things.

Having had things their own way throughout the post-WW II period, they refuse to accept the reality that multi-world polarity replaced their unipolar aims.

How far will they go in pursuit of what they can no longer achieve?

The US is the only nation in world history that’s been perpetually at war from inception.

What began from sea to shinning sea went global after triumphing from waging the second war to end all future ones in early 1945 — months before its official end.

First against its native people, today on humanity at home and worldwide, endless US wars rage in pursuit of its hegemonic aims — by hot and/or other means.

Will its ruling class risk armageddon by going head-to-head militarily against Russia, a nation with super-weapons that exceed the best in the West — and hypersonic delivery systems able to strike anywhere with pinpoint accuracy.

Perhaps Moscow needs to send hegemon USA a message by turning one or more of its strategic locations to smoldering rubble.

I’ve written about the destructive power of thermonuclear weapons — able to obliterate large cities and surroundings, along with extinguishing their life forms.

The late Chalmers Johnson explained that life on earth is threatened by Washington’s single-minded pursuit of empire.

Militarized USA has become an uncontrollable state within a state. 

The US is plagued with the same dynamic that doomed other past empires unwilling to change.

Notably “isolation, overstretch, the uniting of local and global forces opposed to imperialism, and in the end bankruptcy” — combined with authoritarian rule and loss of personal freedom, Johnson explained. 

He left unaddressed the risk of hegemon USA destroying planet earth by its rage to own it.

On Day 24 of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, forces of the US-installed regime lost access to the Sea of Azov.

At the same time, Donetsk and Lugansk freedom fighters continue making steady progress in regaining control over territory illegally occupied by Kiev.

Multiple rounds of talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegations achieved no breakthroughs.

Like its US master, the only language Ukraine understands is toughness.

Russian forces delivered plenty with lots more to come as long as Kiev refuses to accept Moscow’s legitimate demands — as ordered by dominant Biden regime hardliners.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Igor Konashenkov:

On Friday for the first time, Russian forces used state-of-the-art Kinzhal hypersonic missiles to destroy an arms depot in Western Ukraine.

Overnight, “Russian operational-tactical, army and unmanned aircraft hit 69 military facilities of Ukraine.” 

“Among them were four command posts, including those of a brigade senior management in the settlement of Zabuyannya, four anti-aircraft missile systems, including three S-300s and one Buk-M1.” 

A Ukrainian radar station for guidance and target designation, 12 UAVs, a radio intel center, three multiple rocket launchers, 12 depots of missiles and artillery weapons, as well as 43 sites of military equipment were destroyed. 

On Saturday, Russian lower house State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin minced no words, saying:

“Everything that is happening today in Ukraine – civilian deaths, the flow of refugees – is the direct responsibility of Washington and Brussels.”

Separately, Russian Foreign Ministry head of its European Department, Alexei Paramonov, said the following:

“The issue of restrictive response to the unprecedented and illegitimate in terms of international law sanctions pressure on Russia from the US and the EU is being worked out by the Russian government.”

Ukraine’s military is largely defeated.

Pressing on based on orders from Washington may destroy it altogether if conflict continues weeks longer. 

2 thoughts on “Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 24

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  1. Mr Lendman..


    The Boys in the Lab
    Came up with the Winner..

    “Roll Over Beethoven
    Tell Tchaikovsky the News!”


    Good realistic assessment.
    Uki Army Crippled Severely.

    No longer an effective
    Military able to counter the magnitude of the Russian array of Arms.

    However as Guerillas and Werewolves the Ukis can live

    a long time supplied from
    Nazi Axis Powers abroad

    And be a thorn in Russia’s side for an extended period of time..

    Another Syria on their Doorstep

    Exactly what Russia doesn’t want

    And needs desperately to Avoid.

    Only way to do that is
    Exactly What Stalin and Zhukov knew..

    Needed to capture and smash the POLITICAL CENTER IN BERLIN

    There was no way around that.

    The Laws of the Universe dictate that.

    Never will be around that

    I’ll come back to that.


    Don’t want to Bomb Kiev
    Needs to be Carpet Bombed
    From High Altitude

    Just like everyone did in WWII

    Putin doesn’t want to do that?
    Okay ..

    Here’s what we do.

    Long Range Acoustic Devices.

    Are they legal?

    The Canberra Australia POLICE
    Used them..

    Bourgeoisie said they’re legal!

    No permanent damage.

    Hit em with that in Kiev..
    Shoot the Avov Rats as they come out

    Cuz Trust me,Cuz

    using LRADs ….
    they’re coming out!


  2. brilliant example of a false blog, intended to spread disinformation. Keep up the bad work. You’re a troll from the Kremlin, spreading false information on what is an outright war


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