US-Dominated NATO’s Forever War Agenda

The 30-member hostile to peace and rule of law war-making alliance — ahead to be 32 with Finland and Sweden added — is holding its annual summit in Madrid, Spain to plot more ways of supporting Nazism in Ukraine to challenge Russia more belligerently than already.

On Friday, an alliance press release falsely claimed to be dedicated to “defens(e) (while) pos(ing) no threat to any country (sic).”

That illusion was shattered during the 1990s by NATO’s belligerent dismantling and destruction of the former Yugoslavia — a similar scheme planned against Russia, China and other sovereign independent countries, wanting them transformed into US vassal states.

And this perversion of reality by NATO’s June 29 press release — falsely claiming that their US-dominated regimes are “commit(ted) to democracy, individual liberty, human rights, and the rule of law (sic)” — principles they abhor and tolerate nowhere, especially not in their own countries.

The so-called “rules-based international order (they’re) committed to uphold” was made-in-the-USA in flagrant breach of the UN Charter and other international law.

“(A)gression” is how US-dominated NATO regimes operate, not Russia on the right side of history and the rule of law.

“Responsibility for humanitarian catastrophe(s) (and) appalling cruelty” has been the American way since the 18th century — polar opposite how the Russian Federation operates on the world stage.

Permitting Nazi-infested Ukraine’s Zelensky — a US-installed puppet — to address the NATO summit broke its procedural rules, along with indelibly tainting the body and its member states with the scourge of how tyrannical Kiev operates.

And this bald-faced Big Lie by the war-making alliance, falsely calling Russia “the most significant and direct threat to allies’ security and to peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area (sic).”

The above characterization applies to how NATO’s war machine operates — its ruling regimes comprising an unparalleled threat to world peace and humanity’s survival.

On Wednesday, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said the following about the scourge of US-dominated NATO:

“The Madrid summit asserts the alliance’s aggressive deterrence course in relations with Russia.”

“This will in no way influence our policies,” adding:

By agreeing to join the hostile to peace and rule of law war-making alliance, Finland and Sweden abandoned “their foreign policy and defense sovereignty to Washington and other senior partners in NATO.”

Russia is well aware of “aggressive (alliance) plans” against its sovereign rights.

The Russian Federation threatens no one.

Hegemon US-dominated NATO threatens everyone everywhere.

Moscow “condemn(s) NATO’s policy, which is irresponsible and ruinous to European security…or what is still left of it.”

Separately on Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov said the following on how hegemon US-dominated NATO is using Nazi-infested Ukraine as a platform for waging proxy war on Russia.

Their ruling regimes are “pump(ing) Ukraine full of new weapons.”

“These plans are carried out amid high-profile statements about the unacceptability of achieving peace on the Russian Federation’s terms and beginning peace talks until Ukraine reverses the momentum on the ground.”

“You read these statements and you hear them daily on television and in social media.”

“The more they pump Ukraine full of weapons, the longer the conflict and the agony of the Nazi regime supported by the Western countries will last.”

The longer this goes on in breach of international law, “the more tasks we will be carrying out on the ground.”

“All of them will be (successfully) completed.”

Russia, China and other nations free from US control are falsely called threats for refusing to sacrifice their sovereign rights to “the neoliberal world order.”

The announced buildup of NATO troops near Russia’s borders was planned long before the Madrid summit.

US-installed puppet Zelensky is a nobody with no decision-making power.

Decisions affecting Ukraine and the West are made in Washington by politicians, Pentagon commanders and CIA officials.

In sharp contrast to the US-dominated belligerent West, Russia complies with the rule of law.

Its officials “engage in business, not propaganda or ideology,” Lavrov stressed.

And this from Belgium’s so-called prime minister, Alexander De Croo, on the sidelines of NATO’s Madrid summit:

“We make it very clear that (all things Nazi-infested Ukraine) can only be won on the battlefield.”

“(W)e should continue to support (puppet) Zelensky and the Ukrainian population as much as possible to be able to win war on the battlefield” — what was lost straightaway after Russia’s liberating SMO began.

NATO regimes have been supplying Kiev with weapons et al for endless aggression against Donbass civilians since hegemon USA’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev.

Separately on Wednesday, Russia said it’s able to export tens of millions of tons of grain to world markets if illegal bans on its operations are lifted.

Global food crisis conditions were made-in-the-USA, Brussels and London, clearly not in Moscow.

And this from TS Lombard, a macroeconomic forecasting consultancy organization, saying:

EU nations imported about 155 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas last year.

No matter what conservation and diversification steps their ruling regimes take, they cannot replace needed Russian gas through alternative sources.

Its gas flowing through pipelines is 40 – 50% cheaper than expensive US LNG.

Yet European regimes are buying the latter in lieu of what’s far cheaper and readily available.

In May, Vladimir Putin accused Western regimes of “forgett(ing)” basic laws of economics.

Partially cutting themselves off from Russian energy, grain and other commodities undermined their own own well-being.

Commenting on blockage of Russian grain from reaching world markets, its UN envoy, Anatoly Antonov, said the following:

US/Western “anti-Russia restrictions” bear full responsibility for “global food crisis” conditions.

Things can be alleviated by permitting “free access of grain and fertilizers to global markets,” including from Russia.

