NATO Preparing for War on Russia?

History repeats and rhymes.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO appears to be forming a coalition of the willing for war on Russia, Sergey Lavrov believes.

“When the Second World War began, Hitler gathered a significant part, if not the majority part, of European countries under his banners for war against the Soviet Union,” he explained, adding: 

“Now, (the empire of lies), the European Union, together with NATO, is forming such a modern coalition (for) war against Russia.”

Moscow is “looking at real actions of (US-controlled Western/NATO regimes) and following steps (they’re) taking.”

Russian officials have no illusions about rampant — made-in-the-USA — Russophobia with potentially the worst of intentions in mind.

European regimes are virtual handmaidens of their higher power in Washington, doing its bidding even when harming their own vital interests.

According to former NATO commander, Wesley Clark, direct intervention by NATO is needed against Russia in Ukraine.

“The idea…that NATO cannot do anything unless there is a direct attack (was shelved) in the 90s.”

“NATO must intervene.”

“Let’s make it official and order the Russians to cease fire.”

“The war cannot be stopped without NATO intervention.”

Clark was NATO commander in 1999 when the US-dominated alliance raped and destroyed Yugoslavia.

From March 24 to June 10 of that year, so-called Operation Noble Anvil terror-bombed the former state for 78 days, an invented enemy, not a real one.

To that time, the ferocity of what occurred was unparalleled.

Mass slaughter and destruction followed, one of history’s great crimes.

The former Yugoslavia was no match against the power of NATO’s killing machine.

Russia is another story altogether.

Preemptively attacking its forces in Ukraine would risk WW III with nukes.

US/Western generals get stars from war-making.

Peace is detrimental to their career advancement aims.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow’s quote about when a hammer is your “only tool…every problem (is) see(n) as a nail” applies to US foreign policy under both right wings of its war party — and crazed generals like Clark, whether active or retired.

In mid-June on Russian television, Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov host stressed “the gravity” of the times because of the US-dominated West’s “crazy reaction” to Moscow’s SMO in Ukraine.

“Now (US/NATO regimes are) contemplating getting directly involved,” he warned.

Former Russian southern military district commander/current lower house State Duma member, Andrey Gurulyov, slammed remarks by Clark quoted above, saying:

“It’s better not to react or respond to his statements. A dog barks and the wind carries the noise,” adding:

“We have to consider every option up to a big colossal war and be ready for it.”

“We are ready” for what no one of sound mind wants.

Like Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), retired General Philip Breedlove, reflects the madness of fictional general Jack D. Ripper — Stanley Kubrick’s deranged character from his dark satire, titled “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.”

Expressing support for direct NATO confrontation with Russia, Breedlove said the following:

“(A) certain coalition of states (meaning NATO) could step in.”

“It would also be great if they potentially had the support of the UN.”

“But as of now, the entire alliance is unlikely to take such a step.”

“Although I personally would support this decision.”

He also urged greater US/NATO military support for Ukraine, more weapons, more whatever is needed for perpetual war with Russia.

Invented enemy Russia is the main reason for NATO’s existence.

According to political scientist, Carlos Gonzalez-Villa:

“Western countries have used various terminology to define their relations with Russia and China over the past decades,” adding: 

He won’t be surprised if Russia is designated as a direct threat to NATO.

“I believe essentially this is not right,” he stressed.

“Russia is not threatening NATO countries” or any others.

If the alliance doesn’t treat Russia as a threat, it “would have to dissolve” as they’d be no reason for it to exist.

Yet their ruling regimes fail to accept the reality of Western-armed Ukraine allied with NATO as “an existential issue” for Russia, Gonzalez-Villa stressed.


3 thoughts on “NATO Preparing for War on Russia?

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    As your famously known for the epic words on our Epoch

    ” These are Perilous times..!”

    It could be here, sir.
    It could be upon us.

    When pissant Nazi Collaborators

    ( Wait..Real Nazis..not just Collaborators! )

    Blocked Kaliningrad

    I knew immediately it was a Blatant Act of War..!

    Exactly like Obama in
    Dec of 2016..

    Shut down the Russian Embassy

    And threw the distinguished Russian Diplomatic Corp right into the Street..

    Did the Human Trash in the Obama Adm.

    Same Time tested
    Sacrosanct Protocol Broken.

    Shat upon..

    By Gutter Rats
    Who have no respect for any law

    Or anything..

    Except moving a double headed load of pure Smack.

    That’s the Business model for 20 yrs.

    Now the Pirates

    Straight off the Great Win
    in Afghanistan.

