Q and A with Vladimir Putin

Only July 19 at the conclusion of his 5th visit to Iran, Vladimir Putin gave straight talk answers to media questions — polar opposite how duplicitous US/Western politicians operate.

On Syria after over 11 years of US direct and proxy aggression with ISIS, other jihadists and White Helmets foot soldiers, Putin said the following:

It’s “necessary to guarantee the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic and to eliminate all sorts of terrorists.”

Along with supporting Syria’s liberating struggle from hegemon USA’s illegal occupation of territory in the country’s north and south — stealing its oil and terrorizing its people — Putin stressed the importance of providing humanitarian aid to its long-suffering people.

Illegal US/Western sanctions impoverished “nearly 90% of people in Syria,” he explained.

For them, the “situation…is extremely serious.”

Russia is providing Syrians in need with large-scale amount of humanitarian aid — “in full compliance with international humanitarian law,” Putin stressed.

“This means that all humanitarian aid must be provided through the official Syrian authorities, through Damascus.”

On illegal US occupation of Syrian territory, Putin minced no words, saying:

Pentagon troops “should leave” the country.

“(T)hey should stop looting the Syrian state, the Syrian people, taking their oil illegally.”

For restoration of peace and normalization to return, it’s crucial for Syria’s legitimate government in Damascus to control things — free from foreign occupation.

Because of Russian support, Damascus controls over 90% of Syrian territory.

Aided by Russia’s military, Syrian forces “brok(e) the back of (US/Western-supported) international terrorism” in the country, Putin explained.

Discussing his one-on-one meetings with Iranian President Raisi and Ayatollah Khamenei, as well as Turkey’s Erdogan, Putin explained the following, saying:

“There are no secrets here.”

“(A)lmost everything (discussed) is known,” including about strategic, economic, infrastructure development, security and trade issues.

Bilateral Russian/Iranian trade increased “by 40% over the past six months,” Putin explained, adding:

“(T)he first pilot train is traveling along the North-South Railway line.”

“It is a short route to ports in the south of Iran, which further leads to the Persian Gulf and India.”

“There is a practical project.”

“The Rasht-Astara railway is a short 146-kilometer line across Iran.”

“Russia is interested in this, because it will connect Russia’s northern region, St Petersburg, directly to the Persian Gulf.”

“It is a very interesting and promising project.”

“The task now is to build this line.”

Russia is involved in talks between Iran and the IAEA.

Moscow and Ankara are involved of facilitating the export of Ukrainian grain.

Along with the puppet Kiev regime, hegemon USA blocked it to falsely blame Russia for what it had nothing to do with.

On exports of Russian natural gas, Putin stressed that Gazprom always honors its commitments.

Because of US/Western sanctions war on Russia, their ruling regimes created an energy crisis.

During the first half of 2020, European importers of natural gas  paid about 100 euros per 1,000 cubic meters.

A year later, the same amount cost 250 euros.

Today it’s about 1,700 euros.

The US-dominated West bears full responsibility for what Russia had nothing to do with.

US/Western sanctions war on Russia and related policies caused price of gas to skyrocket — because the supply from Russia was artificially reduced.

The same reality applies to Russian oil.

Cutting supply increased the price.

And this from Biden regime deputy Treasury secretary, Wally Adeyemo, on Wednesday:

“We are following on what the Europeans have done” — as ordered by their US master, Adeyemo left unexplained, adding:

“In their sixth package they introduced the idea of a price cap, but they also said by December they plan to put in place their insurance ban.”

“So our goal is to make sure that as that insurance ban is going into place we are in a position where there is a price cap that has to drive down global energy prices and also allows Russian energy to flow into the marketplace.”

In response, Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Alexander Novak, said the following:

“If these prices spoken about are lower than costs of producing oil, Russia will definitely not provide for supplies of such oil to international markets.”

“It means that we will not simply run at a loss.”

