Liberating Mariupol Entirely Draws Near

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry:

“In the (Donetsk) city of Mariupol…as a result of successful offensive operations by the Russian armed forces and police units of the Donetsk People’s Republic, 1,026 Ukrainian servicemen of the 36th Marine Brigade voluntarily laid down their arms and surrendered in the area of the Ilyicha metals factory.”

Included were “162 officers and 47 women soldiers.”

Over 150 wounded Ukrainian forces were given medical assistance at the scene, then taken to Mariupol’s hospital for further treatment.

Earlier this week, Mariupol’s port was entirely liberated.

Other than small numbers of isolated snipers, remaining largely Nazified Ukrainian fighters are holed up in Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant.

With little or no food and dwindling ammunition, their surrender or annihilation is just a matter of time.

According to the Donetsk News Agency:

“The Russia-led coalition formed assault groups to neutralize nationalistic formations at the Azovstal plant, the DPR People’s Militia said,” adding:

“Assault units have been prepared for operations in complex industrial buildings, which use rocket-propelled infantry flamethrowers to destroy the positions of the Azov Nazis.”

Things are proceeding as planned.

Separately, Moscow’s US embassy spokesman debunked phony Biden regime claims about use of chemical weapons by Russian forces, saying the following:

“We took note of the provocative statements made by (interventionist Blinken’s spokesman) Price at a briefing on April 12 that our country could possibly use chemical weapons in the light of (nonexistent) failures of the special military operation in Ukraine,” adding: 

Once again, congenital liar “Price (embarrassed) himself by (phony accusations), not substantiated by a single piece of evidence.”

Russian forces “do not and cannot have any chemical warfare agents” — because they were eliminated entirely in 2017, as verified by OPCW monitors.

“(I)nformation confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry on the preparation of provocations by Ukrainian radicals with the use of chemicals is disturbing.” 

“We also have questions about the origin of these substances.”

Did the Pentagon, CIA, UK and/or counterparts in other Western regimes supply them?

The US has a long, disturbing history of using chemical, biological, radiological, cluster munitions, white phosphorous and other banned weapons in all its wars of aggression on invented enemies — from the republic’s inception.

Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman, Gen. Igor Konashenkov earlier said that Ukraine’s security service (SBU) staged a provocation with use of toxic substances against civilians. 

No evidence suggests Russia’s use of banned weapons.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov stressed the following:

“We consider very real the threat of chemical terrorism by fascist nationalists, operating under the patronage of the current Kiev regime, and units of the armed forces of Ukraine under their control,” adding:

“The high probability of such a scenario implementation is conditioned by multiple chemical provocations organized by (ISIS and other) extremist (jihadist) groups controlled by the US and its NATO (vassals) during” their aggression on Syria.

“We will not be surprised if similar US/NATO) accusations are made against us in relation to recent events at the Zarya plant (in the town of Rubezhnoye), where militants undertook to blow up tanks with nitric acid so that the resulting cloud of toxic substances was carried by the wind to the settlement of Kudryashovka, liberated from them.”

“We do not rule out that such terrorist attacks will be repeated, since, according to some estimates, about 40,000 tonnes of highly toxic substances remain at this enterprise, including nitric, sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, as well as ammonia.”

A previous article quoted Ukrainian Opposition Platform – For Life chairman Viktor Medvedchuk, a figure who supports cooperative relations with Russia.

Arrested by Ukraine’s SBU security service on phony charges of funding and supporting terrorism, he faces possible longterm imprisonment to punish and silence him.

In mid-March, puppet Zelensky banned political opposition in Ukraine — how all tyrannical regimes operate.

For freely expressing his views, Medvedchuk and fellow Opposition Platform – For Life party member Taras Kozak may be prosecuted for treason.

Placed under house arrest last month, they were arrested and detained on Tuesday.

Zelensky reportedly offered to exchange Medvedchuk for Ukrainian POWs held by Russia.

Separately, Vladimir Putin said the following on Tuesday:

“We are not going to seal ourselves off.” 

