The US-Dominated West: Decadent, Depraved and Dangerously Deranged

An earlier article said the following:

If nations had personhood, the US would be diagnosed as psychopathic, sociopathic, or both, and pure evil.

There’s nothing normal about raping and destroying nations to control them, to loot their resources and exploit their people as serfs — no matter the human toll.

US ruling officials in high places are demagogic, egocentric, cold-hearted, manipulative, ruthless, remorseless, callous, shallow, impulsive, ego-centric, dishonest, deceitful, dangerous, depraved and deranged.

They fit criminal psychology expert Robert Hare’s definition of psychopathological derangement. 

They threaten everyone everywhere in pursuit of their rage to dominate by whatever it takes to achieve their aims.

NYU’s Center on International Cooperation’s senior fellow, James Traub said the following:

He took note of what he called “a prominent, pro-American, French” analyst who called hegemon USA “decadent.”

Not only decadent but depraved.

The same reality applies throughout West, especially to Britain, France and Germany.

Where hegemon USA goes, subservient Western vassal states follow — even when harming their interests.

According to Traub, the surest sign of decadence is the transfer of wealth from the vast majority to the privileged few — and the resulting human toll.

He omitted mention of endless US/Western imperial wars by hot and other means against invented enemies.

Nor did he address possible superpower clashes between US/NATO and Sino/Russia.

Or the doomsday threat of possible nuclear war.

Saying decadent societies become “morally and intellectually corrupt,” he added:

“Decadence (and depravity are) irreversible — the last stage before (decline and) collapse.”

A nation nominally led by a know-nothing mumbling, bumbling, stumbling White House imposter is a clear sign of a decadent, depraved society in decline.

The same goes for rubbish signed off on by interventionist Blinken about Russia.

Ignoring its democratic governance — the real thing in stark contrast to US/Western fantasy versions — the State Department turned truth on its head, saying:

Russia “has a highly centralized, authoritarian political system dominated by President Vladimir Putin (sic).”

Its elections are “marked by…interference and manipulation of the electoral process (sic).”

The above claim applies to US/Western regimes, clearly not democratic Russia.

And these bald-faced Big Lies about Russia, falsely claiming:

“Significant human rights issues (sic) include:” 

“Extrajudicial killings (sic).”

“Enforced disappearances (sic).”

“Arbitrary arrests and detention (sic).”

“Sexual violence (sic).”

“Severe suppression of freedom of expression and media (sic).”

“Severe suppression of the freedom of peaceful assembly, religious freedom, (and) inability of citizens to change their government peacefully through free and fair elections (sic).”

All of the above and many more human rights abuses apply to the decadent/depraved US/West, not Russia.

Britain is notably cut from the same mold.

Far removed from the real thing, BoJo is a caricature of what leadership should be all about — combined with contempt for peace, stability and the rule of law in cahoots with the worst of hegemon USA’s highest of high crimes.

His arbitrary/forced arrest, imprisonment, slow torture and crucifixion of Julian Assange — at the behest of the US — is one of many examples, with extradition to the empire of lies virtually certain to follow.

What’s true of BoJo — and his predecessors — applies to the regime’s imitation foreign secretary Truss.

An embarrassment to the position she holds, political analyst Timur Fomenko stripped off her mask as follows, saying:

“A fanatical” neocon, she’s addicted to “the fervor of cold (and hot) war(s).”

Her hostile to peace rhetoric “spoil(s) for direct conflict…against…two nuclear superpower(s).” 

Her imperial arrogance and contempt for the rule of law are symptomatic of a nation in decline.

With figures like BoJo, Truss and others like them running Britain in cahoots with likeminded US extremists, is global war inevitable ahead?

Has it already begun?

Will thermo-nukes be used to kill us all?

Is around 100,000 years of humanity’s existence nearing an end?

Will humans be the first species ever to destroy itself?

Dangerously delusional, decadent, depraved USA, Britain and other Western regimes risk the unthinkable.

Are they using Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine as a pretext for waging WW III?

According to the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, humanity’s survival is at risk.

“(N)ew approaches are needed…transformations in what governance systems value and how systemic risk is understood and addressed.”

“Doing more of the same” is unsustainable.

According to academic Thomas Halliday, without global cooperation over confrontation, mass extinction may follow.

The latter is pursued by US-dominated NATO over the former.

Along with waging proxy war on Russia with Ukrainian foot soldiers, Biden regime war department spokesman Kirby acknowledged what’s been known all along.

Hegemon USA, Britain and other NATO regimes are training — and directing — Ukrainian forces for perpetual proxy war on Russia.

Ukraine is infested with US/Western dark forces — orchestrating and directing forever war on Russia.

Longstanding US policy in pursuit of unchallenged global dominance by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims is self-destructive.

In the age of WMDs and other super-weapons, self-destruction of hegemon USA may destroy planet earth and all its life forms.

Is that where things are heading?

Is US/NATO proxy war on Russia prelude to armageddon?

3 thoughts on “The US-Dominated West: Decadent, Depraved and Dangerously Deranged

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    If the USA had personhood

    It would probably be a combination of
    Chuckie & Sybil..!

    Jeffrey Dahmer and Hillary
    Adolph Eichmann and Nuland.

    One sick twisted Sister..
    Translated into Americano..!


    Didn’t really know where to put this next item

    so it’ll have to plotz right here:

    Zelensky put out a APB for Kiev to take Public Transportation to save gas.

    Mindful that this i

    s a Rogue Pariah
    Cardboard Cut Out
    State Apparatus..

    Let’s Criminals out of Jail
    Passes out guns to the Public
    To fight Russians ….etc.

    A Puppet regime with no real
    long term duration or Creditablity

    or organic connection with the Citizenry.

    Are they really capable of Politically engineering society

    Are they really trying to conserve Petro

    or is it a Classic Bletchley move to make the Russians think the Nazis are out of gas .
    Hence any Military movement would be negated

    Or extremely truncated at the very least

    I think the latter .


    Because the UkiFuxs are so far behind the 8 Ball

    From the Pounding that Aero is giving them..

    And they’re sitting on a shitload somewhere.

    Remember the NAZIS and CIA have had 8 years to prepare..!


    Those dug in positions the Ukis have..

    Notice no CNN cameras go in there..
    Curious, huh…

    They’ll probably still be somewhat effective
    killing machines

    Even after the Bombing..

    Trust me..they had 8 years to build fortified steel enforced concrete bunkers and tunnels.

    Please be careful with that.

    Remembering Normandy

    Some beaches thaf were thoroughly bombed were so deadly still

    They had to be avoided .

    I think Omar Bradley
    Said they came that close to calling off Utah, it was so bad.

    Aero doing Fuxin Great

    Just smoking em.

    And the Fighting Red Army
    Slowly, meticulously Matriculating the ball
    Right down the Field..!

    No rush
    Take Your Time.

    Job is done
    When the job is done.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!

    Do they really

    I can’t av


  2. Mr Lendman

    Correction on the Above.

    My memory just came back. was Omaha Beach the
    US almost cancelled.

    BTW..while we’re on the Subject of my Alzheimer’s

    I’ve confused alot of things lately

    Besides Utah.

    About a month ago

    I completely confused the
    Battle order of Alexander.

    Every Schooboy knows the formula…

    The GIG:


    I must have been sniffing because I knew that in the 5th Grade.

    Two others but my Alzheimer’s kicked in again.



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