Ukraine to Retake Lost Territory?

Puppet Zelensky is a buffoon, an embarrassing caricature of a leader, worlds apart from the real thing.

Serving US/Western interests and his own at the expense of ordinary Ukrainians, his daily hyperventilating fell flat long ago.

In the battle for Ukraine, the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies won round one with the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev — installing Nazified rule as planned.

Russia won round two — virtually straightaway after its liberating SMO began last Feb.

At the same time, US-dominated NATO regimes can prolong conflict by pouring weapons and munitions into Ukraine — as long as the US-installed regime can deploy cannon fodder to frontline areas for Russian precision weapons to eliminate.

Once again sounding delusional by ignoring reality on the ground, Zelensky said the following over the weekend:

“We will not give away the south to anyone (sic).”

“We will return everything that’s ours and the sea will be Ukrainian and safe.”

And this turning reality on its head by Zelensky, ignoring the regime’s defeated military, its rank and file members virtually acknowledging it, saying:

“Their mood is confident (sic).”

“Looking into their eyes it is obvious that they all do not doubt our victory (sic).”

“We will definitely restore everything that was destroyed (sic).”

“Russia does not have as many missiles as our people have the desire to live (sic).”

At this time, Lugansk is fully liberated from Nazified occupation, Donetsk to follow.

Russia controls former Ukrainian territory in the industrialized and resource-rich east and southeast.

Their people will decide by referendum whether to join the Russian Federation or establish independent republics.

In most areas, the latter is more likely than the former.

Territory liberated by Russian forces and Donbass freedom fighters is no longer part of Ukraine.

Nor will its degraded and defeated military regain it.

Separately on Sunday, Ukraine’s so-called war minister Reznikov hyperventilated in similar fashion as Zelensky.

Maintaining the illusion of preparations to retake lost territory by the regime’s defeated military, he said the following:

Puppet Zelensky “order(ed) the military chief to draw up plans (sic).’

“The general staff (sic) is doing its homework (sic).”

“This is my job.”

“I’m writing letters to counterparts in partner countries.”

“The generals talk about why we need this kind of weaponry and then we get the political decisions.”

“We need more, quickly, to save the lives of our soldiers” — what the regime and its US master don’t give a damn about. 

“Each day we’re waiting for howitzers, we can lose a hundred soldiers (sic).”

The human toll of killed, wounded, disabled, surrendered or deserted is multiples greater than Reznikov’s fiction.

According to analyst Larry Johnson:

“Russia is not telling the full story of the devastation (its forces) are unleashing on Ukraine’s military.”

“But the (demilitarization of Ukraine) goal set by Putin…is being realized.”

It’s ongoing by tracking locations of Ukrainian troops and US/Western weapons et al supplied them — then striking them with powerful precision-guided weapons.

Russia’s Defense Ministry issues daily reports of its progress on the ground like the following on Sunday, saying:

“Over the past day tactical aviation, the rocket and artillery forces struck 17 Ukrainian command posts, four platoons of Grad MLRS and, in the area of Konstantinovka, two hangars concealing US-made M777 howitzers that were used to shell Donetsk residential districts.” 

“Also struck were artillery positions in 42 areas as well as Ukrainian troops and equipment in 143 areas.”

And this:

“As part of the fighting, a platoon of multiple launch rocket systems Uragan in the area of Konstantinovka, a platoon of multiple launch rocket systems Grad in the area of Dzerzhinsk and two artillery platoons of Gyatsint-B 152 mm howitzers were destroyed at firing positions in the area of the settlement Novgorodskaya of the Donetsk People’s Republic.”

And this:

Russia’s “Black Sea Fleet is using (highly effective) X-31 guided missiles.”

When what remains of Ukraine’s warplanes, its helicopters and UAVs are spotted airborne, Russia forces eliminate them with precision accuracy.

Yet Zelensky, Reznikov and other regime officials maintain the fiction of its defeated military’s “determination” to fight and defeat overpowering Russian forces.

And this Reznikov fiction:

DeNazified Lugansk was a “tactical loss, (not a) strategic defeat (sic).”

Claiming that it’ll be retaken is delusional.

So is saying to the US/West: 

“Give us the tools. We will finish the job (sic).”

Kiev has lots of cannon fodder for overpowering Russian military strength to degrade and eliminate.

If the US-installed regime continues its pursuit of a lost cause no matter the human toll, a generation of Ukrainian youths could be lost.

