More Straight Talk About Reality on the Ground in Ukraine and Donbass

On Saturday, noted military analyst, Andrei Martyanov, explained reality about how things are progressing for Russia against the empire of lies, its NATO vassals and Ukrainian proxies, saying the following:

The Pentagon forgot what “real war is” all about since embarrassed and beaten by North Vietnamese forces a half century ago.

At this time in Ukraine, hegemon USA’s only advantage is that its C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) hasn’t been struck by Russian forces so far.

If things shifted from proxy to direct East/West confrontation, hegemon USA’s C4ISR would be greatly “disrupted, and (it) would lose (much) of its space-based assets,” Martyanov stressed.

As Sergey Lavrov explained, US-dominated NATO’s proxy war on Russia with expendable Ukrainian troops is part hegemon USA’s aim to cancel the Russian Federation.

Martyanov explained that what’s going on is “catastroph(ic)” for Ukraine militarily and economically.

The only way that conflict can be prolonged is by throwing more weapons at Ukraine’s degraded military.

At the same time, this strategy is changing nothing on the ground.

Russian forces continue advancing steadily. The outcome of its SMO was clear before launched.

If US/Western long-range weapons are supplied to Kiev and are used against Russian cities and town, Martyanov stressed the following:

“(W)e may have some very serious escalation by Russia, and some of it will be very nasty for the US.”

The empire of lies “has many assets and bases around the world.”

They’re all “within range of Russia’s stand-off weapons, and (its forces will) retaliate directly against both NATO members who delivered weapons…and most US military bases will be under a direct threat of retaliation.”

How Iran retaliated strongly in response to the Trump regime’s assassination of General Qasem Soleimani showed the vulnerability of US forces wherever deployed.

If Western-supplied weapons are used against Russian territory, its response “will be much more devastating, and it may go without prior warning to the US,” Martyanov explained, adding:

The “Pentagon will not out-think Russia’s General Staff no matter” what strategy it employs.

If US/NATO escalation continues to perpetuate proxy war on Russia, the war-making alliance will “discredit” itself more than already.

Smashing Ukraine’s military to a hollow shell, deNazifying Kiev and achieving Russia’s other SMO aims will amount to “Afghanistan 2.0” for the empire of lies and its NATO vassals.

That’s where things are heading in the coming weeks.

(T)he cards are dealt (and) Russia knows the game,” Martyanov explained.

Its super-weapons exceed the best in the West.

Moscow will do whatever it takes to protect its sovereignty, territory and people.

Vladimir Putin wanted peace and stability along Russia’s borders.

Proxy war and other dirty tricks by the empire of lies left him no other option than to launch an SMO against Nazified Ukraine in defense of the Motherland.

The Biden regime. along with its Obama/Biden and Trump predecessors, bear full responsibility for creating and supporting a Nazified monster in central Europe along Russia’s border.

Neutralizing its menace is what Russia’s SMO is all about — self-defense as permitted by the UN Charter and other international law.

When its objectives are achieved, Moscow’s SMO will end triumphantly.

US-dominated NATO will have sustained another major body blow.

The longer their regimes prolong conflict, the more devastated the result will be for Ukraine and its long-suffering people under virtual Nazi occupation.

Eliminating this festering sore in Europe’s heartland is crucial to the restoration of peace and stability on the continent.

A Final Comment

On Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced an important triumph over Ukrainian Nazified forces in Donetsk, saying:

“As a result of joint actions of the people’s militia units of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Russian armed forces, the city of Krasny Liman (in the DPR) was completely liberated from” the scourge of Nazified occupation.

On Thursday, Kiev official, Alexey Arestovich, publicly admitted the impending loss.

At the same time, Ukraine’s so-called foreign minister Kuleba called reality on the ground in Donbass “extremely bad” for regime forces and their US paymaster.

2 thoughts on “More Straight Talk About Reality on the Ground in Ukraine and Donbass

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  1. Mr Lendman

    One of the biggest reasons Military guys know the whole things a Hoax.

    Think .
    Russia sees everything

    In the Year 2022..
    WAKE UP..

    Russia pushes a Button and it disappears..


    What’s the Name of this kool
    Video Game..?

    ” It’s called 73 yrs
    of Soviet Science…Baby..!

    Where Doris Gets her Oats..!”

    EIN SO… here’s the circumspect eye at HQ ..

    ” How do you get Long Range Artillery to the Battlefield

    Sight unseen .
    Something that enormous and heavy ..

    Wouldn’t the Cannon stick out

    Has to come by Rail ..
    Too heavy for Roads and Bridges

    Stingers, ManPads,
    Switchblade Drones..etc

    Come in Crates ..

    Maybe 25 to 50 Crates a Boxcar..

    Everything is Light..
    and can be more easily shipped by rail..and moved to the Battlefield..

    The Long Range Heavy Weapons are only a Pipe Dream

    A Scam to Embezzle Billions from the Beleaguered TaxPayers

    That’s what our Government is:
    A Crime Syndicate.

    And an extension of the Apartheid State of Israel and the MOSSAD .

    We’re their host..
    While the Varmits.

    The Mosquitoes suck our Blood.

    EIN SO..

    In 2022 A Big Problem..
    Like never before ..

    Cuz the Big Eye in the SKY
    is gonna blow em up.

    Never been anything like this before ..

    Really Astonishing.

    Everyone learned things
    That everyone knew as theory

    But had never witnessed the Practical or Empirical Effects

    Game Changer in this little
    BIG WAR ..


    I’m reminded,

    Hitler fuxed himself..
    At Kursk

    Manstein was ready in March 43
    Russia wasn’t.

    Hitler ordered them to Wait until the Heavy Weapons Get There..

    Hitler Destroyed the Wehrmacht
    At Kursk waiting to put in 50 Tiger Tanks.

    Mind Kursk
    There were 8,000 TANKS

    Was inconsequential.
    So will these..

    If they ever even make it to the NaziFuxs.

    And Then..
    “REJECTED .!”

    I might add in Closing

    From the Military HQ
    The General Staff view

    They have assembled all the Components working together.

    As Liddell Hart always emphasized,

    The Big Hands on the Clock
    All Struck Midnight at the Exact same Precise Second..!”

    That’s the key to modern Warfare when you have
    4 or 5 or 6 components

    And they are all in Sync.

    As Every observer sees,
    The Smaller bites..
    The Small Units

    No long lines for the Ukis to hit
    In fact, no lines really.

    All fluid..
    Pop pop pop..

    Small bites
    “Here, there and Everywhere!”





  2. The Dollar Empire is doing a good job of killing Ukrainians. Blackrock, Vanguard, & State Street are making money while Ukrainians are sitting in a trench with no officers or artillery support against the Russians.

    Juan Sinmiedo/Fearless John/Ukraine exposed. @Youblacksoul, [5/29/2022 12:52 PM]
    [ Video ]
    A serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine wondered why deputies who fled from Ukraine were not shot.

    The Ukrainian military posted a video message on social networks.

    “If a soldier flees from the battlefield, deserts, he must be shot. And why don’t they shoot deputies who have fled abroad?” the military asks.

    Not so long ago, the Verkhovna Rada proposed to allow the killing of “deserters”. However, the idea was abandoned.

    We proposed this against the background of the publication of a dozen videos in which the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine expressed dissatisfaction with the command and their role as “cannon fodder”.


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