    The Pusher Left
    Stole all the Afghanis Money

    Left em starving to death

    Long before Putin did anything

    And now the Insane Asylum Escapees

    are looking for more Adventure

    And literally declare War on Russia in Kaliningrad..

    I must say,

    I was stupified that Russia
    Seemed undaunted by the Event.

    Russia seemed to make the perfunctory Statements

    As usual..
    A Bark with no bite..!

    Now I see I was in mistaken.

    The Kremlin is completely aware of the gravitas and the Enormity
    Of the Situation.

    They needed time.

    Better to wait for that
    The Overall Plan..

    That go in Half Cocked

    Not making any excuses
    But in a surrealistic

    Almost mystical way.
    Russia is ready for the

    Didn’t we always know it would come..?

    My Head Spins

    Time Weaves billions of Patterns
    Of Qubits..

    I’m walking with my Grandfather
    In Koenigsberg..the famous Rabbi

    Rabbi Shapiro points out his friends house Emmanuel Kant

    Look..theres Kunst Bakery
    Still standing in 1790s

    For 50 pfennig you get a
    Poppy Seed Strudel..

    I reminded by the Uniquely delicious smells..

    The Sign Post in the Harbor
    With the News Bulletins

    Written in Middle German

    Catherine the Great’s Picture looms large

    Especially for Prussia..

    But for a random toss of a Coin Koenigsberg would be the New Capitol of Russia

    Not St Petersburg..

    In fact, Peter the Great
    Wanted his Capitol to be like Koenigsberg..

    The rich Prussian
    King’s City ..

    Fast Forward

    Skipping over the Nazis
    Like a Stone..

    Zhukov on the phone to Stalin
    Getting very precise instructions on the Negotiated Settlement

    Time Weaves..again


    And the Last of the Era
    The last deal of the cards

    Here’s the Hand Russia got dealt.

    1)…Why should Russia need to fire one Missile..?

    Germany has to 650 Troops in Lithuania to join the Looters


    Right this minute
    Turn off their Gas..!

    Turn it off
    And tell them exactly why.


    That’s all.
    Just do that.

    Take the night off
    Go to Pushkin’s get a Steak.

    Maybe go to the Bolshoi Ballet.
    Take an Alka seltzer
    Sleep 9 hours.

    Wait two days.

    Call me
    call the Doctor if the Results aren’t exactly what you desired.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!

    That was an Act of War.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alex of the Duran says the west has depleted its weaponry, with him calling it “demilitarization.” Zelensky’s cabinet is made up of the production crew of his “Servant of the People” show and now they are writing for a “Murder of a Nation” about a president who murders his own people outright along with conscripting them to their deaths or capture.

    The governments of the EU are falling as their great blunder spreads its pain. What good did the EU ever do for the Wee People and how crazy are the criminal overseers to ask the Wee People to keep digging.

    The dam for ending the war has given way and those who say different will be washed away.

    Have a nice slavery, everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mr Lendman,

    An important addendum:

    Why tell Germany the truth..?

    Rather than use a technical excuse..?

    For this precise reason:

    1).. before I mention the reason
    ” What …no More Gas ..?”

    Germany will be in Shock..!
    It will reverberate across Germany like the Munich


    What are we to do now .
    Herr Scholtz…?

    And mind you .

    The poor Beleaguered
    Sold Out German Proletarian

    Their Problems are just beginning

    Simple Solution is of course
    Throw out your Criminal Leaders

    Then Turn on Nord Stream II..

    Everything easy
    Everyone Happy..

    Except Wall St, Pentagon and the CIA..

    Who apparently think they own Germany…

    Well do they..?

    Okay here is the
    Midnight Special Chili Dog ..

    One Minute Tape..

    President Putin looks right into the TV Camera..

    ” To my friends in Germany..

    Your Leaders have decided to be involved on an attack on Russia

    In Kaliningrad….
    The are starting a War..

    By tearing up 77 yr old Treaties.
    And Blocking our transportation


    Your Leaders have decided
    Attacking Russia is more important than you being warm

    Or even having your factories working…

    That’s how little regard they have for you..!

    They’ve joined a Coalition of Nazi Collaborators

    and are planning to bring War on Russia to destroy us .!

    They forced our Hand..

    What else could I do..
    Except send a Sarmat missile.?”


    (Say it in German..Pres Putin speaks German )


    All we ever wanted to do is sell Germany high quality energy..

    We spent 11 years and Tens of Billions of our Own money..

    But the CIA and Wall St.
    Didn’t want you to have it.

    They apparently own Germany.

    I’m terribly sorry for the German People….

    We tried…!”

    Putin remains stationary behind the Desk.




    Demonstrations will be huge by Saturday and Sunday

    Liked by 1 person

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