Macron “Reelected” the Old-Fashioned Way?

Long before French polls opened on Sunday, there was no doubt about who’d win and lose.

Former Rothschild banker, economy minister, establishment favorite, incumbent French president Macron was virtually certain to defeat challenger Marine Le Pen.

Earlier calling Macron “a globalist puppet,” she vowed to seek “strategic rapprochement” with Russia and quit NATO’s integrated command.

After meeting Vladimir Putin in March 2017, she noted that she shared values similar to Russia’s president, adding:

A “new world order” is emerging with him.

At the same time, she’s “independent” of any foreign nation, she stressed.

As French president, she’d “place our troops neither under an integrated NATO command nor under a future European command…subject(ed) to an American protectorate.” adding: 

She rejects “subjection” of France to US interests. 

She supports maintaining close ties with Germany, but warned of strategic differences between both nations.

As French president, she’d end joint Franco/German military programs.

On French relations with Europe, she rejects a “Frexit” similar to Britain’s Brexit from the EU, adding:

“We want to reform the EU from the inside.”

She’s not “against Europe.”

She “would not stop paying France’s contribution to the EU.”

She “want(s) to diminish it.”

In 2017, reports suggested election-rigging for Macron.

According to one report, “(u)p to one third of all ballots sent out to voters, an estimated 60% of Le Pen ballots, were destroyed at the time of mailing.”

Only her ballots showed up damaged or destroyed, none for Macron. 

They were tampered with before mailing so they wouldn’t be counted.

At the time, were things rigged in advance for Macron to triumph?

Complaints by Le Pen aides about “systematically torn up” ballots were ignored.

Evidence suggests that Macron won in 2017 the old-fashioned way to maintain establishment control of France.

Did history repeat on Sunday?

Did French dark forces rig things for Macron before polls opened?

Were they unwilling to risk an upset win for Le Pen?

After polls closed on Sunday, France’s interior ministry announced the result.

Incumbent Macron was declared winner over Le Pen by a 58.55% – 41.45% margin — greater than what some polls suggested.

Conceding defeat, Le Pen said the following:

“(I)deas we represent reached new heights…”

“This result itself represents a brilliant victory.”

She vowed to “carry on (and) lead the battle” against Macron in the June 12 first round and June 19 runoff parliamentary elections.

Her National Rally party faces similar headwinds against establishment figures as occurred in the race for France’s presidency.

On Saturday before yesterday’s election, her message was that the choice for voters was between “Macron or France.”

The same goes for June parliamentary elections.

The choice for French voters is between dirty business as usual or another way.

If things are rigged in similar fashion to how US undemocratic Dems stole the 2020 presidential and congressional elections, same old/same old will retain power in France.

Things most likely will turn out this way.

Another French revolution may be the only solution to go another way.

The same reality applies to the US — a one-party state with two right wings.

Throughout the West, fantasy democracies run things.

The real thing is virtually banned.

A Final Comment

French presidents serve 5-year terms.

Sunday turnout was 73% — way higher than for US presidential elections.

In 1932 during the Great Depression, voter turnout for Franklin Roosevelt’s triumph was 52.6%.

The highest US turnout was for the 2020 coup d’etat presidential election at 66.8%.

The highest before that since 1932 was in 1960 for Jack Kennedy over Richard Nixon — at 62.8%.

Turnout for most US presidential elections from 1932 to 2020 was less than 60%

On election night 2020 after polls closed, Trump led Biden/Harris by nearly 700,000 votes, a virtually insurmountable lead.

The next day, he lead by a 56% – 43% margin.

He won by a substantial margin of victory.

Yet the fake Biden was inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

Masquerading as cognitively detached from reality JB, he serves illegitimately.

It wasn’t time US elections were rigged at the federal, state and local levels.

It was the clearest example of how fantasy democracy works in the self-styled indispensable state for special interests over the general welfare.


11 thoughts on “Macron “Reelected” the Old-Fashioned Way?

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    It was a Fantastic Win
    for Le Pen..

    She topped her percentage
    Way over the previous two times

    So we see which way wind
    is Blowing..

    A steady stream…
    Never goes away..

    An insidious deepening
    Of discontent with the
    Same old Sameness..

    And Macron and the Philistines
    Are Shrinking significantly!

    It’s Tremendous that 42% of

    French Voters don’t
    Drink The State Kool Aid.


    And mind you..
    That’s just the Voters..

    So many who didn’t vote in this Election.. totally fed up

    You vote..
    You vote
    You vote

    But Nothing changes..!

    Le Pen has a 50% DeGaulist

    And a 25% Trumpist Popularism

    And 25% Petainist Program..

    Remember WWII
    Was actually a Civil War

    First and Foremost for the French..

    Never resolved..

    Stokes the kettle
    Fuels the irreparable divisions to this day

    The Subtext of every French Election to this day.

    Those ( strong ) Petainist Elements..

    Still color the Program for the Left…have a refractory dualism

    Get her to the Final Two

    And keep her away from the crown.

    I might add sir.
    Macron the Banker

    is a shrewd buyer of Horsemeat.
    The Classic Opportunist..

    And thief…
    In the Night..

    Just like his mentor

    All Snakes.

    The Point:..I don’t trust any election in the EU

    Any of them.

    4 out of 10 French

    Almost half..

    Want out of the NATO Scam..!

    Good Show, Madam..!

    Center Cannot Hold


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