US-Installed NATO Puppet Stoltenberg Pushes Forever War on Russia

Last week after meeting with top Biden regime officials — including the White House imposter — US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg called for a “long haul…war of attrition” against Russia in Ukraine.

At the State Department last week, he pushed for greater strengthening of the war-making alliance’s “deterrence and defense” — its war on humanity by other names.

Along with proxy war on Russia, his call for “working even more closely with (alliance) partners (sic) in the Asia-Pacific and other like-minded partners (sic) around the world” is likely about confronting China in similar fashion ahead. 

Ignoring reality on the ground in Ukraine, he falsely claimed that Russia’s SMO was “a strategic mistake (sic),” dubiously adding:

Moscow “underestimated the strength and the will and the ability of the Ukrainian people (sic), the Ukrainian armed forces to defend themselves (sic).”

Separately at the Pentagon with US war secretary Austin, they both gratuitously bashed Russia — while pretending that NATO’s war-making alliance has rock-solid unity.

Stoltenberg’s Washington visit was all about plotting US-dominated NATO’s next moves against Russia.

Interviewed by WaPo, he said the following:

Things in Ukraine “may drag on for a long time.”

US/NATO regimes are pouring weapons and munitions into its territory with this aim in mind.

As directed by his US master, Stoltenberg backs the unattainable notion of expelling Russian forces from Donbass and regaining control over Crimea by Kiev.

Nazified Ukraine “ha(s) the right to say that (it’s) fighting for” all territory it seeks control over (sic), he hyperventilated.

Ignoring Vladimir Putin’s publicly stated SMO objectives, he falsely accused Russia of pursuing revanchist aims in less than so many words — despite no evidence suggesting it.

Separately on Russia’s Rossyia 1 TV, Vladimir Putin addressed increasing food crisis conditions, falsely blamed on his policies, saying:

“We are seeing attempts to place the responsibility on Russia for developments in the global food market and the growing problems there.” 

“I must say that this is another attempt to pin the blame on someone else” — instead of on US/Western policies where it belongs.

What’s going on has nothing to do with Russia.

Along with Fed money-printing madness, US sanctions war in response to Russia’s liberating SMO is responsible for soaring inflation, broken supply chains, and food crisis conditions.

Russia warned the US/West, said Putin, adding:

“(W)hen we launched our operation, (the US-dominated West) started taking steps that aggravated the situation in both the food sector and fertilizer production.”

US/Western claims about blocking Ukraine’s grain exports by Russia is more fake news.

Putin, Lavrov and other Russian officials informed the US/West that the only impediment to shipping Ukrainian grain by sea is for the US-controlled regime to demine its offshore waters.

Russia guaranteed safe passage of vessels to and from Ukraine once demining is completed.

Ukrainian grain can also be exported through Romania and Hungary.

The easiest way by land is through Belarus.

At this time, Putin explained that “ships are stuck in Ukrainian ports,” adding:

“These are foreign ships, dozens of them.” 

“They are simply locked up, and their crews are still being held hostage” by Kiev — on orders by the Biden regime.

It manufactured food crisis conditions, what continues with shortages and rising prices.

Instead of blame laid where it belong, Russia is falsely accused of what it had nothing to do with.

2 thoughts on “US-Installed NATO Puppet Stoltenberg Pushes Forever War on Russia

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  1. Noted with thanks. I’m trying to stay in touch with events, biden’ time, and hoping some sanity will rule in this suppurating world where diplomacy has become a quaint, unattainable tool of statecraft (sic). The common people like those in Yemen, Palestine and large swaths of Africa suffer, and I’d like to hope that I have the humanity to suffer, albeit vicariously, with them….


  2. Mr Lendman..

    Recall the enormous attention and discussion generated

    in the 1960s on the Book entitled, ” The Population Bomb”
    Published in 1968..

    the NYT Best Seller was written by the young Univ of Penn biologist Paul Erhlich.

    I remember distinctly the furor and the Rage it generated on Campus..

    Several aspects of it..

    Many on the Left called it Racist,
    and ethnocentric as it placed the
    Problem on the 3rd World.

    But it opened up a huge can of words over the looming future
    Food Wars ..

    EIN So..We were vividly aware of Food Shortages 50 years ago

    BTW..Food Shortages are a fabricated problem caused by cruel and unjust Capitalism..

    Managed efficiently ..
    Under a Planned Economy

    We’d have plenty of food to feed the World several times over..!

    I remember the enormous effect of Rachel Carson’s bestseller,

    ” The Silent Spring”

    Everyone on Campus was aware
    Of it.

    So no one should be surprised.

    I might also remember Erhlich’s
    Second Book ..” Extinction”

    Where all of the problems we encounter today were vividly pointed out.

    The moral of these books
    Was always the same..

    Unless we change our greedy nasty ways..

    we’re gonna be in Trouble..!

    Guess what..we didn’t change
    Capitalism is unable to change its spots.

    Hence, it worse now,

    And going to get much worse..
    Then we ever imagined.

    Was all their in front of our face
    In black and white 50 yrs ago.

    Capitalism breeds Amnesia
    By necessity.

    I laugh when the Human Pigs in the West blame Putin.

    I laugh and cry, better put.

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