The NYT: A Weapon of Mass Deception

Weaponized deception applies to US/Western MSM across the board.

The Times has been mind-manipulating readers with fake news mass deception since its 1851 founding.

Its abandonment of journalism as it should be in favor of state-approved press release rubbish has been worst of all in recent decades.

It plunged to a low by heavily promoting kill shots and all else flu/covid related — along with waging war of words on Russia and its leadership.

Its latest fake news edition once again defied reality by falsely accusing Russian forces of “atrocities against civilians (sic).”

It sounded delusional claiming that badly battered and beaten Ukrainian troops are “put(tIng) up…fierce resistance (sic).”

The same detachment from reality applies to falsely claiming Russia’s military sustained “significant losses (sic).”

It showed colossal ignorance about Russia’s overpowering military strength, falsely claiming that its forces were “forced…to change” its strategy (sic).

It lied accusing Russian forces of “le(aving) a trail of (civilian) bodies” behind in one town after another (sic).

Citing plans by US/NATO regimes to pour more weapons into Ukraine ignored the ability of Russian forces to destroy them on arrival.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said the following:

Russian “operational-tactical and army aviation aircraft struck 87 Ukrainian military facilities that included 79 areas of amassed enemy manpower and military equipment.” 

“They also eliminated about 500 enemy personnel, 59 pieces of armor, artillery guns and vehicles, and over 60 militants of the Donbass nationalist group near the community of Rubtsy in the Donetsk People’s Republic.”

“Russian missile and artillery troops eliminated 37 Ukrainian command posts, 983 areas of amassed enemy manpower and military hardware, 139 artillery positions and 21 ammunition depots.”

Russian forces began destroying Ukrainian railway routes and bridges trains traverse — to eliminate the regime’s ability to resupply its forces by rail.

On Monday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said six substations involved in providing power for Ukrainian trains were destroyed.

Russia’s Phase Two battle to liberate Donbass and surrounding areas entirely is slowly increasing as more of its forces, weapons and equipment are deployed for planned operations to come.

In stark contrast to rubbish by the NYT and other US MSM, last Sunday the London Guardian published a dose of reality, saying:

“The awful truth is dawning. Putin may win in Ukraine.”

“Let’s get real…Ukraine may lose this fight.”

Situation hopeless was reality for the US-installed regime almost straightaway after Russia’s SMO began.

It was all downhill from the Guardian report’s snippet of reality, adding:

“A Russian victory would herald a new age of instability, economic fragmentation, hunger for millions and social unrest (sic).”

Reality is polar opposite the above claim in areas liberated by Russian forces.

Separately on the front lines of conflict in Ukraine, military analyst Andrei Martyanov minced no words, stressing:

“(N)ot only (was) the (US/NATO) supply channel largely choked off,  but whatever (weapons and munitions) may trickle into the combat zone…will be annihilated by whatever means necessary” by Russian forces.

Commenting on US war secretary Austin’s aim to “make Russia weaker,” Martyanov stressed “the sheer delusion of (his) statement.”

He’s either out of touch with reality, incompetent or both.

A Final Comment

Citing a detailed report by Russia’s internet broadcaster Tsargrad, John Helmer explained the following.

Along with Nazified Ukrainian fighters holed up in Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant, “high-ranking NATO officers” may be trapped with them, adding:

Information surfaced about “a large group of officers from NATO member countries stuck in Mariupol” — aiding Nazified Ukrainian fighters in the city.

Before Russia’s SMO began, “foreign military specialists openly walked about in the open places” of Kiev’s Maidan.

Along with their presence elsewhere in Ukraine, it’s highly unlikely that they would have left the country “where they have diligently contributed to the cultivation of Russophobia and neo-Nazism for many years,” said Helmer.

According to Donetsk political scientist Igor Kimakovsky:

“Since 2014, an entire (US/Western) intelligence network has been formed in…Mariupol.”

Included are “instructors who advised employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).”

“I personally saw one of the CIA officers in Mariupol.” 

“There were representatives of German, French, British and American intelligence services.” 

When Kimakovsky was in Mariupol, residents told him that mortars, snipers, and target spotters were placed on residential buildings.”

Residents were evicted from upper floors where they lived. Weapons were placed there. 

“This is just one of the operational schemes that were worked out with the help of instructors of western special services” from the US, UK, France and Germany, Kimakovsky explained.

Earlier in April, Russia’s military reportedly captured US General Roger Cloutier together with foreign mercenaries — embedded with Azov Nazis in Mariupol.

Eventually it’ll be known precisely who’s been holed up inside Azovstal.

No one inside can get out without Russia’s knowledge.

Along with wanting Ukrainian Nazified fighters eliminated, Russia wants to capture Western officials and others involved in aiding them — dead or alive, preferably the latter for interrogation and to hold them fully accountable for their crimes.

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Azovstol Steel Mill..
    my newest idea

    Pump in Russian Patriotic Music…

    Like Meadowlands..
    The Volga River Song

    About 5 or 6 of them,

    Play them loud
    Over and over again..

    Blast it…

    Non stop
    all day all night,

    That’ll drive em Nutz.

    So much so.
    They’ll beg to come out..!



    There’s so much interest about who and what is down there,
    It’s astonishing..!

    Here in a Little Microcosm of the World..

    Everyone from Everywhere,

    And it’s a raging conversation at every Pub and Restaurant.

    Something about it has captivated the Public.

    Everyone hoping NATO
    and US get thourghly exposed as liars and hypocrites.

    the Waste Removal Program


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