Puppet Zelensky on Ukraine’s Nazified Azov Infested Military: “They Are What They Are”

Interviewed by Fox News — then removed from its website — Zelensky was asked about hardcore Nazi Azov fighters.

Incorporated into Ukraine’s military, he said “they are what they are.”

The remark speaks for itself, no further elaboration needed.

Largely except for the Fox News segment now deleted, MSM tried and failed to reinvent Nazified Azov fighters.

Well into a NYT fake news report on Russia’s special military operation, it said this alone about Azov:

“(T)he Azov battalion, a Ukrainian regiment that has drawn far-right fighters from around the world and is charged with the (Mariupol’s) defense (sic).”

And this buried in a Times report on Sunday:

“Ukrainian soldiers from the Azov battalion walked through the remnants of a Russian military convoy (sic) in the recently liberated town of Bucha on Saturday (sic), just outside the capital after the Russians withdrew (sic).”

Falsely implying that Ukrainian troops forced Russian forces from Kiev — they never entered — along with Bucha and surrounding areas, ignored reality about Azov’s Nazi roots and redeployment of Russian troops in preparation for a final battle to liberate Donbass entirely from hardcore Ukrainian elements.

According to WaPo, Azov is “a far-right nationalist Ukrainian paramilitary and political movement (that’s) absorbed” into Ukraine’s military.

The WSJ called Azov “defenders of Mariupol (sic).”

And this from National Pentagon Radio (NPR):

“Azov battalion…is my group,” quoting one of its Nazified fighters, adding:

Azov “has a reputation for having the fiercest fighters in Ukraine.” 

CNN portrayed its fighters the same way, saying that they’re playing a “key role in Ukraine’s resistance (sic).”

According to BBC fake news, “Azov battalion fighters (are) defend(ing) Mariupol (sic).”

And this Al Jazeera fake news tweet:

“Ukraine’s Azov Battalion group denies neo-Nazi links and claims that Russians created this image (sic).”

Here’s what writer Nebojsa Malic said about Azov:

“(M)ultiple major media outlets in the UK and US ran stories about Ukraine’s ‘Azov Batalion,’ seeking to whitewash almost a decade of previous reporting that clearly identified the unit’s Nazi sympathies and ethos.” 

He quoted a Financial Times article, calling Azov “key to the nationwide resistance effort (sic).”

Acknowledging its far-right ideology, “the FT shrug(ed) off its Nazi connections,” Malic explained.

He quoted one of its fighters, falsely saying: “We are patriots, but we are not Nazis (sic).”

An unnamed Azov commander falsely accused Russians of being “the real Nazis of the 21st century (sic).” 

On all things Russia and other US invented enemies, all fake news all the time is longstanding MSM practice — truth and full disclosure banned.

From its 1851 founding to the present day, fake news mass deception has been the self-styled newspaper of record NYT’s stock and trade.

A steady drumbeat of mind-manipulating fakery infests its daily editions, including always on Sunday.

Its latest April 3 edition was no different — featuring a litany of Big Lies and mass deception on Russia’s special military operation.

Where to begin with a cesspool of rubbish to choose from.

The Times falsely claimed that Russian forces “retreated” from Kiev (sic).

They never entered the city and didn’t retreat.

Having successfully completed phase one of its special operation, its forces encircling Kiev and Chernigov were redeployed in preparation for the final battle to liberate Donbass entirely from areas occupied by Nazified Kiev forces.

Turning truth on its head like always on all things related to its campaign, the Times falsely claimed otherwise.

Escalating outrageous rubbish to a higher level, it lied accusing Russian forces of “execut(ing) civilians (sic).”

What’s been longstanding US/NATO practice by terror-bombing heavily populated cities and related US practices since the 18th century, the Times ignored the reality of its odious history.

It lied claiming that Russian forces inflicted a “devastating toll (on) Kiev (sic).”

It lied saying “husks of destroyed (Russian) tanks clutter roads (sic).”

It lied claiming that Russian forces left “mines and booby traps…hidden (in) wreckage (sic).”

It lied accusing them war crimes.

It cited unindicted war criminal Liz Truss, the BoJo regime’s so-called foreign secretary, saying (nonexistent) evidence is being collected to hold Russia responsible  — for high crimes committed by US/UK/EU supported Ukrainian Nazis.

It quoted complicit war criminal Ursula von der Leyen, the so-called EC head’s bald-faced Big Lie, saying:

She’s “appalled by (fake news) reports of unspeakable horrors in areas from which Russia is withdrawing (sic).”

The same goes for Nazi-infested Estonian vassal to US interests, its so-called PM Kallas calling areas from which Russian forces were redeployed from “a crime scene (sic).”

