Fantasy Ukrainian Counteroffensive and Related MSM Fake News

From day-one of Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine, its Nazified and conscript troops have been on their back foot.

No counteroffensives were launched against steadily advancing/overpowering Russian forces.

In its latest fake news edition, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT once again reinvented reality on the ground, falsely claiming the following:

“Ukraine expanded on another front (sic), with the military announcing a counteroffensive around the southern port city of Kherson (sic).”

According to deputy head of Kherson’s military/civil administration, Kirill Stremousov:

Reports of a Ukrainian counteroffensive near Davydov Brod in Kherson ignored reality on the ground, adding:

“Practically all Ukrainian public pages write about (an alleged) successful counter-operation on the ‘liberation’ of the Kherson region.” 

“It is about Davydov Brod, where about 20 Ukrainian combat vehicles tried to wade through but were reduced to dust with 210 people.” 

“According to our data, 70 people are still on the battlefield.” 

“The success of this operation is that Zelensky and other officials keep on declaring: ‘We are fine. We are winning.’ ” 

“This is a lie. Today’s (so-called) breakthrough that involved around six types of vehicles was stopped.” 

“The Kherson region is deNazified forever. It is a Russian (controlled) land.”

“Ukrainian troops twice tried (and failed) to break through the defense line in the Kherson region near the village of Davydov Brod, but were defeated and suffered very heavy losses.” 

“They tried (and failed) to break through and seize the bridgehead and cut off the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions.”

As Russian forces advance, Ukrainian ones continue to pull back.

Even Reuters diverged from its customary fake news on Sunday to admit the following:

“Russian forces intensified their attacks with barrages of heavy artillery to capture a key Ukrainian city in the southeastern region of Donbass, whose full takeover Moscow’s top diplomat (is) an ‘unconditional priority.’ ”

Reuters referred to Sergey Lavrov’s remarks on Sunday, saying the following:

“The liberation of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, recognized by the Russian Federation as independent states, is an unconditional priority,” adding:

Residents of areas liberated by Russian forces are against “return(ing) to the authority of a neo-Nazi regime that has proven it is Russophobic.”

Separately, Lavrov stressed that US/Western sanctions war on Russia didn’t materialize “overnight.”

“Planned…long ago, (they’re) unlikely to be lifted.”

They have nothing to do with Ukraine.

They’re all “about containing Russia” — what’s been US policy for decades, along with regime change.

Russia, China and other nations free from US control prevent its ruling regimes from maintaining unipolarity in an increasingly multipolar world.

Vladimir Putin earlier stressed that Donbass residents faced 8 years of “genocide” by US-controlled Ukraine.

One of Russia’s key SMO goals is freeing its people from the scourge of endless made-in-the-USA aggression.

Separately on Monday and Tuesday, the European Council — comprised of EU leaders, head of the European Commission and the EU’s foreign policy chief — are meeting in Brussels to discuss all things Russia and Ukraine.

Whether more sanctions on Moscow will be announced remains to be seen.

A full embargo of vitally needed Russian energy is off the table.

Despite no Russian threat to European security, the European Council will discuss it anyway.

As for “phasing out the EU’s dependency of Russian” energy, the prospect is slim for some time to come.

Separately, Reuters admitted that “Ukrainian forces in Donbass (are) on the defensive (as) Russia consolidate(s) its” control over most of its territory.

“Ukrainians (are) taking serious losses” as Russia continues to advance.

On Sunday, EU bloc regimes failed to agree on embargoing Russian oil entirely.

Talks on Monday and Tuesday are unlikely to change things.

Nor can the US-dominated West prevent Russia from achieving its SMO aims in Donbass and against Nazi-infested Ukraine.

One thought on “Fantasy Ukrainian Counteroffensive and Related MSM Fake News

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    ” A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Slovyansk..!”

    As we speak the Allied forces
    are taking Stary Karavan..

    And also now taking the important village of Zaygorodok

    Both only 8 and 10 miles from Slovyansk !

    Forever Forward…
    Goes the Red Army..

    Slovyansk and Kramatorsk
    Are comparable to the Fall of Vicksburg..

    Simultaneously the NaziFuxs are trapped at Seversk…

    Gonna get bagged or even Worse

    Comparable to the Fall of Atlanta..

    In the Donbass War.

    I might add Severodonesk
    Will be like the Fall of Richmond!

    Fall of Odesa will be Appomattox.

    Clearly the Good Guys..
    Are winning like Crazy.
    Without balleywhoing it one drop.

    One thing noteworthy..
    The Ukis are getting slaughtered.

    But they don’t run away en masse

    But yet they stay continue to fight.

    The one thing that might terrify them ..

    No infantry wants to get bombed from Behind..

    Carpet Bomb them from
    High Altitude along all their rear lines of Communication

    While simultaneously attacking any flanks that moved.

    Also..I.might add.

    The Ukis are Bombing the Donbass Villages from long range

    is this new equipment that got thru..

    I think so.

    Or why didn’t the NaziFuxs have used it before if they had it..?

    Tells me.. something’s getting thru.

    Russia needs to
    Stop the Flow.

    “is that your Final Answer?”

    Yes..Stop it by any means necessary.

    Hey Why doesn’t Russia cut off Gas for one week..
    See what happens

    Tell the Bedwetters and Nazis

    “Sorry, had to shut down for repairs..

    be up again in about 10 days ..!”

    Go Russia..
    Warmest Regards


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