Slow, Steady Progress by Russia v. the Empire of Lies

Here’s interventionist Blinken’s recitation of rubbish last week, vomiting one debunked Big Lie after another, saying:

“(W)e worked very hard to try to keep (things) on a diplomatic track (and) dialogue (sic).”

“Russia…reject(ed) diplomacy and dialogue and pursue(d) aggression (sic).”

Fact: For nearly 8 years, Russia went all-out diplomatically to halt US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Nazified Ukraine against Donbass — to no avail.

It begs the question.

Why didn’t Russia conclude sooner that pursuing diplomacy with US-dominated NATO and Kiev was a colossal waste of time?

It achieved nothing positive since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup, replacing democratic rule in Ukraine with Nazified tyranny.

Fact: Russia intervened against Ukraine in response to pleas for help from the leadership of Donestk and Lugansk for military help against Kiev’s aggression.

Fact: Article 51 of the UN Charter affirms the right of self-defense for all nations under attack.

Fact: Russia responded militarily because years of its good faith diplomatic efforts were consistently rebuffed by hegemon USA, its NATO vassal states and colonized Ukraine.

Fact: Aggression is longstanding US policy. Its history from inception reflects it.

Fact: Countless millions of corpses attest to its ruthlessness.

Fact: From inception, the Russian Federation never engaged in unjustifiable use of force against another nation, never breached international law, treaties or agreements — never preemptively attacked another nation in breach of the UN Charter.

Fact: Hegemon USA is guilty as charged on all of the above counts multiple times over.

The same reality applies to NATO, a US-controlled alliance for war-making, pretending to be for collective defense.

Blinken: The Biden regime is “leading provider of humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians (sic).”

Fact: It’s largely or entirely in the form of weapons, munitions and related equipment for perpetual war-making.

Blinken: US-installed pupped Zelensky is “extraordinary and his leadership is both inspiring and genuinely heroic (sic) because he’s remained right in harm’s way leading his people (sic).”

Fact: Zelensky serves at the discretion of his US master, a caricature of leadership far removed from the real thing.

Fact: Early in the conflict, he was secretly transported cross-border to Poland, as explained in a previous article.

Fact: “Heroic” Zelensky is a first-class coward, a liar and servant of US imperial interests against Russia.

Blinken: The Biden regime is “trying to end this war as quickly as possible (sic).”

Fact: For nearly 8 years, bipartisan US policy has been and continues to be pursing perpetual war along Russia’s borders with no end of it sought.

Fact: Hegemon USA is willing to wage it to the last Ukrainian.

Fact: Restoration of peace in central Europe is considered an anathema notion in Washington.

Fact: Its dominant hardliners continue going all-out to prevent it.

Fact: They aim to bog Russia down v. Ukraine in similar fashion to US support for Afghan mujahideen fighters against Soviet Russia in the 1980s.

Blinken recited a further litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Russia — his customary modus operandi against all nations free from US control.

Since begun, Russia’s demilitarization and de-Nazification campaign has been proceeding as planned.

It’s slow-going in cities like Kharkov and Mariupol because Nazified Ukrainian battalions are embedded in civilian neighborhoods.

They’re in schools, hospitals, private residences and elsewhere behind Ukrainians and foreign nationals — involuntarily held as human shields.

Despite multiple rounds of conflict resolution talks between Russian and Ukrainian negotiators, little was accomplished because hegemon USA wants war, not peace.

Over the weekend from his hideout in Poland, Zelensky recited what Biden regime hardliners ordered him to say.

He won’t “compromise.”

He won’t renounce Kiev’s aim to regain control over the Russian Republic of Crimea or Donbass.

He won’t permit regime negotiators to engage with Russia in good faith talks as long as his US master rejects the notion.

On Saturday, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

Russia’s legitimate demands are”absolutely minimal.”

Ukrainian negotiators are “being held by (hegemon USA’s) hand,” preventing progress in talks that are going nowhere.

Why does Russia pursue them — knowing that the only language US-dominated NATO and colonized Ukraine know is force?

Since conflict began nearly a month ago, the US-dominated West won the information war in their own countries.

At the same time, they lost it overwhelmingly in Russia.

The vast majority in the country support Vladimir Putin.

His approval rating exceeds 70% — in stark contrast to dementia Joe’s double at below 40%.

Quinnipiac poll results published on March 16 showed the following:

39% of respondents alone approve of the Biden regime’s foreign policy.

One-third alone (34%) approve of the regime’s economic policies.

The fake Biden’s overall approval rating was a negative 38%.

Polling was conducted from March 10 – 14, 1,936 US adults surveyed nationwide.

Separately on Sunday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Igor Konashenkov explained the following:

“Russian army units are completing the defeat of Kiev’s (Nazi-infested) Donbass nationalist battalion.”