While US/NATO supported Nazified Ukrainian forces continue holding civilians in Mariupol hostage as human shields — preventing their evacuation through Russian humanitarian corridors — the Times lied, falsely claiming that Kiev is aiding their exit (sic).

In cahoots with its US master, Ukraine’s war ministry displayed fake images — ones pretending to show executions of civilians by Russian forces.

Commenting on Ukraine’s Azov fighters, the Times ignored their hardcore Nazi roots.

It was silent about how they’ve lethally shot human shield hostages when spotted trying to flee from captivity.

It lied claiming that Ukrainian forces “repelled Russian forces” in cities and towns.

Turning truth on its head, it falsely claimed that “Ukrainian teams (are) attempting to remove mines and booby traps laid by Russian forces (sic)” — ignoring that reality is the other way around.

A Times report with fake images or ones unrelated to Russia’s campaign turned truth on its head as follows, falsely saying the following:

Residents of the town of Trostyanets “before (Ukraine’s) military liberated it (sic) described weeks of hunger and horror (sic).”

Falsely blaming Russia for what may or may not be true ignored thousands of tons of humanitarian aid delivered by its forces to areas they liberated in Ukraine and Donbass.

Not a shred of evidence suggests any form of mistreatment by Russian forces — just the opposite.

As is its custom time and again, the Time willfully and maliciously lied claiming otherwise.

It lied accusing Russian forces of “reducing much of (Trostyanets) to rubble (sic).”

It lied claiming they held “children at knife point (sic).”

It lied saying “an old woman (was) forced to drink alcohol as her occupiers watched and laughed (sic).”

It lied claiming that Russian forces “whisper(ed) of rape and forced disappearances (sic).”

It lied saying they left a “toothless old man…beaten in a ditch and defecated on (sic).”

It lied claiming that beaten and battered “Ukrainian forces are now gaining ground (sic).”

It lied saying “Russia’s military (was unable) to win a quick victory” its Defense Ministry didn’t plan for or expect.

It lied calling Russia’s special military campaign — with great care taken to avoid civilian casualties and damage to nonmilitary infrastructure — “true barbarity (sic).”

What applies to Azov and other thuggish elements infesting Ukraine’s military — clearly not Russia.

And this perversion of reality fake news from the Times:

“(S)igns of failure in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are readily apparent (sic).”

Vladimir Putin “long plotted to undermine Ukraine, overtly and covertly (sic).”

He aims to “seiz(e) a large chunk of the country in the east and south and declar(e) victory (sic).”

“He will lose Russia because of Ukraine (sic).”

His campaign “has been a major failure (sic).”

His “ultimate nightmare is a color revolution in Russia (sic).”

“In 2009, he attempted to effect a cabinet reshuffle in Kiev (sic) to dominate the government (sic), but the effort collapsed (sic).”

He “invaded (and) annexed…Crimea (sic).”

“He thought he could dominate Kiev (by) the (2014 and 2015) Minsk agreements (sic).”

The Times — and other MSM — falsely blamed Putin for US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Kiev on Donbass since April 2014.

It falsely blamed him for around 14,000 Donbass deaths caused by Kiev’s aggression, along with destruction of vital infrastructure.

Ignoring Nazi-infested tyrannical rule in Kiev, the Times falsely claimed that the nation is democratically run (sic).

Lots more of similar rubbish infested the Times’ Sunday edition.

The pattern repeats daily on virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

The self-styled newspaper of record is too deeply debauched to fix.

With attribution to journalist Mike Royko, it’s not fit to wrap refuse in for disposal. 

4 thoughts on “Puppet Zelensky on Ukraine’s Nazified Azov Infested Military: “They Are What They Are”

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,.

    Everything is a lie on MSM !

    Did you see where the MSM liars used the mass formation of the PLA on Parade

    to represent the
    Ukrainian Army..!

    A real Doozy..!

    A Couple of items mentioned in your remarks.

    First…Scott Ritter said Kiev put Avov members into every Division of the Regular Army

    Down to the Brigade level.

    In other words, to police the divisions to make sure they’re fascist enough.

    To counter the second level lie

    ” Oh it just the Avov Brigade
    Not the entire Army..!”

    Wrong.. completely wrong.
    The entire apparatus is infested and turned rotten.

    Thirdly..there is some small degree of Light..

    A smathering of much needed truth in the Land of Lies..

    Gen. Mike Flynn
    called a Spade a Spade..

    Told the truth about the
    Avov Brigade

    Moreover, said he felt Putin only wants to Consolidate the East

    Not take Ukraine
    Not invade Europe.

    You readily see why the Gangsters axed Flynn

    Only one Month into the
    Trump Adm …!

