Fake News Proliferators

MSM feature mind-manipulating fake news and mass deception rubbish over truth and full disclosure on issues mattering most.

On June 12, the holier-than-thou/self-styled newspaper of record, kill shot promoting NYT was at it again.

Defying science in support of state-sponsored depopulation and Pharma profiteers, the Times again lied to readers willfully and maliciously as follows, saying:

“(I)vermectin does not meaningfully reduce the time needed to recover from (flu/covid) (sic), according to a large (fake news) study” it cited.

The so-called “study” — conducted by so-called Duke and Vanderbilt university “researchers” — was not published in a scientific journal, peer-reviewed or otherwise evaluated for accuracy.

Nor did the Times include scientific evidence with polar opposite findings than what its fake news article covered.

The so-called “study” it discussed was sponsored by the Pharma-controlled National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Commenting on it, independent truth-telling researcher, Steve Kirsch, explained the following:

“The NY Times reports that ivermectin doesn’t work (even though it does).”

“(A) study published in JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) shows that it does, as do multiple peer-reviewed meta-analyses and systematic reviews.”

Since seasonal flu/influenza was renamed covid, the Times and other MSM consistently stuck to the fabricated (politicized) official narrative over indisputable science.

There’s no ambiguity about the effectiveness of ivermectin in treating and curing flu/covid when taken as directed.

Claims otherwise by the Times, other MSM, and studies financed by Pharma-controlled anti-public health agencies are fake news in support of health-destroying kill shots.

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) earlier minced no words saying:

Ivermectin “obliterates (flu/covid) transmission. (It) prevents the (need for) hospitalization.”

The same is true for “hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), zinc, and zithromax.”

Dr. Pierre Kory called ivermectin safe and effective, stressing:

“If you take it, you will not get sick. (It’s) “miraculous.”

“(W)hen I say ‘miracle,’ I do not use that term lightly.”

Ivermectin “obliterates (covid) transmission.”

“I’m a lung specialist…an ICU specialist.”

“Early treatment is key. We need to offload the hospitals.”

When used as directed, ivermectin “prevents the (need for) hospitalization.”

Separately he said “(t)he data (are) unassailable…Ivermectin save(s) lives.”

Other distinguished doctors and scientists endorsing the above protocols over toxic jabs include Peter McCullough MD, Vladimir Zelenko MD, Meryl Nass MD, epidemiologist Harvey Risch MD/PhD, virologist George Fareed MD, AFLDS physicians, and many others.

UK-based physician Vernon Coleman earlier called flu/covid jabs “weapons of mass destruction (that) could wipe out the human race,” adding:

They won’t “stop people getting (flu)/covid and they do not stop them spreading it.”

“(Y)et politicians and government-hired hacks and the media suggest” otherwise.

So do paid-by-Pharma doctors appearing on television or writing MSM op-eds, pushing mass-jabbing with toxins to be avoided, not used.

“(T)hey are all lying,” Coleman stressed.

Kill shots destroy health.

“(A)nyone who says anything else is a liar. I don’t care who they are. They’re lying,” Coleman explained.

They’re either lying because they’re “damnably ignorant (or) they’ve been bought to lie.”

Kill shots are as harmful as “jumping out of an aeroplane without a parachute…”

The Biden regime bribed MSM with big bucks to push kill shots and all else flu/covid related — with destroying health, not protecting it in mind.

The state-sponsored mother of all scams wants unwanted segments of societies culled throughout the US/West and worldwide.

That’s what all things flu/covid is all about — along with destroying what remains of greatly eroded freedoms.

2 thoughts on “Fake News Proliferators

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    The Jabberwokie News..
    Everything is lie.

    Big Pharm and their ungodly profits.

    Big Pharm a Designated Sacrosanct institution.

    One of the Basic Foundations of Satan to infect, weaken and destroy us.

    Resist or Attack them..

    Do so at your own peril..
    And the Devil Dogs from Hell

    Will hunt you down
    Like Deranged ghouls

    And try to destroy you

    Blood Money now expropriated from under 5 yrs of Age.

    Never in all of History.

    Been such a Cruel and Macabre system.

    A Complete Tyranny.

    We’re fuxed.

    Unless we stand together and fight back …!


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