“In today’s world, it is completely impossible to fully isolate anyone, and totally impossible (to isolate) such an enormous country like Russia.” 

“Therefore, we will work with (nations that) want to cooperate.”

Russia advanced significantly in recent years, he added.

“Agriculture has turned into a high-technology production sphere.” 

“The volume of export has even surpassed the volume of arms sales.”

A Final Comment

Hegemon USA controls Ukraine and its military.

Pentagon and CIA elements are directing Ukrainian forces, including its Nazi fighters, during Russia’s special military operation.

It’s ongoing against US-dominated NATO — with no air and naval support.

Ukrainian troops are virtual Pentagon/CIA proxies — armed with US/Western weapons against superior Russian ones.

There’s no ambiguity about how things will turn out.

There was never any doubt about the ability of Russian forces to smash Ukraine’s military.

Claims otherwise by US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators are laughable.

What happens when Moscow declares mission accomplished and fighting ends is another matter.

No end to US war on Russia by other means looms.

The risk of US-dominated NATO cold war on Russia turning hot is far too great for comfort.

2 thoughts on “Liberating Mariupol Entirely Draws Near

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Pres Putin will be forced into WWIII.

    If the Trend Continues

    Hence, President Putin
    Will declare it over..or “Enough”..

    When Santa Monica,
    Pacific Palisade
    Malibu, California

    Disappear off the Map.

    He’ll be forced too..
    By the Criminally Insane

    Like Jens
    The illiterate
    The Peasant King for a Day

    The Creepy pencil necked geek
    Like Quisling..

    Jens..who couldn’t get a real job..

    But being a Nazi Liar and
    Totten Korp Leader he’s a
    Big Matzo Ball.

    Didn’t want WWIII ..?
    Nobody does..

    But don’t blame Putin
    Call Jens, Dirty Joe or Boris

    They’re they promoters.


    What ..Finland and Sweden are going to NATO.

    Both share borders with Russia

    EIN So..if Russia, rightly, will not allow the Ukraine to have Nukes on their border…

    Why would they allow Sweden and Finland..?

    Just saying..

    And why are these two dick sucking and asslicking

    Backward Peasant Kngdoms waiting for until Summer..

    How does that jive with
    NATO’S PLAN to attack Russia..

    In the late Summer.?

    Any correlation..?

    BTW.. Yo Sweden and Finland
    I know you’re just country bumpkins..


    But would the USA allow Nukes in Cuba..or Mexico..?

    What did the


    Yo asslicking clowns take Sammy the Heroin Pushers genitila out of your ear

    You think it’s prudent..

    Been all over Sweden 5 or 6 times .

    Love Sweden.

    Been to Finland.

    Caught Helsinki on such a beautiful Summer day

    28 C Sky..

    Even the Finns were smiling and talking to each other..

    Loved Finland..

    And yet..with your stupidity
    You’re gonna get your country
    BLOWN UP..!

    Sure as hell .
    You leave Mr Putin few options.

    Choose wisely, please
    As if your life depended on it.

    This Nazi Filth

    WWIII has already started.

    If it was a movie..
    Its a 120 minute Feature Film

    They make it appear as only a Trailer..

    A Preview..

    A Commercial..



  2. Mr Lendman

    It occurred to me that Russia should be filming a Feature on
    Azov Nazis in Mariupol.

    I mean everyone is talking

    about the Nazis from around the World..stuck in Azov Steel

    So much interest..

    It a Hit Film..

    Maybe 100 x times
    “Ukraine on Fire”

    Why.. because it’s got real live Nazis from USA,UK, France, etc


    Ukraine on Fire was theoretically presenting a Narrative.. have the real flesh and Nazi blood…

    Caught Red Handed.


    Get Oliver Stone..
    Igor and Igo

    They’ll kill it.



    Everything you do helps
    debunk the lies about Russian
    War Crimes.

    Puts a nail in their Coffin.

    Roll Dime.
    Now’s the Time.

    Hit em in the Blind.

    FUX EM UP..


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