Russia’s Special Military Operation, Day 36

Since day one last month, things have been going as planned.

Claims otherwise by MSM press agents for corporate plunder and imperial rampaging are fake news examples of how they consistently lie and mass deceive.

Neutralizing US-controlled, Nazified Ukraine and the menace it poses to peace in Europe’s heartland and beyond is Russia’s bottom line aim.

It’s being accomplished with tactical precision beyond US/NATO capabilities.

Russian forces never intended to seize and occupy Kiev and Chernigov.

Having successfully completed the first phase of its military operation, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Konashenkov announced the following on Wednesday:

“(P)lanned regrouping (and redeployment) of troops is taking place (from) Kiev and Chernigov” to liberate remaining parts of Donbass still occupied by Kiev forces.

“All main lines of communications, supply and approach of reserves are taken under full control.”

“The air defense systems of Ukraine, the airfield infrastructure, the largest military depots, training and concentration centers for mercenaries were destroyed.”

“(A)ll the main tasks of the Russian Armed Forces in the directions of Kiev and Chernigov have been completed.”

On Wednesday, Russia’s air defense destroyed 10 Ukrainian drones. A Russian aircraft downed one of the regime’s remaining Su-24s.

“Airborne high-precision missiles destroyed large fuel storages in areas of Starokonstantinov and Khmelnitsky, from which fuel was supplied for the Ukrainian armored vehicles in Donbass.”

Russian forces also destroyed two depots with Ukrainian missiles and artillery shells.

Kiev’s navy no longer exists. Its air force is largely destroyed.

Its remaining ground force capabilities are largely surrounded and cut off from each other.

The Donbass city of Mariupol is almost entirely liberated from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

What remains of their greatly diminished ranks is holed up in three plants.

According to Donetsk leader Denis Pushilin:

“Our forces are already working in downtown” Mariupol to eliminate them.

They have a choice. Surrender or be wiped out.

The latter seems more likely than the former.

According to analyst Andrei Martyanov, they’re “constantly high and under the influence of hard drugs, including heroin and other(s).”

It’s “just the matter…of how to finish those remnants…We’ll know soon enough.”

Separately, Basurin said the following:

“After we have already been recognized by several states, six or seven, primarily Russia…the presence of this republic as part of Ukraine is no longer possible.”

On Wednesday, head of Russia’s Delegation to Negotiations on Military Security and Arms Control in Vienna, Konstantin Gavrilov, said the following:

In cahoots with hegemon USA and its NATO vassal states, Kiev continues to recruit foreign mercenaries, including jihadists, adding:

What’s going on is “another destabilizing factor.”

“Russian troops continue targeted actions to track and destroy” these elements.

At least 600 were killed. Hundreds more left Ukraine and went home.

Separately according to a joint statement by the Biden regime’s State Department and European External Action Service:

“(A)dditional steps to isolate Russia further from the US and EU economies and the international financial system” are being considered to escalate sanctions war on the nation and its people.

On Wednesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said that BRICS countries Brazil, China, India, Russia, and South Africa “will become the basis (the heart) of a new world order.”

On Vladimir Putin’s decision to require “unfriendly nations” to pay for Russian gas (and other commodities likely ahead) in rubles, Ryabkov explained:

“We are not modifying contract(ual)” terms.

“We are protecting our interests from a tsunami, a wave of totally irresponsible sanctions that just hit the foundations of international trade and the international system.”

India reportedly is considering Moscow’s proposal to conduct bilateral trade in rubles and rupees.

Agreement may be reached during Lavrov’s March 31 – April 1 visit to New Delhi.

Last week, Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar told its MPs that New Delhi is considering a switch to trade with Russia in rupees and rubles.

According to Nigerian envoy to Moscow Abdullahi Shehu, his nation may switch to bilateral trade in their currencies, eliminating dollar transactions.

Did US sanctions war on Russia drive a stake through the heart of US dollar hegemony in international trade?

Did dominant Biden regime hardliners and their European vassals irreparably harm their interests by waging all-out war on Russia by other means, along with proxy hot war along its borders?

Are hegemon USA’s days in the sun numbered?

Wall Street is concerned about cutting off Russian banks from SWIFT.

If international transactions continue to shift from dollars to yuan, rubles, rupees and other countries, financial equality will replace US dollar hegemony.

Its “free ride” for over 75 years will end.

That’s where things are heading, and it can’t happen a moment too soon.

A Final Comment

On Wednesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said all Russian commodities to all buyers may be priced in rubles ahead, noting:

“This is an idea that should definitely be worked on.”

Taking this step would be “in our interests and (those of) our (trade) partners.”

“The Western world has had its run,” said economist Paul Craig Roberts.

Was stealing Russian assets its coup de grace?

In hindsight, dominant Biden regime hardliners and their Western vassals may rue their decision to wage financial war on Russia.

Their chickens may be coming home to roost, what Roberts called “reduced power and influence (by) regime change in the West.”


One thought on “Russia’s Special Military Operation, Day 36

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    The World flipped upside down when Putin’s announcement

    that Russia needs to be paid in Rubles.

    Ad we all know that
    Paul Craig Roberts has been saying that for years.


    My Thesis:

    Everything should be in Rubles

    Fertilizer, Medicine, Grains,
    Precious & Strategic Metals
    etc…. EVERYTHING. say America will go hungry if we don’t get fertilizer from Russia..

    Good…let Americans taste a little bit of their own Chili.

    Let them be hungry.
    Let them be deprived.
    Let them do without.
    Let them sacrifice.

    Let them put some skin in the Game.

    Of course, the lying MSM Motherfuxers are gonna blame Russia..

    But who are the Farmers gonna call when they have no seeds or fertilizer..

    Are they going to call Putin..
    Are they going to Moscow to Complain..

    No they’re gonna call their crooked politicians

    and go down to Congress and demonstrate

    Ever Seen hungry angry really pissed off Mericans demonstrate..

    President Putin..turn the whole gottdamn thing off..Turn it off..

    And have 330,000,000 angry Americans as your LAWYERS!

    330,000,000 empty hungry the Talking..

    Not just you “Splaining ” from Moscow.

    Which AMERICANS will not be allowed to hear anyway.

    That will be the fastest way for Russia to win without a shot or missile being fired.



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