Demonizing Russia with Diabolical Aims in Mind

Last month, dementia Joe’s double disgracefully called preeminent world leader Vladimir Putin a “war criminal…a murderous dictator…a butcher…a pure thug (sic).”

On Monday, the White House imposter was at it again.

Demonizing Putin gratuitously, he falsely accused him of civilian deaths in Bucha, Ukraine — what Russia had nothing to do with.

Disgracefully calling Putin a “war criminal” again, he added:

“We have to get all the detail so this can be…a war crime trial.”

So-called “details” the regime he nominally heads are invented, not real.

No evidence connects Russia to deaths of civilians in Bucha or anywhere else in Ukraine — nothing suggesting that war crimes were committed by its military.

Indisputable evidence links Nazified Ukrainian forces to crimes of war, against humanity and horrific atrocities.

According to international affairs analyst Adriel Kasonta:

“I’m terrified to see horrors” and other inhumane acts “committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups.”

They include torture, “lynching people, (beating) them…smashing their identity…tying them to lampposts” to cause pain, suffering and death.

“Now we are supposed to glorify (Ukrainian) Nazis only for the mere fact that they are fighting the Western boogeyman, which is Russia.”

“So-called human rights watchers are blind to the fact that human rights are being violated in Ukraine by Ukrainians.”

In 2016, a report by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights accused Ukrainian neo-Nazis of raping, torturing, taping and whipping detainees in Donbass — of leaving them painfully bound outdoors in freezing weather. 

“This is obviously inhumane and marks a dangerous turn in Ukraine towards mob rule, where the worst elements in society take over the policing of the population,” according to one analyst, adding:

“While shocking to normal people, such images are not surprising due to the culture of intolerance, extremism and racism that has been a part of the political and military structure of Ukraine for many decades.”

A makeshift torture chamber was found in a Lugansk basement.

According to a DPR source:

In the “impromptu torture chamber,” local residents were “tormented to death,” then finished off with a gun “shot in the head.”

Members of the infamous Azov regiment and other Ukrainian Nazis were responsible for these atrocities.

“Vision & Global Trends chairman at the International Institute for Global Analyses, Tiberio Graziani, said the following:

“Everyone (was) perfectly aware of what (went) on.”

It’s “astonishing and (appalling) that these facts are not loudly condemned by humanitarian NGOs in the West.”  

Along with MSM co-conspirators, they tacitly support them by turning a blind eye to no one should tolerate — instead of demanding that these thugs be held accountable for crimes too egregious to ignore.

After the 2014 Obama/Biden regime Maidan coup in Kiev, scattered media reports noted far-right, antisemitic, anti-Russia fascist groups in Ukraine.

In 2010, the London Guardian quoted Azov commander, Andriy Biletsky, saying:

“Ukraine’s mission is to lead the white races of the world in a final crusade…against Semite-led untermenschen.”

Instead of pointing fingers where they belong, Russia is falsely accused of atrocities and other crimes — ones committed by US/Western-supported Nazified thugs.

Falsely accusing Vladimir Putin of committing war crimes — by the fake Biden, others in West and their MSM press agents — should be a criminal offense, punishable by imprisonment and stiff fines for unjustifiable character assassination.

The US-dominated West is using Russia’s legitimate military operation in Ukraine to eliminate the Nazified threat to Donbass, its own security and central Europe overall as a weapon to use against its noble mission.

Bottom line?

Hegemon USA wants forever sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia waged with undermining the nation politically, economically and financially in mind.

It wants the world community to (falsely) consider Russia a pariah state in pursuit of these diabolical aims.

It wants to reverse its irreversible decline, its fall from grace — while China, Russia, Iran, India and other nations are rising on the world stage.

It risks destruction of planet earth in pursuit of its megalomaniacal aim to control its member states, their resources and populations.

It wants the world community of nations transformed into ruler-serf societies.

It’s OK to invent enemies threatening no one in pursuit of US/Western interests.

It’s OK to breach international law with this aim in mind. 

It’s OK to wage imperial wars for invented reasons, to commit the highest of high crimes of war, against humanity and atrocities of every shape and kind, including mass murder and brutal torture.

It’s OK for the US-dominated West to use every dirty trick imaginable and then some.

It’s OK to irreparably harm millions and billions of people if Western wealth, power and privileged interests are served.

It’s OK to falsely blame invented enemies like Russia of the most despicable high crimes they had nothing to do with.

It’s OK for the self-styled indispensable nation to do any damn thing it wishes to benefit its ruling class.

It’s not OK for nations to be free from its jackboot tyranny.

Nor is governance of, by and for everyone equitably permissible — what democracy is all about, what’s banned throughout the debauched US/West.


5 thoughts on “Demonizing Russia with Diabolical Aims in Mind

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    I Might add…

    Everything the Serial Liars say about Russia is contradicted

    by the overwhelming fact that Putin ordered that no civilians be Targeted…

    That the Russian Army specifically and carefully
    Avoided Civilian Casualties!

