Yellen Threatens China at Neocon-Infested Atlantic Council

The Atlantic Council reinvented the 2014 Obama/Biden regime Maidan coup in Kiev — falsely calling it a “revolution (sic).”

It lied accusing Russia of “occupy(ing) Crimea (sic), aggression in Ukraine (sic), Kremlin disinformation (sic) on its special military operation, and “cast(ing) a shadow over Ukraine’s (nonexistent) independence (sic).”

It falsely accused Russia of “devastat(ing) neighborhoods” in Ukrainian cities (sic).

It lied claiming that Russia killed around “1,000 Ukrainian civilians,” injuring “over 15,000” others.

It falsely said “Russia was forced to announce a major shift in strategy due to (nonexistent) unsustainable losses in northern Ukraine (sic).”

More of the same rubbish infests its reports on all things Russia and its special military operation in Ukraine.

The militantly hostile to peace and stability organization never met a nation free from US control it didn’t want raped, destroyed, partitioned for easier control and looted of its resources.

On Wednesday, Biden regime Treasury secretary Janet Yellen called for pushing Russia toward greater “economic, financial, and strategic isolation” than what’s already been attempted — in vain.

She said China could face significant economic blowback unless it pressures Russian to end its special military operation in Ukraine, adding:

“The world’s attitude towards China and its willingness to embrace further economic integration may well be affected by (its) reaction to our call for resolute action on Russia.”

“Going forward, it will be increasingly difficult to separate economic issues from broader considerations of national interest, including national security.”

Short of naming other countries, she warned ones now “sitting on the fence” to maintain good relations with Russia — mainly with India in mind.

In response to her threat, spokesman for China’s US embassy, Liu Pengyu, said the following:

Beijing is “committed to promoting peace talks” while hegemon USA and its NATO vassal states support forever war.

They’re “adding fuel to the flame to create new problems while associating the Ukraine crisis with China-Russia relations to shed the responsibility and to exploit the situation for their hidden strategic agenda.”

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhou Lijian said the following in response to Yellen:

“China holds an objective and just position on the Ukraine issue.” 

“We support dialogue and negotiation, and actively provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and other affected countries.” 

“We have made great efforts to help deescalate the situation, resolve the crisis and rebuild peace.”

“We believe that all countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity should be respected and uphold that there’s no place for double standards in international relations.”

“Ukraine’s sovereignty and security should be upheld.” 

“Russia’s legitimate security concerns should also be respected.”

“Europe’s peace and stability should be defended, and the same goes for other countries.”

“We firmly oppose any distortion and smearing of China’s position.”

“China plays a constructive role on the Ukraine issue.”

“We speak for justice and work for peace with a long-term vision.” 

“Our position is in line with the stance and wishes of most countries.” 

“We stand against groundless accusations and suspicions targeting China, and never accept any pressure and coercion.”

“Time will prove that China’s position is on the right side of history.”

Unlike the willingness of subservient European vassal states to sacrifice their own interests to hegemon USA’s will, China doesn’t bow and scrape to other nations.

Notably it goes all-out to defend and preserve its own interests above all others — while pursing cooperative relations with the world community of nations and supporting peace in stark contrast to US/NATO forever wars.

It’s also loyal to allies, why it refrained from allying with US-led sanctions on Russia.

Notably as well because they flagrantly breach the UN Charter.

What Yellen called “the future of the international order” is whether hegemon USA’s rules-based order can prevail over the rule of law.

Whether the US can continue to dominate other nations at a time when it’s declining while China and other nations are rising in prominence.

2 thoughts on “Yellen Threatens China at Neocon-Infested Atlantic Council

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  1. Mr Lendman

    ” The World’s in Jeopardy”

    Brad: I’ll Take Freaks for a $100,

    Alec: Something that goes Bump in the Night..?

    Brad :The Refrigerator door.

    after Reality bites Yellen in the ass…Is it not, Alec?

    “And times, they are
    a’ Changing..

    Russia India China..the RIC

    ” RIC, RIC ..

    That’s what the whole world
    will be..

    It’s a Knick Knack
    Patty Whack

    Give the Heroin Pedo Pushers
    a Bone

    And send the Nazi bastards
    Limping home..!

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  2. So Yellen yelled at China. I expect there’s not much, if any, respect in China (and elsewhere) for Yellen’s yellin’. She’s flailin’ and failin’ just like her dementia-ridden Boss Bidin’ his time Biden and her demented ‘nation’ of fools, Zionists, wannabe hegemons, warmongers, losers….

    When will “We, the people” clear the decks of all the above and send ’em packin’ — preferably on an uncomfortable one-way rail outta Zio/MIC-Occupied WashDC? Sadly, I’m not at all optimistic about the prospect.

    Excellent report, Mr. Lendman. You are appreciated.


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