Puppet Zelensky on Bended Knee and Dismal Economic Reality in the West

The former no longer funny comedian/entertainer — masquerading as Nazified Ukraine’s leader — once again embarrassed himself on Monday from his Polish hideout.

Addressing the World Economic Forum (WEF) — an organization hell bent to establish ruler/serf societies worldwide — he called for more weapons, more sanctions on Russia, more help for Ukraine’s battered military and crumbling economy “as fast as possible.”

Fiddling in Poland while Ukraine burns, he called on “everyone” to support Nazi-infested Kiev, to pour more billions down a black hole of waste, fraud and abuse to aid its scourge.

Warning about increased “hunger, poverty, despair and chaos” in Ukraine, he left unexplained that the US-dominated West doesn’t give a hoot about its long-suffering people.

Only about use of Ukraine as a platform for perpetual proxy war on Russia.

What he called “a state of war crimes” is how the US, its NATO vassals and Ukrainian Nazis operate — not Russia, not other nations free from the scourge of US control.

The longer he refuses to accept reality, that Kiev’s largely conscript military is no match against vastly superior Russian forces, that the end game of its SMO is virtually certain, the worse off Ukraine and its long-suffering people will be.

A caricature of a leader, clearly not the real thing, Zelensky is captive to US dark forces controlling him.

Out of touch with reality on the ground, knowing little more than what his US master scripts for him to recite, Zelensky only shows up in Kiev briefly for photo-ops with Western officials — and UN imperial tools — when arrive to pretend that things are going well for the regime’s battered and beaten military.

Explaining reality on the ground, analyst Larry Johnson stressed the degraded state of Ukraine’s military.

With “no air support, no artillery support” enough to matter, “brave…Ukie troops” are being systematically smashed — while Zelensky hides out cross-border, pretending otherwise.

Separately last week, economist Michael Hudson explained the decline and fall of EU bloc countries by allying with hegemon USA’s exploitive agenda.

Instead of putting the interests of their own nations and people above Washington’s, they’re shooting themselves in the foot by being subservient to its diabolical aims.

“The US (so-opted) Europe” in pursuit of its own interests, Hudson explained.

For dominant US dark forces, “war in Ukraine (aims) to pull Europe into the US orbit, prevent European transactions with Russia or China.”

“So Western Europe is being left out, while Russia, China and Eurasia are going with the rest of Asia.” 

“Europe is (being) left behind. It’s losing its export markets.”

“It’s being squeezed” by being on the wrong side of history — while China, Russia and nations allied with them are rising longterm.

Europe’s “integration” with the US “is like a new Berlin Wall,” said Hudson.

Their nations are increasingly “isolated…from the rest of the world.”

They’re “losing the economic war with China, Russia and the whole group of emerging nations.”

The Biden regime shot the US in the foot by stealing Russian, Afghan and Venezuelan assets.

“Nobody is going to trust to transact oil, trade and invest in dollars anymore because the US can simply grab whatever money they want from countries that don’t agree to turn over their economic surplus to American investors and American traders,” Hudson explained. 

It’s a self-defeating agenda longer-term.

Indeed, hegemon USA’s untrustworthiness is evident to the world community of nations.

Its sanctions war on Russia and Iran — the world’s most heavily sanctioned countries — made both countries more self-sufficient.

They don’t need the West, but the West needs their energy and other highly valued resources, especially Russia’s.

Its oil, gas, coal, gold, timber, uranium, wheat, platinum, palladium, fertilizers, copper, aluminum, rare earths and other resources are worth around $75 trillion.

Boycotting them in part or entirely is suicidal for European economies.

Hudson questioned how long their ruling regimes can serve US interests over their own first and foremost, adding:

Stealing around $300 billion worth of Russian assets by the empire of lies “was a great victory for” the Kremlin.

It showed that assets held in dollars are unsafe.

De-dollarization protects assets from being stolen by the US.

Throughout the post-WW II period until now, the dollar and US Treasuries “have been the safest investment in the world.” 

“Now they’re the most (high-)risk investment.” 

The dollar’s new status “decoupled…the (US) economy…from the Latin American…African (and Asian) economies.”

Because the US is not self-sufficient, it “relies on foreign countries, especially China and other Asian countries, for its industrial exports, and it relies on Russia for much of its helium, titanium, iridium, palladium…all of these exports which it’s not going to be getting anymore.” 

The empire of lies committed “trade…and economic suicide.” 

While Russia lost $300 billion to US grand theft, it gained by “foreign investments,” higher prices for its commodities and status as a “trustworthy” nation — in stark contrast to the decadent, depraved, dangerously deranged US-dominated West.

Hudson expects economic crisis to hit home hard in the West by summer — because of soaring inflation, exorbitant shipping costs, growing trade deficits, record-high foreign debt and “massive debt defaults.”

If the above occurs as Hudson believes, Russia, China and their allies can offer safe alternatives — drawing more nations “into the(ir) Eurasian orbit.”

They’ll be winners at the expense of the declining US-dominated West.

With this in mind, if dominant US hardliners use the nuclear option to try preserving its eroded hegemony, all bets are off.

2 thoughts on “Puppet Zelensky on Bended Knee and Dismal Economic Reality in the West

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  1. Right on the button. Thanks.

    ASEAN and other countries worry their dollar and Euro holdings may evaporate, like Russia’s. Why send tangible goods to the 2 Beasts and get only pieces of paper in return. Russia now demand all payments in roubles.

    Recent Summit with ASEAN shows that they will not take sides.


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