MSM Bad Fiction on Nazi-Infested Ukraine

US/Western MSM operate as a collective ministry of truth for the regimes they serve at the expense of journalism as it should be.

Fake news Big Lies and mass deception constitute their stock and trade — truth-telling banned on major issues.

No Russian forces were “decimated in northeast Ukraine (sic)” as NYT fake news claimed on Friday.

Nor are they “struggling to make significant progress along (what the Times called) the eastern front (sic).”

Polar opposite is reality.

Russian forces are rolling over Kiev’s Nazified thugs and conscripts.

No video or other evidence shows “numbers of (Russian) burned-out and destroyed” military equipment — nor evidence of “heavy losses” of personnel, as the Times falsely reported.

No Russian “setbacks (or) retreat (sic).”

Commenting on US war secretary Austin’s outreach to Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu on Friday, the Times failed to explain that the US side’s call for an “immediate ceasefire in Ukraine” is because of the battered, beaten, degraded and demoralized state of Kiev’s troops.

It’s because of how consistently Russian forces are rolling over Ukrainian ones — that Moscow is achieving its SMO aims.

Citing Zelensky’s latest fake news overnight address, the Times defied reality by falsely claiming that Ukrainian forces are “destroying Russian aircraft, tanks, helicopters and other equipment (sic).”

Clearly it’s the other way around.

And this Times rubbish on Putin’s personal life, a recitation of fake news to demonize him in a new way, dubiously saying:

He has “a taste for raunchy jokes, over-the-top furnishings and vast wealth (sic).”

His “two teenage daughters (went) on secret luxury shopping (sprees), their identities concealed (sic).”

And the Times claimed that a young woman it named is Putin’s “mistress (sic).”

And this Times rubbish:

“He may have four more children with two other women (sic).”

There’s more but the aim of the 

Times is clear.

Invent anything to demonize Putin unjustifiably — while going all-out to conceal dirty linen about the real JB who’s hidden from public view, bad seed son Hunter, and that a White House imposter pretends to be what he’s not. 

And this Times lament:

“Shipping traffic in and out of Russia remain(s) strong” — reflecting economic and financial strength, not weakness.

Increased traffic to China, India and other Russian allies is compensating for less of the same to Western countries.

And much higher prices for energy and other commodities are boosting Russian revenues significantly — while US/Western economies are stumbling toward recession.

And this WaPo rubbish:

Pretending that Russian forces are weak when they’re overwhelmingly strong, WaPo turned truth on its head as follows claiming:

“(T)he Russian air force has given up any pretense of achieving air superiority (sic)” — what it achieved in the first few days of its overpowering SMO. 

Russia’s “army pulled back from Kharkov (sic) and is struggling to protect its supply lines to Izyum (sic).”

Its “navy is cowering out of range of Ukrainian missiles (sic). 

It’s affected by “tactical failures (sic).”

Putin “can’t  admit that he has blundered on an epic scale, at the cost of many thousands of lives, many ruined cities and the future of Russia as a global power (sic).”

“Putin was lied to about the readiness of his military (sic), lied to about the strength of the Ukrainian government (sic), and lied to about the weakness of the West (sic).” 

“Now he is lying to himself about having viable alternatives other than surrender (sic).”

“Every day he continues to fight in Ukraine, he weakens Russia (sic).”

“(T)here’s no evidence that he is capable of wisdom (sic).”

The above trash exceeds most NYT fake news.

Reality concealed by MSM is that Russia is overwhelmingly winning the battle of Ukraine militarily, tactically, economically and financially at the expense of the US/West and Nazified Kiev regime it supports. 

One thought on “MSM Bad Fiction on Nazi-Infested Ukraine

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    EXACTLY x 10..!

    The Nazi Collaborators want a Truce

    because they’re getting Annihilated..!

    Russia has the Formula…

    Some of Uncle Joe’s

    “Famous Original Country Cousin’s Dip Sauce ”

    Bang Bang

    Bang Bang

    Fast Efficient Qwick
    Concerted efforts..

    Over hill
    Over Dale..
    As they Hit the Dusty Trail..

    And the Caissons
    go rolling along..”

    GO BIG RED…!

    To me the Whole Lie about Snake Island

    Is not only a Metaphor for the Rogue Cardboard Cutout State

    But a Metaphor for the lying

    Losers of the Land of Lies
    for 60 yrs of Tyrannical Wars.

    Doesn’t mean there won’t be a few counter thrusts from insane Nazis ..

    But the Hand Writing is on the Wall.

    Zhukovs handwriting..LOL


    As a devout follower of
    Nazi News..

    Today’s Saturday..

    This morning…the first of

    The Big Network Liars Club Shows..came on..

    about three of them.

    The Survey Says,
    The Anchors put on a
    Brave Face..

    Fake as shit…
    voices and taciturn brows
    Belied their dialogue.

    They know the hoax
    Is unwinding.

    So do the ” experts”

    Their faces and demeanor
    Tell you everything.



    . Good
    Fux em




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