    As Trump will more than likely be the Next President

    If we have an Election at all..
    A 40-60 CHANCE..

    At Eddie Haskell’s Casino

    I hope Don goes back and makes him the NSA again.

    Everything should be much clearer in Hindsight.

    BTW.. Tulsi is spot on clear about what’s happening.

    Remarkably so.

    Donald as you must know has gone from a bunch of gooblygook

    mixed messaging

    and sadly, now apparently saying we should send the Uki Nazis more weapons.

    Remember he sent them Stingers when O’ Bomber

    He has no Compass.
    No bearings..

    No overall understanding
    Of the Situation.

    Our Next President..
    Another Zio Fool.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman…


    The Gangsters feel emboldened!

    They’ve not been given any cutoff as promised..

    Business as usual..
    What changed..?

    Russia begging them..
    Trying to coax them

    With Reason..?

    Been trying for two decades
    Anything Change?

    (Plus they’ll get to stiff Russia
    Two months hence

    For all the Gas since April 1st
    Fittingly, April Fool’s Day..




    They’ll ” be Splaining”
    how Russia used
    Chemical Weapons

    So they can’t pay for the
    $50 B of Gas…!)

    Before I get to the POINT

    Let me mention something
    Au passant

    Russia needs the cash inflow
    Since Elvira left all the Reserves

    With the Babysitter.

    And why just blame her..
    Does she have a Boss?

    Moving on..


    Sell the West just 25% of everything across the board

    Tell them , “Sorry the rest was re allocated to other buyers

    The Good News..Herr Scholtz
    We have 25% left for you…”

    One lump amount

    So the West can divide it up amongst themselves





    Remember when the USA
    was stealing Ventilators from

    Barbados During height of
    the Great Scam…?


    Next up

    The West Promised Africa
    a certain amount

    They got dick.

    They were ” Promised”

    Oh Western Promises

    (Turns out they got lucky
    Not dying like Europe and USA)

    God protects those he loves


    If Russia can get $25 Billion
    a Day across the board sales of all Products it’s not a bad thing.

    As any CFO knows.

    Moreover, let the Gangsters
    Squabble over the goods..

    Think it will cause dissention among the strong allies?


    Oh second thought
    Make it 20%




    Poland just announced they’re bringing NUKES TO POLAND.

    ” Oh Really”

    And who are they to be used on?

    Oh Russia of course.

    Why doesn’t Russia invoke the Bush Doctrine right now?

    Rather…State that immediately

    ( BTW..
    What’s the Difference between Poland having them and Ukis?)

    Russia cannot let this go unawered.

    I know you’re swirling around trying to Debunk just the last big lie

    that’s small potatoes

    That’s the Gangster’s MO
    To literally swamp you in lies

    You can’t see the
    Forest for the Trees..!

    Here’s the essence
    You can become
    Intoxicated by their Filth

    Then Lackadaisical

    Lackadaisical by virtue of what’s the Key Lie to Debunk

    Youre reeling..

    And become



    Nukes in Poland
    A Trial Balloon
    MI 6 put them on it.

    The Brits who are openly flaunting now..


    All Enormously rejuvenated..

    Like The Mob was when Sonny interrupted the Don..

    Talking to the Heroin Pushers

    ” But Pops we can make..”

    Don Corleone waves his hand.



    1)… Mention Bush Doctrine

    2)…Warn them to retract the words and the Plan

    Retract it Publically

    3)… BTW..
    Where are you getting the Nukes from..?

    USA or UK…?
    Another Treaty they Broke?

    We will not ALLOW THAT.


    Need to use the only thing the Gangsters understand

    ” We’ll give you 24 hours
    To renounce that

    Or drop a missile
    A non Nuclear one
    On Warsaw..

    And there’s nothing you can do to stop our missiles

    Maybe London also.

    Last Warning…!”

    Good Night Irene.

    You just avoided WWWIII.

    To Total Victory

    The Old Fashioned Way

    The Way the Bolsheviks beat

    The Same Way the Glorious
    Red Army beat the Undefeated World Champ in WWII

    When every other little Nazi vassal got their asses kicked

    Except for the Fighting Yugoslavians and Greeks..

    But all the Big Promoters in Hitler’s Dream..the New Axis

    Ready to Crack their skulls on the Brick Wall that is Russia..!

    Not pushing the Bear over the Cliff…


  3. Mr Lendman

    A second thought, of import.

    Please go to Press with this as the Lead Story.

    The urgency of it,
    The gravity of of it, sir.

    No one can frame a question like like you.

    If your slate is full..
    I understand

    Even if it’s Under the Fold
    Please mention it.

    I thank you.

    Warmest Regards


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