Russia’s Super-Weapons Exceed the Best in the West

Once again, a Pentagon hypersonic missile test failed this week, Bloomberg News reported.

Russia is way ahead of the US/West in their development, its Foreign Ministry’s Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control, Vladimir Yermakov, explained, saying:

For many years, hegemon USA “has been trying (and failing) to play  catch-up with Russia(’s)” ability to develop, produce and deploy super-weapons, including hypersonic ones able to penetrate Western air defense systems.

As for dialogue with the empire of lies, it’s impossible because of its rage for confrontation over cooperation, for destabilization and forever wars over the other way around.

Russia’s response has been to develop superior weapons and missile defense capabilities to US-dominated NATO ones — and at a small fraction of what the US spends to enrich its merchants of death.

The gap between Russia’s superior weapons v. the best in the decadent, declining US/West continues to widen in Moscow’s favor.

All US/Western-MSM chest-pounding hyperbole otherwise leaves reality unchanged.

The empire of lies and its NATO vassals haven’t won a war since the alliance was established in 1949.

They’ve all be waged against nonbelligerent nations threatening no one, their military capabilities far less than what exists in NATO countries.

Yet their determination to be free from hegemonic US control proved them to be mentally tough and resilient against an imperial foe.

WaPo ignored reality about Moscow’s military superiority by falsely claiming that hegemon USA’s “answer to Russia is a new, improved NATO (sic).”

There’s nothing new and improved about what’s too decadent in decline to change.

Nor will increasing the war-making alliance’s force strength near Russia’s borders tip the balance of power in its favor v. Moscow’s military superiority.

And calling the White House imposter a “believer in transatlantic solidarity (sic)” ignored his detachment from reality on all things domestic and geopolitical — except for what’s scripted for him to recite or paraphrase, then forgotten unless re-scripted.

WaPo and other MSM suppress that NATO is all about offense, about smashing things, not about defense as falsely touted.

And as long as it exists, nations free from US control will be threatened by aggression it engages in time and again.

So-called alliance “democratic values” are pure fantasy, not real.

Short of launching WW III — an ominous possibility — alliance regimes can only sit on the sidelines while Russia degrades and hollows out the scourge of Nazified Ukraine, along with throwing more weapons at Kiev for Russian Federation forces to target and destroy.

So-called “allied resolve under US leadership,” when push comes to shove, is more delusional than real when matched against Russia’s superior weapons and overall military strength.

And this WaPo rubbish, saying:

If hegemon USA can “bring Turkey on board with regard to” all things Ukraine, it would help “break the (nonexistent) Russian naval blockade of Odessa.”

In cahoots with his US master, puppet Zelensky is withholding Ukrainian grain and other agricultural produce from world markets — not Russia.

Supported by its NATO vassals, global food crisis conditions were made-in-the-USA, not the Russian Federation.

Ignoring reality, WaPo failed to explain that Moscow established humanitarian corridors to aid Ukrainian exports.

And this WaPo perversion of reality:

Co-opting Turkey “could be the key to helping Ukraine break the stalemate and win the war (sic)” — what it lost almost straightaway after Russia’s liberating SMO was launched.

Separately in response to fake news by Kiev — repeated by MSM — about Russian strikes on an Odessa, Ukraine residential building and recreational area, causing around 20 deaths and dozens of injuries, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, once again set the record straight, saying:

Throughout its liberating SMO, Russian forces have “not attack(ed) civilian targets or civilian infrastructure.”

They’ve only struck “military warehouses, industrial facilities where military equipment undergoes maintenance and repairs, ammunition depots (as well as Ukrainian troops) and mercenaries.”

Repeated claims otherwise by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents are Russia-bashing bald-faced Big Lies.

In one form or other, they repeat daily with disturbing regularity — how infowar propaganda works.

When repeated enough times, most people believe almost anything, no matter how brazenly untrue.

That’s the reality on most everything about Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine and Donbass.

What’s going on is worlds apart from US/Western fake news reports.

3 thoughts on “Russia’s Super-Weapons Exceed the Best in the West

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  1. Mr Lendman

    ” Objects appear much further away than they actually are in

    Your Side View Mirror..!”


    The following is the most Nietzschian..

    ( “Build your House on the Edge of a Cliff” )

    The most “Far Out” thing I have ever said..!

    I Beg you listen intently, sir.
    And all your readership,
    If I may he so pretentious.


    Bloomberg announced the Failure of the HyperSonics

    Apparently during “Tests”
    ( They’ve gotten that Far…?)

    The Second Stage of the Booster malfunctioned.

    Bloomberg gave it Front Section

    Who does that help..

    Moreover, Bloomberg never advertised any small mishaps with the F-35..

    And there were 100’s of them.
    Rather… covered them up.

    What changed..?

    Wait . let’s see if it has legs..?

    Sure Nuff..

    Next..same day..
    The Zionists News Media

    advertised the Failure of the HyperSonics ..

    Once again why ..?
    Who does that help? the use of two little words..I knew that both articles had the same author.

    Irrespective of the Tag Line.

    A Campaign of Honesty ..?

    Here’s the Point:

    That’s exactly what the Imperialists want the Russians to think.

    REASON: To assuage the Russians..

    Make them think they’ve all the time in the World..

    So please, Mr Custer
    Don’t use them before we have em..!

    Nothing Lasts forever..!

    Further we know..

