Why Russia Rejected Renewal of Cross Border Mechanism Aid to Syria

For over 11 years, hegemon USA has been waging direct and proxy war on Syria, the latter by use of ISIS, al-Nusra and other jihadist foot soldiers.

What’s gone on since March 2011 has nothing to do with pursuing regional peace, stability and security, nothing to do with combatting ISIS and likeminded jihadists.

It’s all about killing a nation, destroying its sovereignty, partitioning it for easier control, starving its people into submission.

It’s about removing its legitimate leadership, installing puppet rule, plundering it, exploiting its people, eliminating an Israeli rival, isolating Iran regionally, and enriching the US military, industrial, security complex more than already from endless aggression.

Russia earlier rejected reauthorization of the so-called “cross-border aid delivery mechanism” into Syria’s Idlib province that’s diverted to US-supported ISIS, al-Nusra, and likeminded jihadists for their exclusive use.

Last week, Russia again vetoed a draft resolution on renewal of the cross-border mechanism (CBM) of humanitarian deliveries to Syria for one year — its Deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyansky saying the following:

The draft resolution opposed by Russia “ignores the interests of Damascus” and Syrians in need of aid.

Since US aggression on Syria began in March 2011, the UN operated as an imperial tool in support of its rape and destruction of the country — how it operates time and again to serve the interests of the empire of lies.

Its secretary general and other key officials turn a blind eye and deaf ear to US/NATO/Israeli aggression, state terror, and other high crimes of war and against humanity — blaming imperial victims for crimes of war and against humanity committed against them.

As required, the world body failed to establish “deliveries to north-western Syria via domestic routes,” Polyansky explained, adding:

It failed to “increas(e) transparency and accountability of (its) project activities in Syria.”

It failed to “enhanc(e) donor support for early recovery projects.”

Russia “tried to improve all related drawbacks in a draft resolution” to be voted on by Security Council members.

Russia’s version made “it possible to renew the CBM for six months, then for another six months, once the required parameters of its work which we agreed on last year are finally achieved.”

Claims otherwise by the Biden regime’s UN envoy were bald-faced Big Lies — what Polyansky called “political cynicism and an attempt to mislead global public opinion.”

Separately in response to questions by 4th estate members, Polyansky said the following:

“A year ago, we all made an agreement.”

“Our understanding was based on our common position with (hegemon USA) that the humanitarian efforts in Syria needed improvement.”

“So we agreed on the text of UNSC resolution 2585” on delivering cross-border aid to Syrians in need. 

It called for an “extension of an additional six months, subject to the issuance of the secretary general’s substantive report.”

Instead of fulfilling its commitment to aid Syrians, the empire of lies once again continued its policy of ruthlessly harming them.

This year, Russia tried a new approach.

Instead of a proposed one-year CBM extension, Russia suggested 6 months “with a view to further extension” once it was clear that aid would reach Syrians in need.

With intent to block it again, the Biden regime, and Council vassal states defied reality by equating six months of CBM aid to zero.

In response, Russia “propose(d) a text that would take into account everything that was done wrong for the first time, reconfirm the commitment that we made one year ago and then, having a good draft text in our hands, we would all in good faith commit to extending this resolution and doing our homework.”

Committed to denying aid to Syrians in need, US/Western regimes falsely blamed Russia for their actions — what’s all about starving Syrians into submission to a higher power in Washington.

The diabolical agenda of US-dominated Western and other vassal states is rife with “hypocrisy and double standards,” Polyansky stressed.

Time and again, they flagrantly breach the rule of law, then falsely blame victims of their criminality and Russia.

Separately, Polyansky stressed the following:

US/Western and other regimes opposed to Russia’s draft CBM resolution “demonstrated their real attitude to the needs and aspirations of ordinary Syrians.”

They “had an opportunity to have Syria’s CBM prolonged for one year in two subsequent stages.”

Instead, their “rhetoric was all falsity and hypocrisy.”

They “proved that (by) kill(ing) the CBM for good.” 

As for (ISIS and other jihadists they support in (Syria’s) Idlib” province, US/Western regimes will continue to support them.

That’s their diabolical choice.

“This page of history has been turned over.”

Russia “will keep providing assistance to the brotherly Syrian people given full respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of that country.”

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