As for the harebrained US-proposed imposition of a price cap on Russian oil to world markets, Moscow can circumvent it in various ways, including by holding firm on the market price — refusenik nations left to find alternative suppliers.

And at this time, Russia is focusing heavily on Asian markets to make up for what European regimes cut way back on or abandoned altogether.

According to head of the Energy Development Center, Kirill Melnikov:

The harebrained idea of capping the price of a global commodity like oil “has no chance of success.”

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  1. Paul Wolfowitz and the neocons ramped up the offense budget to be full spectrum dominate and fight on two fronts with Russia and China.

    The war pigs want their income stream to be a river and it won’t be long before a trillion$ a year is spent on what used to be conquering the world.

    Germany is already rationing natural gas and there is no answer circulating on what will keep Germans from freezing and starving to death. Germany is facing deindustrialization from lack of energy and not being competitive because of high energy cost.

    The Mythland Empire in Europe has to have real concern over the military defeat of NATO and you can tell THEY know THEY are lost because nobody will say “All options are on the table.” Negotiate was never on the table and it is the only option until it gets to Russia dictating.

    “Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 29.06.2022” —


  2. Vatican News on July 29 said, “Pope ‘decries’ barbaric attack in Ukraine, prays for peace” plus other news items on Ukraine. Yet the Vatican is silent on NATO’s past attacks on other countries and on NATO’s belligerent statements yesterday against Russia and China.

    From history, the Crusades were used as a cover to destroy Constantinople in order to destroy the Greek manuscripts of the Gospel kept in Constantinople. Notice how the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem was not even harmed!

    Islam was created by the Vatican. Notice the many similarities between the two religions – both based on Babylonian practices.

    After the Vatican (aka the First Rome) destroyed Constantinople (aka the Second Rome) in 1453 AD, the Greek manuscripts of the Gospel went to Moscow (aka the Third Rome). Hence Moscow has been the target ever since in order to destroy the manuscripts.

    The Vatican created the Jesuits Order to suppress the Gospel through assassinations. The Jesuits then controlled the Vatican through the poison cup, in the same way the CIA controls the US Government. The Jesuit Black Pope controls the CIA.

    The Jesuit Black Pope who resides just outside the Vatican is the real power because the Jesuits specialize in assassinations to control world governments. The Black Pope is the Woman riding the Beast in Revelation 17.


  3. Mr Lendman..

    July 1..

    ” US Imperalism 301..’WMD”s..!’
    Weapons of Massive Dereliction!

    A…For Australia…See the MSM poll where 80 % of Ozzies think

    a Military Alliance with the USA

    Yo Capitalism
    Read it and weep.

    Your days are numbered.

    Especially with the Financial Tsunami coming…

    Like the River Styxx
    Gonna wash you away..

    Take you home…
    One little clue as to where..

    It ain’t West Virginia..!
    Mountain Momma!

    B).. for the Bahamas…

    Yo Senator
    Are you making Travel Plans?

    Before the Directory Comes and takes your Passport.


    When the Banks close..
    The Public finds out your story was a Hoax..

    A Shim Sham Game ..!
    Another Swindle .

    Ukrainian Swindle
    Blows Up in your Face!

    $65 Billions to the Nazis
    Not a Penny for Infrastructure!

    and Dirty Joe .

    ” Hey Joe Where are you going with that gun in your hand ..?

    And that Bag of Loot..
    Dirty Joe .?

    Mexico…NADA .

    Joe and the Entire Congress
    Say ..

    “Fux Americans..
    Save Nazism ..!”

    Mitch said giving the money to the Nazis..

    ” Most important thing in the World ..!”

    Meanwhile 75% of Kentucky

    Desperately needs to see a Dentist to fix their Rotten Teeth.

    Yo Mitch.
    Yo Chuckie Cheese
    Yo Raytheon

    ” Where’s the money now..
    Any accounting of where it went..

    Hell No.
    This is the Great Democracy

    A Congressman would get shot for asking ..

    Already have $23 T missing from the Pentagon…

    Not One Poser..

    AIPAC Selected Rubber Stamper

    Even Asked…
    Ever ..!

    They know the Secret Police in the USA..

    The American Gestapo..
    The American KGB..
    The American Stasi..

    Would shoot them.
    They shoot Presidents.

    The Real World.
    No time for delusions at this Late Date

    $65 Billion to the Nazis..

    And Americans..
    And get not a drop to drink

    Dear Senator..

    You’re Number #64..
    On Americas Most Wanted.

    C)… Ukraine officially on the time clock.

    Expiration Date is growing Nearer.

    90 Day
    A 30 Day Shot Clock ..!

    D)…for Duplicity

    Israel goes heavy into Yuan.

    Divesting of USA Script Money
    And Treasuries..!

    They say ” Diversified”


    What do they know
    That they’re not telling you!


    Like our Government who fuxed us is going to tell us truth.

    Warn us .

    Haha haha haha haha haha

    The Gangsters.


    Realize Qadaffi got murdered for doing exactly what the Zionists just did..

    Going off the Dollar.

    And murdered by the Mossad
    Along with USA, UK, FRA NATO.

    D is for the DEVIL
    Who’s running everything
    Since 11-22-63..!

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!


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