Russian Foreign Ministry on the Scourge of Nazi-Infested Ukraine

Made-in-the USA Ukraine is a platform for proxy war on Russia by the empire of lies and its NATO vassals — a cesspool of Nazified tyranny infesting central Europe.

Instead of forthrightly condemning the menace posed by Kiev, US-installed/imperial tool UN secretary general Guterres supports its crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities to his disgrace.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) commented on his perversion of reality about Russia’s high-precision missile strikes on Ukraine’s House of Officers building in the city of Vinnitsa.

It came while a meeting was ongoing between Ukrainian commanders and representatives of foreign arms suppliers — eliminating them.

Slamming how Guterres turned truth on its head about what happened, MZ explained the following:

Instead of supporting the rule of law as mandated by the UN Charter and his mandate to uphold it, Guterres — time and again — ignores Ukrainian cross-border terror-shelling of Donbass residential areas.

For example:

“Regarding (Ukraine’s) shelling of Kursk and Belgorod on July 3, as well as (its) shelling of Novaya Kakhovka on July 12, when warehouses with saltpeter exploded and residential buildings, a church and other buildings were (destroyed or) damaged”…scores of civilians killed.

Wounded survivors “asked for medical help.”

Yet “neither Guterres, nor his official representative, nor anyone else from the UN secretariat condemned the attack on civilians and civilian infrastructure. 

“In response to a specific request to comment on the incident in Novaya Kakhovka, deputy spokesman for (Guterres), Farhan Haq, said there were no comments on that matter.” 

Time and again earlier, the UN ignored reports of civilian deaths, including children, caused by Ukrainian terror-shelling.

And spokesperson for Guterres, Stephane Dujarric, (dubiously claimed to have) no information about Ukraine(’s) repeated use of civilians as human shields.

Since installed by the empire of lies in January 2017, Guterres disgraced the office he holds with disturbing regularity — in support of USA’s global drive for hegemony by brute force.

In response to gratuitous Russia bashing by Britain’s wicked witch of the west, its imitation foreign secretary Truss, MZ said the following:

The worst of the worst aspirant to replace scandal-tainted BoJo as UK PM “to fulfill her (diabolical) ambitions, Truss “spew(s) (anti-Russia) threats” — wrapped in a litany of bald-faced Big Lies.

She’s “a second-rate politician afflicted by megalomania.”

“And (she’s) doing this instead of addressing (vital homeland) issues” gone begging.

Her venomous remarks also display profound ignorance of what’s essential for leadership to know.

“Clearly, the well-being and living standards of ordinary Brits are not among her priorities,” MZ stressed.

“Our response to (her) belligerent outbursts (expressing) determination to ‘defeat’ Russia is straightforward.”

“Go ahead and try.”

Throughout history, other pure evil regimes that challenged Russia militarily paid dearly for their “mistakes.”

Separately on Ukraine, MZ explained that the Nazi-infested regime continues daily cross-border terror-shelling of Donbass residential areas with weapons and munitions supplied by the West for this purpose.

MZ minced no words, stressing that hegemon USA is supplying Ukrainian Nazis with coordinates of civilian targets to strike.

US/NATO “instructors help Kiev’s fighters aim correctly.”

The puppet Zelensky regime, in turn, orders its Nazified troops to attack “civilians without hesitation” — by cross-border artillery, missiles and rocket fire.

“Barbarous attacks” continue daily.

US/Western MSM either ignore what goes on daily or falsely blames Ukrainian war crimes on Russia.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners ordered their NATO vassals to ally with their forever proxy war on Russia and Donbass civilians.

On July 20 by videoconference, US war secretary Austin will discuss further NATO shipments of weapons, munitions and equipment with the leadership of Kiev’s war ministry.

Because the regime’s military is greatly degraded, forced conscription includes Ukrainians up to age-60.

The vast majority of draft-age Ukrainians want no part of being ground up and spit out by overwhelming Russian firepower.

Countless tens of thousands fled cross-border to stay alive, defying Kiev’s order to remain at home.

At most, involuntary recruits will be ill-trained, ill-armed and sent to front line positions as cannon fodder.

Hegemon USA weaponized Nazi-infested Ukraine to wage war on Russia, its own Russian-speaking people, and others wanting no part of permanent war under tyrannical rule.

MZ stressed that “no matter how hard” the empire of lies and its vassals try “to build up Kiev’s combat capacity, Russia will continue its” SMO. 

All of (its) goals will be” achieved.

Separately, MZ explained that efforts by the US-dominated West to portray “Russia as an outcast (on the world stage) failed, panicking their” ruling regimes.

European vassal states aside, the vast majority of other nations maintain and value normalized relations with Russia.

Yet the myth of Russian isolation persists, false claims otherwise notably pushed by US/Western MSM — based on talking points supplied by their ruling regimes.

Russia is a good neighbor and valued ally — worlds apart different from the belligerent, exploitive US-dominated West.

2 thoughts on “Russian Foreign Ministry on the Scourge of Nazi-Infested Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Can we put a Cap on US and Western Lying…?

    That’s the real question on the Agenda…!

    The Tomfoolery of the European
    Nazi Collaborators

    Bald Faced lying..

    Is simply beyond all Reason and Credulity..

    To Every Thinking Person ..
    Supporter of Russia or not.

    Makes no difference
    The lie so Enormous
    As to be Stoopid..!

    Virtually everyone stops
    and ponders.

    Wait.. Didn’t the EU and the

    German Government turn off
    Nord Stream II ..

    Not the Russians..

    Who spent Years building it

    Spent Billions of their own Money building it..

    And the CIA told Germany to shut it off and Freeze.

    EU and Germany clearly.

    Using the Pipeline as a
    Political Weapon …


    And now you Bedwetters are saying Russia used it as a Political Weapon

    This stupid fuxing lie.
    Is why you’re losing the Narrative..

    In fact, you Assholes
    Have already Lost..

    You’re fuxed.
    On the Battlefield in the Ukraine

    And when the masses of Freezing Unemployed Hungry

    Citizens of Europe
    Come looking for you Criminals

    Let’s talk then.
    When you’re awaiting Trial for Financial Terrorism

    And all the Kickbacks found in your Bank Account and Email.

    The Men Who Would Be Kings


    To do unto yourself
    What you had planned for Russia

    I say,
    ” BOTCHIE !”

    You’ll be gone soon.

    Go Russia
    To Total Victory…!


  2. Mr Lendman..

    Does History repeat itself..?

    A rhetorical question of course.

    After the US and NATO immoral and unjustifiable War on Serbia
    In the 90s…

    Europe and the Black Market
    Were awash with sophisticated and Illegal weapons..!

    Now currently the exact same thing is transpiring.

    See the plane that went down in Greece with 10,000 deadly land mines?

    See the article on Sweden

    where the Cops uncovered 1,000s of Anti Tank weapons
    In the possession of Gangs
    To be sold on Black Market ?

    All part of the Expropriation and Embezzlement

    of the US Taxpayers by
    Dirty Joe’s Gang

    To be skimmed for Billions!

    Hey where was the Plane headed to…?

    No say.
    Usual procedure when no flight Destination is given..

    Chances are 99% it’s Tel Aviv.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!


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