Facts v. the Scourge of US/Western Fake News on All Things Russia and Nazi-Infested Ukraine

On Friday, Russian UN Mission’s legal advisor, Sergey Leonidchenko, stressed the following during a Security Council session, saying:

Fact: “UNESCO confirmed that” Russian SMO strikes targeted no World Heritage sites in Ukraine. 

Fact: Its armed forces have coordinates of sites to avoid striking.

Fact: When launched, “necessary precautions” have been taken to protect them.

Fact: At the same time, the US-controlled Kiev regime refused to provide UNESCO with written guarantees to ensure that no Donbass cultural sites and surrounding areas would be targeted.

Fact: Hegemon USA, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine follow an anything goes policy — no matter how flagrantly in breach of international law.

Fact: Western MSM pretend not to notice — focusing instead on falsely blaming Russia for US-orchestrated and directed war crimes by Ukrainian Nazis.

Fact: Indisputable evidence revealed the above reality.

Fact: Evidence also showed that Ukrainian Nazi thugs “set up…military positions…inside or in the vicinity of facilities dedicated to religion, education, art, science and history in violation of international humanitarian law.” 

Fact: Using schools, hospitals, residences, religious facilities and other protected sites under international law as platforms for aggression — along with civilians as human shields — is standard practice by Ukrainian Nazis.

Fact: Russia provides “UNESCO (with) regular detailed reports about attacks by Ukrainian (Nazis) on cultural historic and religious sites” in Donbass. 

Fact: So-called pledges by (the US/West to protect) cultural heritage” sites proved to be bald-faced Big Lies.

Fact: Long before Russia’s SMO began, Ukrainian Nazis demolished “monuments to Russian writers, poets, musicians as well as Second World War heroes.”

Fact: Textbooks were rewritten with Russia bashing in mind.

Fact: Russian language, literature, culture and most all else related to the country has been virtually banned by Kiev.

Fact: No matter that before the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup, over 40% of Ukraine’s population was Russian-speaking.

Fact: So is a significant portion of its current population.

Fact: Yet they’re mistreated as invented fifth column threats, their well-being harmed, their lives endangered.

Fact: In what’s supplied to UNESCO, Kiev whitewashes evidence of its criminality. The same goes for hegemon USA and its Western vassals.

Fact: Information supplied by Kiev to UNESCO is worlds apart different from reality on the ground.

Fact: The US-controlled, Nazi-infested Kiev regime “produce(s)  fakes 24/7 and is not hesitant to use cultural sites for that purpose.”

Fact: US/Western claims about destruction of cultural sites in Ukraine by Russian forces are fabricated infowar rubbish.

Fact: US/NATO aggression against invented enemies obliterates cultural, religious and most other nonmilitary sites unaccountably.

Leonidchenko also stressed the following:

Multiple Security Council sessions are needed to discuss indisputable truths about countless numbers of “abhorrent acts committed by (Kiev Nazis) to eradicate everything Russian in” Ukraine by whatever it takes to achieve the regime’s diabolical aims.

Russia has “zero tolerance” for the scourge of what Nazism is all about.

“The horrendous death toll of 27 million people lost during…World War (II) obliges us to” do nothing less.

Yet throughout the post-WW II period to the present day, the empire of lies and complicit Western regimes attacked one nonbelligerent, nonthreatening country after another — ones free from imperial control.

Millions of corpses attest to US-dominated NATO’s brutality, its contempt for the rule of law, its indifference toward human suffering in pursuit of its aim to dominate the world community of nations by brute force.

Separately on Friday, Russia’s Deputy UN envoy, Dmitry Polyansky, said the following:

Since hegemon USA put Ukrainian Nazis in power by coup d’etat over 8 years ago, the regime it installed spread “Russophobia, hatred and hate speech” as orchestrated and directed by its US master.

The empire of lies weaponized Ukraine to wage proxy war on Russia. 

Their diabolical game “backfired.”

Things won’t end when Russia’s SMO accomplishes its liberating goals.

Because of hegemon USA’s megalomaniacal aims, the risk of global war 3.0 — with nukes —remains ominously high, an armageddon scenario if things play out this way.


One thought on “Facts v. the Scourge of US/Western Fake News on All Things Russia and Nazi-Infested Ukraine

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    On Saturday President Putin
    Held a Security Council mtg.

    An Emergency Security Council
    mtg to discuss the recent increase in Uki bombings

    And the heightened range of the Uki Weapons.

    Even firing deep into Russia.

    And needless to say,
    The US Satellites

    And their real time Intel
    To UkiNazis on the Ground.

    A Qualitative deepening and
    Expansion of the War.

    Reading between the lines,
    Of the meeting

    As nothing was published

    Ostensibly, here’s what I think was decided:

    1)… Russia is reluctant..
    Better said, recalcitrant

    To fire missiles at the
    Nazi Collaborators in the West.

    And I fully understand their trepidation.

    All the Historical reasons come into play.

    I understand..
    But don’t necessarily agree.

    The Russians can always resort to that..Puskin comes to shove!

    It was always one or the other,
    Bomb them or shut them off.

    2).. I think they decided to shut the Nazi Held countries off..!

    That’s what I desperately hope happened

    and I think the Leaders decided upon that course of action.

    As it will have a devastating effect on the Neo Nazis.

    3)…Notice that just 4 days into the Nord Stream I being shut down..

    Another Government fell in Italy.

    The Protests of angry Citizens
    Just beginning.

    It’s gonna get Hot Hot Hot..

    All over Europe and America!

    The Ruling Class so out of touch with Reality..

    They thought the Working Class
    Would Sacrifice their very Existsnce

    So the Freaks could kill Russians..


    If the Russians stay the course
    Shut the Nazis off completely

    The Criminal Leadership
    should all be gone by February

    Probably in hiding.
    Or Jail..Awaiting Trial..

    For Criminal Malfeasance.

    Eddie Haskell’s Vegas Casino

    60% Chance Nord Stream II

    Will be Reconnected by a New Regimen in Germany.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!


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