Kill Shots Working As Planned Updated

Most everyone paying attention knows — or should know — that flu/covid shots are designed to destroy health and shorten lifespans, not protect as falsely claimed.

Yet they continue to be pushed by US/Western regimes, Pharma profiteers and their MSM press agents with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

They want everyone multi-jabbed from infancy to the elderly to irreparably destroy their health — along with producing a bonanza of bottom line benefits for Pharma profiteers.

Shunning what’s crucial to avoid is essential to protect what’s too precious to lose.

Mind-manipulated believers should take note of the latest reported US/European casualty counts.

According to the European Medicines Agency through June 17, kill shots caused 5,830,235 adverse reactions and 74,783 deaths.

Through June 17, CDC VAERS data reported 1,307,928 casualties, including over 29,000 deaths from kill shots.

Reported numbers represent a small fraction of the true casualty count.

Everyone jabbed for flu/covid is irreparably harmed, the more jabs gotten, the greater the destruction of health.

Adverse events can occur straightaway or show up later on, including by the contraction of any one or a combination of serious illnesses.

Most everything officially claimed and touted by MSM on all things flu/covid is fake news.

Examples abound, including recent NYT rubbish, saying:

“Because so many Americans have now been (jabbed or infected or both…the number of people whose immune systems are entirely unprepared for the virus has significantly dwindled (sic).”

Ignored by the Times and other MSM is that jabbed — especially multi-jabbed — individuals comprise the vast majority of flu/covid outbreaks.

The only “pandemic” around exists among jabbed individuals.

Phony claims otherwise turn science on its head.

So did the Times by falsely claiming that flu/covid “continues to kill un(jabbed) people at much higher rates than” jabbed ones — an indisputable bald-faced Big Lie.

And this Times fake new it pushed before and did again this month:

Defying science, it willfully and maliciously lied claiming that — known safe and effective ivermectin — “has little effect on recovery time from” flu/covid, citing a non-peer-reviewed, Pharma-funded “study” with clear aims in mind.

Publishing its so-called findings, said the following:

They’ve “yet to be evaluated (or published in a scientific journal) so should not be used to guide clinical practice.”

On crucial to shun kill shots for kids, the Times once again touted them.

Falsely calling them “effective,” its source is the Pharma-controlled FDA.

According to fabricated Pfizer data, high rates of hospitalization and death from flu/covid among children under age-5 “underscor(es) the benefit of an effective (flu/covid jab for) this age group (sic).”

No such high rates exist among unjabbed kids.

Nothing remotely justifies flu/covid jabs for any age group, especially not for kids, adolescents and youths — with a recovery rate exceeding 99.99% if contract flu/covid.

According to Children’s Health Defense last Friday:

When made available in mid-June for kids aged-6 months to age-5 in New York City and elsewhere in the US, they “flopp(ed)” so far.

Reporting on their introduction, political commentator Kim Iverson said things aren’t going as planned.

“Parents don’t…want (them).”

“News outlets across the country have been reporting about low turnout and empty centers.”

At a “high-profile” mass-jabbing facility in Times Square, NYC’s “health commissioner came out with cameras, hoping to greet long lines of relieved, grateful parents but instead saw the opposite: no lines and empty chairs.”

“Turns out parents are not convinced their tots need the shots after all.”

Operating around 1,300 stores in seven US southern states, Publix supermarket pharmacies in Florida (and perhaps other states) aren’t offering kill shots for kids without elaboration.

Walmart — the largest US and worldwide retail chain by total revenue — is offering them for kids aged-3 and older, not younger ones.

Walgreens, Costco, Rite Aid, H-E-B, Hy-Vee, and Wegmans are only offering them to kids aged-3 and older.

The vast majority of US hospitals are jabbing everyone aged-6 months and older, including top-rated ones.

