Russia Retaliates Against Hostile US/NATO Regimes

They’re far more than “unfriendly.”

They’re militantly hostile and mortal threats to Russian security.

They should be treated as such.

The time for diplomatic toing and froing long ago passed.

The time for toughness arrived.

Time and again, the former in Russian relations with the US-dominated West proved a colossal waste of time, a self-defeating exercise.

Tit for tat toughness alone makes sense, what alone can achieve results impossible to accomplish by diplomacy with regimes that don’t negotiate.

They demand and wage perpetual direct and proxy wars on invented enemies.

On Tuesday, Vladimir Putin signed and Executive Order (EO).

It calls for “special economic measures” against hostile states, international organizations and their officials.

It aims to protect Russian national interests in response to hostile actions against the nation, its enterprises, entities and people — what flagrantly breach international law.

Specifically targeting hegemon USA and NATO vassals, it states the following:

“(F)ederal and regional government authorities, other government authorities, local self-government bodies, organizations and individuals under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation shall operate on the premise that special economic measures are to be applied to certain legal entities, individuals and organizations under their control, starting on the day the (EO) comes into force.”

Russian cabinet ministers were asked to compile a list of entities and individuals to be tit-for-tat sanctioned.

New measures prohibit government agencies, organizations, and individuals from “carrying out transactions (including trade and all things financial) with blacklisted entities, individuals, and organizations.” 

The EO also prohibits the export of products and raw materials to targeted nations and their entities. 

At long last, Putin began to retaliate against US/Western regimes and their officials for waging war on Russia by other means — with intent to undermine its economy and immiserate its people.

Separately on Wednesday as discussed in a separate article, the EU seeks to entirely ban imports of Russian oil by yearend.

It also intends to target insurers to try preventing Russia from exporting oil to allied nations worldwide.

Both are harebrained schemes doomed to fail.

Yet Brussels — in cahoots with its higher power in Washington — intends to ban European vessels and firms from involvement in transporting Russian oil to enduser markets.

So Moscow and its customer nations must find ways around the diabolical scheme.

Multiple rounds of US/Western sanctions on Russia largely shot blanks against its largely self-sufficient economy.

Perhaps the biggest blow was illegal Biden regime confiscation of around $300 billion of Russian assets it foolishly held in dollars.

Correcting the error after the fact won’t return what’s lost.

China reportedly is discussing ways to protect its dollarized assets from similar grand theft.

What happened to Russia can repeat against any US targeted nation for any invented reasons.

China is a prime target.

Holding around $1.5 trillion dollars worth of US securities — along with office buildings and other assets in the US, they’re clearly at risk of being stolen.

Protecting what’s too precious to lose is vital before, not after their potential theft.

A Final Comment

Hegemon USA, the UK and other NATO regimes have been arming and training Ukrainian Nazi and conscript forces since the Obama/Biden’s 2014 Maidan coup.

Along with other locations outside Ukraine, training has been ongoing at a former Nazi Wehrmacht base in southern Germany.

Consider the disturbing irony.

History repeats. Those not learning its lessons time and again repeat it.

Original Nazis and their modern-day Ukrainian counterparts learned how to commit brutal atrocities at the same location.

Earlier and now, the only solution is eliminating them on the battlefield.

They’re too fanatical to be dealt with in other ways.

3 thoughts on “Russia Retaliates Against Hostile US/NATO Regimes

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  1. Mr Lendman

    The most important thing
    That President Putin can do

    He’s doing apparently..

    And it’s not oil or gas, sir

    It’s Rare Earth Metals.
    Strategic Metals..
    Precious Metals..

    That’s the Ball Game
    Without them..

    are left in the 20th Century

    As Russia and China
    Friend and Family Program

    Speed into the 22nd Century
    Like the Jetsons…!

    I could name them..
    Extraneous with this Brigade

    But even the Base Metals
    Copper, nickel, cobalt

    Not to mention lithium
    A Strategic Metal

    The World gets mostly from Russia

    Previously I pointed out
    The top ten Rare Earth Metals

    Eight are predominantly in Russia …they have the virtual monopoly..

    And two only in Russia ..!

    The Gods of Justice
    The Lords of Flatbush…

    Are riding shotgun
    With my Boyz..!

    To end…

    How serious is the shortage and inability to acquire these metals will it be for the Nazis..?

    Very very serious..!

    By comparison..