8 thoughts on “Ukraine to Retake Lost Territory?

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Little Elvis Zelensky says he’s got a Million Man Army

    Assembled to invade the Donbass and take it back.

    Good ..where are they massed?
    So Russian can bomb them all

    Knock em out in one Big Pop..!

    Actually it’s more like..Lots of Rats are hiding in Basements!

    But in Reality..
    These HIMARS are no joke.

    They can hit long range targets

    that until very recently were impervious to any bombardment

    Not Game Changers but sadly
    citizens of DPR and LPR
    And Russia are getting killed.

    Zelensky’s blowing alot of Smoke out his ass

    At the end of the Third Reich
    The Fuhrer moved around Ghost Divisions

    And threatened annihilation
    For the Red Army with unknown
    Unseen ..unused weapons.

    Elvis Z. on the Same Sauce.
    Probably all the Good Blow
    Mitch McConnell brought him
    Doesn’t Help.

    I only caution is exactly what the Russians General Said

    The Satellite Communication
    And Five Star Defense

    With instantaneous US Intel to the Nazis on the Ground

    Is Serious Business..!

    I read where Russia is developing Lasers

    And Laser platforms
    To knock em out…ASAP.


    Thats the Scientific Community
    I suggested…

    Similar to the Royal Societies of Yesteryear.

    They’ve got it handled.

    BTW..only need to hit one eye,
    Blue or Green..doesn’t matter

    To blind the Sonofabitch.

    Don’t waste time..
    Increasing the Bandwidth
    To pop both .

    Took that right off a thesis published and posted on the Internet.

    Must be Public Domain.
    Just for the Record.

    I might add ..
    I’m living in another

    50 yrs ago..

    Physics don’t change.
    But Theoretical Physics do.

    Everything could be Disinformation.

    I can’t prove anything
    Sitting in LaLa Land

    Only bend my mind around the Scope …

    And the nature of the Criteria

    and the problem
    That need be resolved.

    As Qwick as possible.

    Leaving all that aside.
    Russia winning on the Battlefield

    On the Other Battlefield
    The Real One..
    Not the CIA Proxy War

    The Big One on
    The World Agenda

    Russia is Winning Every Hand!

    First off..
    Europe is already sick of the Ukraine

    And the CIA War.

    Sick of Uki Refugees
    Sick of the Battle Results and

    Sick of Boomeranging Sanctions
    That totally fuxed the stupid
    Nazi Collaborators ..!

    Thank you, Baby Jesus..


    What you’re freezing.

    Call Jens
    Call Joey
    Call Ursula

    Hey Horst and Gertrude,
    You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Throw your Bums out..!

    Demand Nord Stream be Reconnected.



    The Bitch needs $5 Billion a Month

    Just to stay solvent.

    That’s just for starters
    Wall St and J Street..
    THE CIA .

    Will have you supporting the little Nazi Bitch for the next 30 years

    If you’re that stupid.

    As fast as


  2. Mr Lendman

    One further thought of import;

    Let me not be Cavalier about Russia’s impending Victory.

    Nor the real Problems the Sanctions have caused.

    Two basically..

    Replacement parts are a problem..

    Mechanical that need to be machined

    And manufactured.

    And Chips.
    Integrated Chips

    No small matter.

    On the first problem..

    The Russians are using
    Older Tanks ..


    Those puppies are like
    VW Beetles.

    Work Fabulous
    50 yrs later

    Just like
    A Toyota from the 70s

    Well Maintained

    My Idea…
    Is put Russian Soldiers in WWII
    Uniforms and regalia

    Take Pics

    It’s a PR Winner..

    What could be Clearer?


    About ten or 15 yrs ago

    It struck me as the inevitable
    Achilles Heel.

    Some affiliates may remember some Memes from a while back

    I suggested the Manufacturing
    If Computer Chips in the Vacuum of Space

    Safest and most expeditious form of a Critically important


    Space .the Last Frontier
    With Solar Farms

    Offers the Best Possible Platform


    for the fabrication of
    Strategic Elements.

    No Stuxnet
    No Israeli Spyware.

    No Nothing.
    Just you and Carl Sagan,
    Bucky Fuller and Capt Kirk



  3. Mr Lendman..

    Three Split Enz

    1…” Europe has developed a dangerous dependency on Russian Energy..!”

    Which makes 500,000,000 Europeans happy.

    And keeps them warm and their Economies running smoothly.