According to fake news by the Rochester, MN-based Mayo Clinic, the top-rated US hospital:

Kill shots for infants and kids are “a good step forward because now we can provide (flu/covid jabs) to almost everybody in the US (sic).”

In Chicago where I live, top-10-the US-rated Northwestern Memorial Hospital offers kill shots for everyone aged-6 months and older.

Get your kids jabbed at “Northwestern Medicine,” it urged.

“You do not need an appointment.”

Come on in and get jabbed — no matter the irreparable harm to health from their toxins.

The Biden regime seeks maximum harm to maximum numbers of Americans and others worldwide by kill shots.

Its so-called flu/covid czar, Ashish Jha, has been fear-mongering fake news about the nonthreatening illness for most people since replacing Jeffrey Zients on April 5.

Even the WSJ mocked him for (falsely) claiming that (flu renamed covid) is “a far greater threat to kids than flu is,” citing “a flawed study,” the Journal reported.

Providing press agent services for Pharma last week, Jha defied science and medical ethics by falsely claiming that health-destroying flu/covid jabs “are extraordinarily safe and highly effective (sic)” when reality is indisputably the other way around.

He compounded his Big Lie by falsely saying that “(k)ids are better protected if they are (jabbed) (sic).”

They’re “far less likely to get seriously ill (sic).” 

“They’re far less likely to end up in the hospital, far less likely to end up in the ICU (sic).”

Indisputable reality is worlds apart from Jha’s turning it on its head in support of mass-extermination by health destruction and Pharma profiteering.

And this fake news from the fake Biden days earlier:

“We do need more money…for (kill shots) for” kids and everyone else (sic). 

“We need more money to plan for the second pandemic (sic).” 

“There’s going to be another pandemic (sic).”

There’s only been a pandemic among jabbed individuals, no one else, he failed to explain.

Do undemocratic Dems intend to manufacture another fake one ahead of November midterms as part of a scheme to defraud the public in similar fashion to how they stole the White House and congressional control in 2020?

Put nothing past them.

Separately, the nearly 200-year-old Lancet lost credibility for promoting health-destroying kill shots since December 2020 over warning about their irreparable harm when taken as directed.

Defying science again last week, the publication falsely claimed that jabs designed to destroy health and shorten lifespans prevented millions deaths worldwide instead of reporting that everyone jabbed was irreparably harmed.

Results of so-called studies financed and/or promoted by Pharma, the WHO, genocidist Bill Gates, and others associated with any of the above sources can never be trusted to set the record straight.

European Medicines Agency and the CDC’s VAERS data alone debunk fake news about safety and effectiveness of kill shots — what irreversibly harm health and don’t protect.

Most everything claimed by official US/Western sources and their MSM press agents — the mother of all state-sponsored scams — is with unparalleled depopulation in mind.

Stay jab-free to protect and preserve health.

A Final Comment

In pushing kill shots for infants and young kids, the Pharma-controlled CDC falsely called garden variety flu-renamed covid one of the 5 leading causes of death in this age group — a bald-faced Big Lie.

The risk of death among infants, other children, adolescents and young adults from flu/covid is too insignificantly low to matter — a nonissue, not a real one as falsely claimed with pushing health-destroying kill shots in mind.

12 thoughts on “Kill Shots Working As Planned Updated

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  1. You watch, they will mandate the child shot along with all of the other mandated shots that make children ill and kill them. All of the vaccines should cease immediately.


  2. Thank you for nailing it, Mr. Lendman. I Pray parents, caretakers do not give these kill shots to these babies in their care. I also Pray parents, caretakers themselves get on their knees and Pray on this–and hear the No they’re told.


  3. RFK Jr. runs and there are two articles concerning the genocidal injection of the children.

    When the children are on all the page posters of those who have died, even the ardent vaxxine-entrained Mythlanders are going to feel the pain of reality. The pictures of children in obituaries has to be problematic.

    It’s unbelievable madness with unimaginable grief. Poor mommas.


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