More Evidence of US Bioweapons Development in Ukraine

No nation in world history posed a greater threat to humanity than hegemon USA.

Its development and production of bioweapons for use against invented enemies is one of many examples of its diabolical agenda.

On Friday at the Security Council, Russian UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia stressed the following:

“We keep receiving very worrisome document(ed) evidence that the US (war department) is directly involved in implementing dangerous biological projects that have characteristic features of a secret military biological program.”

It’s ongoing in dozens of countries worldwide — including in Ukraine near Russia’s borders.

Make no mistake.

These biolabs — for ill, not good — “pos(e) real threats to the biological security of our country, the region, and the whole world, if we take into account the cross-border nature of biological threats,” Nebenzia stressed.

Russia’s SMO foiled US plans for continued development of bioweapons in Ukraine.

Citing new evidence uncovered by Russia, Nebenzia noted so-called Project 3007 documents.

US and Ukrainian elements “collected water samples (from) Ukrainian rivers, including the Dnepr, Danube and Dniester, as well as in the North Crimean Canal.” 

“The goal was to determine the presence of particularly dangerous pathogens, including cholera, typhoid, hepatitis A and E pathogens, and draw conclusions about their possible waterborne spread to assess the damage properties of the selected samples.”

Strains collected were sent to the US. 

Why does hegemon USA need dangerous pathogens from Ukraine?

Nebenzia explained that Kiev asked Turkey to equip UAVs for export to Ukraine with aerosol spraying devices.

These UAVs would “pose a real threat of spraying hazardous biological aerosols over the territory of Russia,” he stressed.

In January, Kiev purchased devices for spraying chemical and biological toxins.

Russian forces discovered some of them near Kakhovka.

Russia’s Defense Ministry uncovered “shocking evidence that some projects that the Pentagon implemented on the territory of Ukraine put at risk lives and health of volunteers – Ukrainian citizens,” Nebenzia explained.

There’s clear “evidence confirming direct involvement of the American political establishment in funding military biological activity in Ukraine through Pentagon’s contractors.”

Documents show that the Pentagon used “Mariupol as a regional center for cholera pathogen collection and certification.” 

“(S)trains were sent to (Kiev’s) Public Health Center” — then to the US. 

“These activities have been ongoing since the 2014 Obama/Biden regime Maidan coup in Kiev.

Cholera, tularemia and anthrax pathogens were being developed for use as bioweapons.

Russian specialists also discovered “typhoid, paratyphoid fever and gas gangrene” development for the same diabolical purpose.

Claims by the fake Biden, mad dog Pelosi, other US officials and their MSM press agents about US/Western concern for the rights and well-being of ordinary Ukrainians are belied by use of them as guinea pigs for diabolical experiments with the above pathogens.

Along with hegemon USA, documented evidence shows that Germany, Poland and other European regimes have been involved in development of pathogens for use as bioweapons.

Nebenzia asked Ukrainian officials at Friday’s Security Council meeting the following:

If activity explained above at biolabs in Ukraine is peaceful as they claim, why hasn’t Kiev put them under international control?

Why did it hide what’s gone on from international inspection and monitoring?

Failure to take these steps shows that the US/West and Ukraine have something diabolical they want hidden from public view.

Russia has indisputable evidence proving it.

As it uncovers more of the same about what’s gone on, it’ll be make public for the world community of nations to know.

There’s no ambiguity about diabolical US/Western aims — pursued by virtually every breach of international law and dirty tricks imaginable.

3 thoughts on “More Evidence of US Bioweapons Development in Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    What an important document you penned.

    This article will live forever..
    Like Plato or Aristotle’s works.

    In the contemporary World,

    Edward R. Murrow
    Walter Cronkite..
    or Eric Severeid.

    The Chronicles of the
    Last 10,000 Days .!

    A qwick aside..

    I feel strongly you actually deserve the Nobel Peace Prize..!

    Over and above the Nobel for Literature.

    As Well as the Pulitzer.

    Be right back
    I hit the wrong button..

    This puppy is gonna go thru..
    Be right back.


  2. Mr Lendman..

    Much to say on this important subject..

    The whole nasty business

    That Uncle Sam has his filthy fetid hands on .

    But of Course..It’s Sammy..

    If it’s Horrifying Nasty Business
    It’s Always Sammy..!

    Here’s the Purpose of my Polemic:

    Today, reading the Real News
    RT or Sputnik..

    The Case is Air Tight already.

    Then I read a posted meme
    From my friend, t
    he genius from India..


    “Russia presents Evidence of Bio Weapons Labs to UN..
    But they ignore it ..!”

    Excellent Meme..

    EIN SO..
    We knew the War Criminals would do that..

    Didn’t we?

    So let’s get busy:

    A few suggestions on how to skin the Cat

    Small but critically important
    Tactical items in publicizing it.

    Russia should concentrate on Indian ,Spanish, Arabic News

    1)..hit the Key Papers in Venezuela like Orinoco

    Cuba, Nicaragua, etc

    Cuba will spread it to Mexico
    And Latin America..

    Hence the 35 Million Hispanic in the USA

    2)..Arabic and Indian.
    And of Course China.

    Malaysia is a Stand Alone
    Perennial Home Run Hitter.

    Need to “drop kick”
    “Bicycle” standard articles.

    Standardized, factually correct

    Works the same..every time you turn the key…like your Honda !

    Important Malaysia means all

    over SE Asia, Philippines and Indonesia..!

    3)… Concentrate on Student Newspapers and Radio Stations

    Have Radio Tapes
    And Television Tapes

    on the Tarmac and ready to

    Do some 10- 20-30 sec Promo tapes for Both Formats

    4).. Flintstone Kids are moribund or Dead

    For the Carl Sagan kids
    McLuhanese kids

    Give them what are essentially
    FB memes ..25 Words ..on a Color Background…

    For Blogs..

    Harem fuxing Scare Em..

    ” Experts say deadly pathogens from the Ukraine

    could spread to Dallas or
    Los Angeles in a week..!”

    Let’s get real..

    We Got a War to Win..

    ON OUR SIDE..!

    5)…Mr Lavrov mentioned a Youth Group..

    Have them work on this.
    Adult stuff

    Not selling cookies.

    6)…The Above for Professional Media..but what can wecss individuals help..

    COMRADES…download articles..

    Print up a batch of 100
    Should he less than $5..

    Go to Kinkos or Wherever

    Leave them on tables and counters in University Areas.

    Etc get it .this group of Veterans…

    Here since Brandywine and Valley Forge ..

    Some from Anzio..and Tarawa!


    See ya in the Winners Circle


  3. Mr Lendman,

    I’m gonna download band print this article

    Give to my personal friends

    They’re from about 50 different countries..!

    I’ll go to a Print Shop and put some Graphics at the Top..

    One Sentence,
    7 words


    Never Give Up.

    If you’re breathing..

    And you’ll feel better
    And Live Longer, as well.

    Good Luck..!


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