“During the day, Russian troops advance 12 kilometers to reach Nikolskoye and jointly with units of the Donetsk People’s Republic blocked the settlement of Sladkoye from three sides.”

On Sunday alone, “Russia’s tactical aviation hit 89 military facilities in Ukraine, including four control centers, two multiple missile launcher systems, nine artillery systems, five weapons and munitions depots, and 65 places of military vehicles’ deployment.”

Ukraine’s US/Western supported war machine is being systematically smashed.

Since the beginning of the special military operation, Russian forces destroyed 214 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1,483 tanks and other armored vehicles, 150 multiple missile launcher systems, 584 artillery systems and mortars, and 1,279 special combat cars.

Through Sunday, around 350,000 Ukrainians were evacuated safely to Russia.

A Final Comment

Photos of Zelensky after assuming office in May 2019 showed attired in suit and tie — clean-shaven.

Images now show wearing a khaki green t-shirt — unshaven to create the illusion of rough and ready leadership.

By video link from Poland, he addressed US congressional and UK parliamentary members this way.

Last week, dozens of current and former EU officials asked the pro-Western Nobel Committee to extend the Peace Prize nomination deadline, a disgraceful open letter saying the following:

“We believe that now is the time to show the people of Ukraine that the world is on their side.” 

“We therefore humbly call upon you, the Committee, to consider:” 

“Extending and thereby re-opening the nomination procedure for the Nobel Peace Prize until March 31, 2022 to allow for a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for President Zelensky and the people of Ukraine.”

Longstanding procedure calls for nominations to be submitted “no later than January 31.”

Procedure aside, if Zelensky is nominated for the peace prize, he’ll join the ranks earlier war criminal nominees — including Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin.

If awarded the prize, he’ll be the latest in a long line of war criminals to disgrace the principle of what it’s supposed to signify.

They include:

Henry Kissinger, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, Menachem Begin, FW de Klerk, and Al Gore.

Disgraced honorees also included:

The Dalai Lama, a covert CIA asset.

Kofi Annan, a reliable imperial war supporter.

UN Peacekeeping (paramilitary) Forces involved in more conflicts than they resolved.

Elie Wiesel, a hawkish Islamophobe.

Norman Borlaug, whose “green revolution” wheat strains killed millions.

Medecins Sans Frontieres, co-founded by rabid war hawk Bernard Kouchner. 

Woodrow Wilson who broke his pledge to keep “us out of” WW I.

Jimmy Carter who backed an array of tyrants and drew the Soviets into its Afghan quagmire that took a million or more lives.

George C. Marshall, instrumental in creating NATO’s war machine and waging war against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening North Korea.

Theodore Roosevelt who notoriously said:

“I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one.”

Notorious narco-terrorist Juan Manuel Santos.

Barack Obama, another unindicted US war criminal multiple times over.

Notably, he bragged about terror-bombing 7 nonbelligerent, nonthreatening countries.

6 thoughts on “Slow, Steady Progress by Russia v. the Empire of Lies

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Just a Brilliant article you penned Mr Gibbons.

    A Treasure chest of History!
    Requires three readings..
    At Least.

    First off only as a qwik aside.

    Did you see the Reception President Putin got in Crimea!

    They love him.
    Russia loves him.
    The World loves him.

    I love the fuxing guy..!

    Everyone loves him except the Human Filth.

    Score at the End of 3rd Quarter:

    Axis Powers…13


    To begin..

    Here’s what I see and hear on the Narcotics Pushers News:

    The Dope Pushers have the audacity to make fun of the Russian name for their War

    And it sure as hell is a War..

    A Desperate War against Nazis
    Supported by World Fascists..

    Mind you..

    The Gangsters were killing people in Vietnam for 12 yrs
    And Never even Declared War..

    Huh…what… isn’t that prescribed in the Constitution?

    Murdered..what, 3 to 5 Million People…

    Didn’t even declare War..!

    Just a thang..


    did ship plenty of Heroin back from the Golden Triangle..)


    Once, eating lunch at BH Hotel in LA…

    Happened to be working on a pilot there..

    I ran into a world famous aged
    Female US Reporter who had covered Washington for many decades..

    I told her I was from Texas and we spoke for a long long time

    She said she thought the Whole thing..( War) was only a cover for the ” BUSINESS ”

    The Back Office !)

    Fletcher Prouty’s book certainly corroborated that in a connect the dot way..

    Inductive reasoning..

    But I didn’t read that until much later.

    A fantastic, eye opening book!


    Wait.. there’s more jammed up the Shithole..

    The Mass Murder in Korea
    From 51-53…

    There was no Declaration of War either..

    Only called a “Police Action”

    USA cold blooded murdered


    Was only a Police Action..