    Technology can be stolen or bought on the Black Market.

    Seems like a more remote unconnected point.

    Last week
    In Telegram..

    I went ballistic on Russia..
    On Putin..

    ( Overboard actually)

    I was so angry that Russia
    Made a deal

    A Backroom Deal with Israel
    To send home 21 IDF soldiers
    Found in Azovstol Steel

    In the Basement with the Other Nazis..

    Boom..the Zio Killers go home.

    No Trial..
    No questions asked.
    No nothing..

    Hey did these Jewish Nazis kill Russian soldiers like their
    Uki Nazi Brethren..?

    I thought Israel said they didn’t have any soldiers in the Ukraine!

    Ready ..sent the Zio Nazis home

    With the Promise the Zios
    Would send

    to the Ukraine..

    Less ..rather than any..?

    Bottom Line..

    The Special People
    Get Special Treatment.

    From Putin..?
    Rather than expose them to the world as liars they are..

    and most importantly,
    on the Wrong Side..!

    Special Relationship?

    Hence..The Zios could have negotiated or stolen that technology.

    USA still has to ” model it”

    But expedites the process tremendously.

    I must ask again,
    Why tell the Public..?

    Be wary of Zios bearing Gifts!

    Final point..

    Last week…
    You rightly pointed out the NYT
    and WaPo had changed their line

    Shifted gears…so to speak..

    They had started being more truthful about the Ukrainian debacle.

    Now we see the Reason:

    The Fox Poll displaying the utter contempt and discredition of the Government…

    Has a sobering effect on the Bourgeois Media.

    Not to mention,

    80% of Australians feel a Military Alliance with the USA

    Is Harmful for Australia
    Not Helpful..!


    Pax is unraveling right before our Eyes.



    Why suddenly di

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman

    It is encumbrant upon me to mention this Scientific Point:

    Extremely important!

    Friday..the Zios announced

    Their New Air Defense could shoot down drones with a laser for $3.50..!

    Extolling the Tremendous accomplishment of that.

    Yes..this is a fact about Lasers
    The Cost effectiveness of them.

    But here’s the Whammy:

    The Exact same Laser

    Can shoot down an expensive Satellite for $10..!


    I said that two months ago.

    Keep in mind..
    A Laser shot in the Vacuum of Space will travel virtually forever

    Unless it hits something
    Like an asteroid or Pluto..!

    Readers might remember
    About two months ago

    Surrounding Elon Musk’s
    Space X satellites

    I said exactly that about
    Elon Musk’s 3,000 Satellites

    The Trillionaire who loves Nazis!

    Sure, pal..Russia and China are going to let you fly your Spyware

    Over their countries..!
    Hey No Problem..!

    Another little detail that wasn’t though out..

    Like oil, gas, or grain..?

    Now let’s separate the Shuckins
    From the Jive ass..

    On Israeli Couscous

    EIN so .

    Technology on Pulse Plasma Lasers

    Able to Shoot down Drones
    was on the Drawing boards
    In 1968…1980

    When I walked into the Movie.

    At least in the Picture which
    Accompanied the Article

    They got the technical
    Image correct..for the 1st time.

    Imagine that..!

    EIN So..

    Seeing the Drones
    And Shooting them down..

    Are two different functions.

    What the Big Eyed
    ” Governor”

    Sees might be candy wrappers
    Red Luft Balloons

    Flocks of Seagulls.

    Or Ghosts..
    Like the “Ghost of Kiev..!”


    Iran has 1000 trick bags.

    Quantum ” entanglements.!”


    Nothing is fixed.
    Prepare to get Fuxed.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..

    Kick those Nazis
    Right in the Ass..!

    I mentioned one of


  3. Mr Lendman..

    July 3rd..the Sunday MSM
    Newspapers Disinformation

    I see that very conveniently..
    Way too convenient..

    Less then 18 hours after
    the Zios publicized their

    That could shoot down Drones for $3.50 a pop..

    According to the Zios.

    Three Hezbollah Drones were shot down..

    That supposedly were attacking the contested Israeli oil platform

    Offshore in the Mediterranean.

    If True..

    Shooting down Drones .

    Compared to shooting down Iranian Missiles

    Is like the difference between
    A Horse and a Horsefly..!

    Drones travel at 200 to 800 mph .
    Iranian Missiles come in hot
    At 1.8 Mach to 2.5 Mach..!


    Moreover the IDF say there were only Three Drones at intervals

    Of roughly one every two hours

    A cakewalk

    Come in 100 to 1000 at a time!

    From several locations..!

    North, East, West and South..!

    “Here…there..and Everywhere!”
    Good Luck.. with that Mr Roboto

    EIN So..if it wasn’t a Zio Hoax

    It actually sounds more like the Good Guys

    Set the Zios up..
    “MADE THEM” in LA Lingo

    Satellites would pick up

    And pinpoint the exact location of the firing spot..

    Simply following the Trajectory from Inception.

    Easy Breezy

    I say it was Snooker
    Pure FF

    From the Masters of Lies
    Distortion and DECEPTION.

    Either way .
    “If it’s so Great, Mosche..
    Why do you need to constantly ADVERTISE IT ..?”


    It reminded me
    Of the Israelis living in LA

    Who tell me how much they love Israel..

    I always retort,

    “Oh.. that’s why you’ve been Living here in LA
    for the Last 20 yrs..?

    Cuz you love Israel so much?”


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