No US-Supplied Long-Range Rockets to Ukraine

The Biden regime hasn’t ruled out supplying Nazi-infested Ukraine with shorter-range Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MRLS) and/or perhaps High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).

According to a regime official:

“MLRS is under consideration, but nothing is on the table with long-range strike capabilities.”

The latter have a range of up to 300 km, shorter-range ones about 30 km.

Russia warned US/Western regimes against “pumping” more weapons into Ukraine to prolong conflict — without changing its outcome.

If US/Western weapons supplied to Ukraine strike Russian cities and towns, resulting in casualties, retaliation will be swift and harsh.

According to Russia’s Security Council deputy chairman, Dmitry Medvedev:

“(U)pon attacks on our cities, Russia’s Armed Forces would have delivered on their threat to strike (Ukraine’s) criminal decision making centers.” 

“What would follow (needs) no explanation.” 

Separately on Sunday, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

Russia is “defending (its) people” and predominantly Russian-speaking Donbass from the scourge of US/Western orchestrated and directed “aggression (by Nazified) Ukraine.”

“We are defending Ukraine from Nazification, which has persisted there for years, with the West’s direct connivance.”

Russia spent years in vain urging the US-dominated West not to create a threat to its security in neighboring Ukraine.

Dominant US hardliners manipulated the BoJo and EU bloc regimes to support its sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia.

Hegemon USA created Ukraine’s Nazi-infested monster.

It weaponized it to threaten Russian security, making its defensive SMO inevitable.

As directed by its higher power in Washington, Kiev is urged to combat Russia to the last Ukrainian.

At the same time, US-dominated Western policy toward Russia prioritizes confrontation over cooperation, perpetual war over peace.

In the run-up to Russia’s SMO in Ukraine, its main demand was for Kiev to halt aggression on Donbass once and for all.

Hegemon USA rejected peace for perpetual war along Russia’s border.

Where the US goes, UK and EU vassals are sure to follow.

The same goes for US-colonized/Nazi-infested Ukraine, a monster vital to neutralize.

Russia launched its SMO to restore peace and stability to central Europe along its borders.

It requires demilitarizing and deNazification of Ukraine, aims to be achieved before Russia’s SMO ends.

Along with liberating Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation, Russia’s SMO elsewhere in Ukraine aims to let their people decide if they want to remain part of Nazified Ukraine or break away to breathe free again.

Separately, liberated Mariupol and its port are free from Nazified occupation.

According to a spokesman of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Novorossiysk naval base:

“Artillery boats are patrolling the waters from the Mariupol port to port of the Azovstal works.”

“The boats are tasked to monitor the surface and air situation at this section and in the entire Taganrog Bay.”

“The current situation is calm.”

“Both the port of Mariupol and the port of Azovstal (are) controlled by the Russian armed forces and the armed forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic.”

Threats to the area, if spotted, will be targeted and eliminated.

Last weekend, Russian long-range precision missiles eliminated a large Ukrainian arms arsenal in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

According to Lugansk head Leonid Pasechnik:

Most republic residents greet liberating LPR and Russian forces “with tears (of joy) in their eyes.”

“Many come outside…to thank (their forces) in person.”

They’re free at last from their Nazi captors.

“Hatred towards everything Russian was promoted in Ukraine” and occupied parts of Donbass, Pasechnik explained.

It includes “language, culture, people and Russia in general.”

“To our great regret, Kiev and the US were able to raise an entire generation, a nation even, a nation (infested with Nazis), in such a short time.”

“Despite that, there are tens of thousands of people in Ukraine who support the Russian world (and want) friendship with the brotherly people of Russia.”

“It’s just, for all this time, they were afraid to display their views, knowing that persecution and repressions will follow from the Ukrainian government and law enforcement.”

According polling data published on Monday by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM), 72% of Russians support the ongoing SMO.

Only 18% of respondents oppose it, 9% with no opinion.

Most respondents believe that the SMO aims to protect Russian security by disarming Ukraine and preventing US-dominated NATO from establishing a military base in its territory.

According to Russian journalist Vladislav Ugolniy in Donetsk:

Support among Ukrainians for their ruling regime, its military and puppet Zelensky at the onset of Russia’s SMO no longer exists.

He “looks to be in big trouble.”

Short of manpower because of its greatly degraded military, “Kiev…has been detaining men on the streets of the cities it controls and serving them with draft notices.”

Included are young teenagers and middle-aged men.

Ukraine’s “most combat-ready and motivated units” were eliminated or captured in Mariupol.

Ukraine’s “leadership is unsure if its army is ready to stand to the end, since the (regime’s) best units” are greatly degraded.

For puppet Zelensky and Ukrainian Nazis, “the situation is dire.”

Kiev’s self-proclaimed readiness to keep fighting is increasingly illusionary. 

2 thoughts on “No US-Supplied Long-Range Rockets to Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Dirty Joe said no,

    To Long Range missiles that can hit Russia.

    I remember about 5 times when a US President said we weren’t doing something..

    But it turns out we were..!

    From the Contras in Nicaragua
    To South Africa
    To Saddam to fight Iran.
    To MPLA in Angola
    To Cuban Gusanos..


    And that’s just the Short List from a Citizen with Alzheimer’s.

    I trust Dirty Joe,
    And Chuckie Cheese
    like I trust Big Pharm..

    In this case…

    The Last thing the Gangsters want

    is a Shooting War with the
    Big Dog..

    The Gangsters got no hosses

    The Gangsters don’t have any missiles or even Jets

    That can play in Russia’s League

    Ever Since the Vietnam Debacle
    All the money has been invested in DRUG WARS..

    Fought in 3rd World Countries

    Hence the USA has Vietnam Era Nukes and Weapons.

    Not even a Missile Defense System..

    Remember from the 1980s
    Star Wars Defense System?

    The Bush Whack gang embezzled all that money.

    Gone ..
    Bushwhackers needed to cover their S&L SWINDLE.

    It was all a Scam anyway..
    Start to finish.

    It never worked .. anyway!

    Here’s what the Lawless Criminals could do..

    Which they’ve done in the apast

    They fund surrogates to send the weapons..

    Reagan / Bush didn’t send Saddam the Money..

    BCCI Bank did.

    USA didn’t send the Weapons
    to the Contrs Drug Pushers and Death Squads…

    The Israelis did it for them.


    With every lying Criminal Elite Nazi Held Country…

    Deeply invested in Russia Losing

    I wouldn’t bet a plug nickel
    Somebody is a Proxy

    The Low Life’s.
    The shit gobblers
    The English Bottom Feeders

    Would be my guess for who runs the Pirate Delivery.

    Bottom Line..
    If or when they show up .

    Russia would finally finally
    Have to respond with a

    “Get Well Soon Card”
    on the Gangsters.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!



    Please Russia, don’t hide the
    Big Brass from Europe.

    Not saying you are..
    But it would indicate..
    You care more about your colleagues in Europe

    Like the Snake Macron..

    Then World Opinion.

    The Whole World is Watching!


  2. Russia and China are fully prepared because the False Prophet has goaded Russia and China for far too long. Their joint air patrols are proofs of their readiness.


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