    Gen Curtis LeMay said:

    Almost verbatim

    ” We’ve bombed them so much
    There’s nothing left to bomb..

    Not a building standing…!”

    Macarthur wanted to drop Nukes

    Thank God Ike Came 52
    (Jan 53..)

    Said almost verbatim

    ” I want you to stop this gottdamn war..

    This fuxin murder…!”

    Sherman Adams recalled.

    ( BTW…the Poppy grows wild
    Like crazy for 10, 000 years in the Silliwan Valley..just to note)

    ( And what..all total in the Ukraine the Russians may have killed less than 100 people..

    The Nazis meanwhile killed 1000s of their own people!)


    EIN SO..

    Why do
    Russian Officials beat around the fuxing bush

    And tell needless stories…
    Make up shit..

    Sound stupid
    And gives the Gangsters a tool to kill them with?

    The Pigs have Russia


    “Oh No..
    We’re just gonna…!”

    I sit and watch completely stupified..

    Initially because the Russians stop everything and answer the Herion Pusher

    Now wearing a Badge..

    Self Appointed Enforcer of the Rules Based Herion Prices..

    Why dont the Russians just say:

    ( BTW..Astonishing
    you answer them at all..

    Waving the back of your hand

    ‘Like, get out of here..’
    You’re Filth)

    Please say this..

    “Who are you ..

    Oh CNN…

    You’re the station that says the Bio Weapons Labs don’t exist,

    It’s Russian dis Information..!”


    And what.. we’re shooting People

    Let me get this straigh

    In other words we’re shooting the very people we’re trying desperately to save…?


    What could I possibly say to such …
    (don’t finish the sentence)

    Walk away


    Here’s the point of my Polemic:

    Why doesn’t Russia say

    Hell Yes.. we’re in a War

    We’re in a Desperate War against World Fascists

    You see the Economic War the West has launched..?

    And then we discovered the Pentagon and NATO Plan to

    Bomb Kaliningrad and drop Tactical Nukes on Russia…

    In late Summer…!

    Hell yes we’re in a War.

    The Ukraine is just the arena
    An illegal state set up by an illegal Coup..

    A Pariah State…


    A Neo Nazi State of Nuland
    And the Kaganite Nazis..

    A War to Destroy Russia!

    Let the World hear it..!
    Let your own People Hear it..

    Let Almighty God
    in Fuxin Heaven hear it..!


    I cannot understand why Russia
    Is so off the mark on this.

    Better said..

    Because my Heart bleeds for Russia

    It could be said,
    Weaponized for the Media

    Much better than all the mamby pamby half measures used now.

    Was it a Dream.
    A Fuxing Nightmare

    48 more times than the USA

    ( USA .who won the War according to Hollywood..!)


    And Now this Filth is Back

    Why Doesn’t Russia
    Call it


    ( So the Pigs who walk upright pretending to be humans..

    Even Senators..



    Or at the Very least
    “The War For The Motherland!”

    I personally prefer “Mother” land

    Those Russian Mothers who give their sons readily for the Fight against the

    Darkness Foulest Evil that ever tormented Humankind..

    The Heroin Pushers from USA and their Nazi Asslicking like

    little england and the clown
    Col Moseley pretenders .

    Mind you ..
    Women ran society..

    Or we would have never even made it this far.

    Or we would have killed ourselves with Rocks.

    Like maybe as Einstein
    Said of WW IV..!

    The Second Great Patriotic War for the Motherland..!



  2. “Mariupol” — 1:15:15 video from Gonzalo Lira live stream of 3/21/21 (Chaos is injected by YT removing dates) —

    Lira says the Ukrainian regime installed in 2014 blocked Mariupol from joining the break away Republics. and he talks about the Greeks who were recruited to work on the tobacco plantations by Catherine the Great. The Azov Battalion was put in charge of governance of the district and their Ukrainian uber-nationalism demonstrated their with atrocities that will be coming out as the ethnic Russians are given safe haven in Rostov and ethnic Greeks go to Greece.

    The relief going into Mariupol was used by the Azov Battalion or distributed to ethnic Ukrainians, while the ethnic Russians were starved since 2/24 Lira mentions the Russians feeding and caring for those who have escaped to safety.

    The survivors have and will be interviewed. When and where it breaks into Mythlands free speech zone is a question about to be answered.

    Narrative, narrative, narrative, gently down the stream is about to be cut off.
    The Monopoly/Rothchild Media trying to get away with “The Russians Are Losing” is crazy talk. Mythland cannot project “Ukraine Is Winning” without showing uber-absurdity. when all that is left of Ukrainian is surrounded and doomed.

    Question: Will Mariupol vote to break away from Ukraine?

    The first documentary has to be in creation now.

    Central/Rothschild banks are the central problem.


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