    That’s Astonishing..

    To my knowledge,.

    That have never been done before in Western Theatres of War..!

    An extremely difficult task and
    A Remarkable Achievement..!

    That’s the true face of
    President Putin..!

    Astonishing on the Face of it,
    President Putin’s humane and careful approach.

    Contrarily the USA and NATO are the Mass Murderers by Design

    Everyone aware that Pres Putin reinvented the Wheel of Modern Warfare to accomplish that.


  2. Anyone who believes the Bucha bullcrap story being trumpeted by the corporate-militarist media is a deluded imbecile. It’s obviously a sick ploy to garner public support in the West for NATO boots on the ground. NATO boots on the ground means war between Russia and Washington, war between Russia and Washington will quickly spiral out of control, which means nuclear war could be a distinct possibility. This is why the few sane heads in the Pentagon are balking.

    The timeline doesn’t add up for the Bucha bullcrap to even be credible, the logic to it makes no sense whatsoever. The Russian Federation has gone out of its way to avoid civilian casualties, always has, just like in Syria. Russia desires that the Ukrainian public have fond feelings for the Russian govt for future diplomatic relations.

    The Pentagon is putting the brakes on this stupid Bucha propaganda offensive by releasing a statement today saying the responsible parties for the Bucha atrocity are yet to be determined. The few sane heads in the Defense Dept know that the crazies in the State Dept, intel agencies, Congress, and the corporate media could easily let this get out of hand resulting in a shooting war between the U.S. and Russia.

    It was the far right Ukie militias who tortured and murdered many civilians who they felt had pro-Russian sympathies. The Russian military has been bringing in humanitarian aid to just about every Ukrainian town and city it’s touched. Russia has no incentive to commit massacres when it’s essentially reaching all its goals.

    Thankfully within the next couple of months Russia will accomplish all the objectives it set out to achieve: 1.) keep NATO permanently out of Ukraine, 2.) rescue the Donbass from the threat of Ukie invasion and domination, 3.) eliminate many of the far-right fascist Slavophobic savages.


  3. Mr Lendman

    “Tropic of Cancerous Lies…!”

    Our Washington Political
    ” Leaders ” speak like Gangsters

    And they certainly act Like Gangsters..


    “that’s because they are Gangsters..!”

    They bring everything down to the vulgar..

    To the Profane..
    To the juvenile
    To the inane

    In straight up Americano,

    “Everything they touch
    turns to shit…!”

    (Totally speaking LA, now)

    Word Up, Sparky..

    That’s because they are SHIT.

    Some might call his terminology vulgar ..

    I know better.

    Some might castigate me
    Ream me for my language

    But very seriously,

    What do you call these people?
    This Class of Criminals?

    Putting the foci on the Loci
    What specific endeavor separates or defines this person…

    The Class ?

    Just a few off the topnof my head

    1)..Do they tell lies to
    Start Aggressive Wars..?

    2)…Do they Starve 100s of Millions of People w Sanctions

    NEVERMIND..Only the UN can impose Sanctions..

    Mind you, So every Sanction the US dictates is egregiously illegal..

    3)..Do they use Chemical Weapons..?

    4)…Are they currently building BIO WEAPONS LABS..?

    About 25-35 Million since 1945

    6)…Push Heroin

    7)…Push Pedos


    Number #2 in the World behind Zionists

    9)…Extort and Rob their own Citizenry Blind?

    Where’s the TRILLIONS missing from the PENTAGON…?

    10)…We have a Democratically Elected President..

    No…long gone.

    How about our Congress?
    Everyone in the AIPAC Congress is a Criminal

    Or they wouldn’t be there.

    Our most important Institution
    And instrument..

    Completely non existent..

    All truth blacked out
    Only State News, Winston


    “Well Sweet Pea…


    A Rouge State…

    A Brutal Military Police State
    AKA the Deep State .

    They cannot discard ..
    George Washingtons robes
    Or Jefferson’s Contract…


    But they are waiting in the Wings..

    That’s who we are.

    What words could you properly use to define that..?

    Human Trash.
    Maybe Human Filth

    And yet these War Criminals
    Are judge and jury for the WORLD.

    And now the Innocent Russians…

    Framed up 10 x Worse than
    Roger Rabbit..

    Russia is to be Rabbit Stew
    Jugged Hare..

    Bear Meat Pie..
    Served hot in the Land of Lies

    Their insidious plan
    Then and now..

    The USA

    Cesspool for the World’s
    Criminal Elite..!

    Yep…with 01% owning 97 %

    And yet they’re the

    There is no Law.

    Bourgeois Law means there isn’t any law..

    Zios steal Palestine
    And the Golan Hts..

    That’s okay

    But Russia invaded Crimea..!

    There is no Law


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