    Ten times more serious than not currently having oil and gas today…

    As at least there is renewable energy that can provide some relief..

    A small amount..tee hee..
    But something.

    Also technology will improve the Bang, undoubtedly..

    But make a nickels worth of Nickel my friend..

    Just the way the Earth makes it..
    And it took 250,000,000 years..!

    EIN SO..make a Nickels worth of Nickel…

    Will cost you $1000 in the Lab..!

    “Hey, Vern..
    Merica and them Nazis
    Done fuxed themselves..
    Big Time..!”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Unfriendly”—>”Militantly Hostile.” Indeed. Thanks for setting it straight, sir.

    IMO: First, sanctions on Terror State ‘Israel’! — until it is forced to remove its “knee on neck” oppression/atrocities against the Palestinians and those valiant people’s land and very lives.

    “Holding around $1.5 trillion dollars worth of US securities — along with office buildings and other assets in the US (China is) clearly at risk of being stolen.” Mr. Lendman, you reported the other day that Dementia’d Biden is unable to pronounce the word “kleptocracy”…well, he and his regime are the practitioners and epitome of it.


  3. Mr Lendman

    RT reported,

    The Swedish Women’s Section of the Social Dem

    The Ruling Party

    Is opposed to Sweden joining NATO…!

    Citing the 200 yr Neutrality of Sweden.

    ( Since the End of the Napoleonic Wars..

    With Napoleons former
    Marshall Bernadotte

    and later adversary being installed as King in Sweden)

    EIN SO ..the PM Andersson
    Tells the Public..

    No Referendum will be allowed…

    Even if the Parliament votes for it..

    Wait…does Sweden call themselves a Democracy?

    PM Andersson said,


    “There’s too much they
    should not know

    Too many SECRETS..

    Too many deals made behind the Backs of the Swedish People..

    So it’s impossible to have a vote..!”

    A Classic..the exact thing any Tyrant would say..

    Always have throughout history..

    ” I need to protect you from yourself..

    You’re incapable of making the decisions yourself…!”

    All the more reason that Sweden needs it. Sweden joining
    other Nazi Collaborators in other NATO countries

    That have also never
    voted on NATO..?

    Only to be shuffled in by their Criminal Elites

    who get “Bought off” to kiss the Heroin Pushers ass..!

    Apparently so.

    Curious huh..the blatantly Undemocratic Nazi countries at War with Democratic Russia..!

    2)…See where the Ukrainian
    Nazi State..

    The Minister of Internal Affairs

    has a KILL LIST…

    Victor Orban on it now..

    And next week maybe Scholz ..

    Or anyone who the crazed Nazis disagree with…!

    See the Genie that
    Nuland and the Kaganites

    The Jewish Tribe of Nazis
    Let out of the Bottle..?

    GERMANY..are you sure you want to go down this road further..?

    Bad now .
    Going to get much worse!

    Herr Scholz..I beg you, sir

    Please consider what’s best for Germany..

    Not the Pentagon & Wall St!

    3)..Rather important

    So this morning having skipped dinner last night

    And waking up hungry..

    I hit Fernando’s, the Spanish Guys Friday Breakfast at his bar.

    Fernando corrects something I say,

    And tells me,

    No, the Battles to close the Pincers …

    The Operation Bagration II

    Is not only going on now

    but has been for the last two weeks at the least..!

    That’s in Izylun.

    Wow..I thought Russia was delaying that..

    And just keep Bombing.

    Fernando assured me his was correct and I was mistaken.

    I believe him.

    He gets Spanish News

    (He speaks 5 languages)

    And assured me it’s better than any English Speaking News.

    Fernando says,


    ” Remember, most
    Spanish Speaking People hate the Gringos anyway..

    Have a healthy natural proclavity to distrust the Gringo..!”


    Never really understood that so deeply..!

    But the Kicker of the story

    Is I’m actually an idiot.

    Sitting in the Jungle
    8000 miles away

    Half blind
    Half ignorant
    Half delusional

    Making calls from the Booth about the War.


    4)…last little point..

    Russian Army is 100% fully vaccinated..

    And apparently the Ukis did not Vaccinate any..

    I repeat, ” Any ” Soldiers

    Saying , “they’re already isolated

    out in their isolated positions

    So no need to bother..!”

    What did the Ukis know..
    ( THE CIA KNOW )

    How did they know..
    When did they know it?

    History full of quirks.

    Liked by 1 person

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