    But it makes 5000 People on Wall St and the Pentagon

    Extremely unhappy by how efficient and inexpensive it is.

    And the Schnorrers can’t make a profit off their vassals .

    To the Criminally Insane:

    It’s like the Russians are stealing from the Nazi Collaborators..

    Just ask them..

    Wall St and J Street say they are the Masters of Europe..

    They say they own Europe.

    Here’s the joke about the Losers

    They also tell you how great Capitalism is..

    EIN So ..isn’t Russia selling energy to Europe

    simply a Capitalist Buy and Sell transaction …?

    Pure Capitalism..?

    The Losers…Can’t Compete on the World Market..

    Europe must suffer dreadfully so Wall St can engorge themselves.


    The USA is Dangerously Dependent on Israeli Spyware, Intel and Weapons.

    All the things deadly and harmful to the US Citizens and the World.

    (And always done behind the backs of the American People.
    That’s the Zionist Way..! )


    So this dangerous relationship our AIPAC 5th Columnists have with the Zionists

    Helps only a small layer of
    War Criminals
    and RAYTHEON.

    And harms 8 Billion People on Earth.

    Who’s Framing the Narrative
    On CNN?

    The CIA.

    Dangerous Dependencies
    We’re the Rules Keepers
    And Shared Values..

    Are all quite dubious terms

    in this Epoch wherethe Pig
    now walks upright.

    2)… Russia discussing dropping the word, “President” for their
    Head of State.

    As it’s a contrived word from the English language and a (hostile) Foreign Country.

    Who could blame them.

    But one formulation being bantered around is to call the person ” The Ruler ”

    I despise that for basic Political Reasons first off

    President Putin is not the Ruler

    He has a Duma
    and a Security Council
    And a Supreme Court..

    All the forms of a Republic
    And a democratic system.

    He does not “rule..”
    He a CEO.

    To Rule implys Aristocracy.

    John Adams took the word
    President from the old
    Roman Presidium that was formed in the Early Republic

    When there was Two Elected Councils and a Tribune ..

    Tribune being a New Addition
    Comprising a Presidium..

    After the Sabine Wars
    ( Circa 350-300 BC)

    When their were enormous
    Social Uprising of the Masses

    Demanding a bigger share if the Pie .. politically, Socially and Economically.

    The Tribune represented the Plebians..!

    Ruler implys
    the Divine Right of Kings..

    They rule.

    They rule by fatwahs
    They rule by Dictates.

    Why not call the
    Russian President,

    “The Head of State..”

    Perfect Description.

    3)…Speaker of the Duma
    Lower House

    V. Volodin is absolutely correct.
    He’s not shooting blanks by the way

    The Ship carrying the Documents in the Leasing of Alaska

    Went down in a Violent Storm in
    San Francisco Bay .

    Check on it..
    Cannot make that up.

    John M.Hay

    An outstanding and unique Historical Figure

    Who served as Lincoln’s personal Secretary

    Thought the Gangsters
    Stanton, Chase, Seward, Fish
    Forged the Documents.

    Also interestingly,

    There’s a preponderance of Evidence that the above mentioned Wall St Shysters

    Planned and Executed the Assassination of Lincoln

    As they thought Lincoln would be ” too soft” on the South

    The Radical Reconstructionists
    Wanted super exploitation of the Defeated South

    Of Course .
    they’re Wall St Gangsters..
    The Original Gangsters.

    Much more to say,

    But John M. Hays letters are mostly extant


    ( Remember this is the USA

    Many items get “expurgated”
    For being too Truthful and not Politically correct..)

    And Hays Letters are currently
    at Tulane University.

    BTW .Hays graduated from Brown University

    Writes beautifully
    Clearly and Succinctly.

    You readily see why Lincoln made him his secretary and number one confidant
    And sounding board.

    The word Ruler


  4. It is looking more and more like all of Ukraine will be absorbed into Russia. Where would the forces for occupying western Ukraine/New Russia enter?

    “Russia Offers Fast-Track Citizenship to ALL Ukrainians”

    Any Ukrainian national may now apply for Russian citizenship under a simplified scheme according to a decree signed by President Vladimir Putin on Monday.

    The measure also applies to stateless persons permanently living in Ukraine as well as for citizens of the two Donbass republics.

    Ukraine’s foreign ministry harshly objected to the presidential decree, claiming it violates international law.

    Subscribe to Uncensored RT @RTnewseu


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