Putin said the following on this issue:

The US-dominated West is “fall(ing)  into the same trap with the import of oil and petroleum products.”

“We hear all sorts of crazy ideas about capping the volume of Russian oil imports or the price of Russian oil.”

“This is going to lead to the same situation as with gas.”

“The result will be the same – rising prices. Oil prices will spiral.”

Except for special arrangements with China, India and perhaps other  designated Russian allies, buyers of Russian oil, gas and other commodities should be given a choice.

Pay the market price or be cut off.

A Final Comment

According to the WSJ on Wednesday:

A European Commission plan “calls  for EU countries to voluntarily curb their gas consumption by 15% over the next eight months and set priorities to determine which industrial sectors would be most affected.”

What’s proposed may become mandatory ahead if not complied with voluntarily.

The plan also calls for greater reliance on coal and nuclear to compensate for lower gas supplies.

Households and public buildings may be told to lower their thermostats.

Before yearend, will energy rationing become official EU policy?

By allying with Washington’s war on Russia by proxy hot and other means, Europe continues to shoot itself in the foot.

Their ruling regimes fail to realize that their countries are hegemon USA’s main target, not Russia — to give corporate America a competitive advantage over their industries.

3 thoughts on “Q and A with Vladimir Putin

Add yours

    1. Mr Lendman,


      President Putin gives superb Straight Talk.

      Speaks for hours of he desires.


      A marvelous Communicator.

      No notes
      No Tele-Prompter needed.

      Compare the Idiot I’m the White House to Pres Putin

      It’s like the dog shit in the backyard ..

      To s 22 oz Rib Eye at the Peninsula..!

      I simply marvel at the dicotomy.

      What did Jerkoff Joey say?

      ” I’d like to ‘ honor ‘ the Holocaust!”


      ” I’d like to thank the ‘selfishness’ of the CIA..!”


      Haha haha haha haha


      He’s the Poster Boy..

      For how sick and Dystopic the United Satanic America
      actually is.

      We see our Stupid Ruling Class..

      Who selected this Criminal
      Are now rushing to dump him in the Chesapeake Bay


      And now The Laughing Lady

      Another Clown they picked

      Bloomberg might pay $100M and be selected as the Caretaker Pres

      After they drop the Laughing Lady..LOL


      In the Roman Empire..

      The Praetorian Guards auctioned off the position
      As Imperator…


      Same thing will happen here…LOL

      ( If they don’t already..LOL)

      When the Mask comes off.
      In the Land of Lies..!


      If President Putin can flip Turkey…

      That will be one of the most important things

      Not only in his entire administration..

      But of Historical proportion!

      Something that resonates on a World Scale ..

      What happens in Turkey
      With their unique ..

      Geo Strategic position effects the whole world

      Moreover to emphasize the Importance of ” Flipping”
      Turkey .

      In a Comparative Spread Sheet.

      For instance ..

      For a 1000 yrs none of the Czars could do it ..

      No European or Combination of European Powers could hold onto or dominant the Ottomand for a 1000 yrs either.

      Ataturk continued that
      Anti Europe Anti Imperialist
      Posture as well.

      In a Politbureau Meeting in the early 20s

      The Bolsheviks were discussing giving arms to Turkey..

      Zinoviev mentions this.

      This aloofness and Hostility towards the European Hypocrisies..!

      The Shit Talkers.

      Alot of Dualism in NATO Turkey .

      Asian / European Turkey

      Erdogan reflects this
      The Sultan of Swing
      The Mad Hatter.

      Reminds me of Peron
      The Old Caudillo

      Carving out a niche between the Super Powers.

      Ever since WWI..

      The USA and Turkey
      have always had a
      Secret Agreement.

      Hence the USA could get Turkey..

      Turkey alone of all the
      140 countries of the time

      To go into the War on Korea..!

      I enjoy the shenigans of the Sultan of Swing

      But don’t really trust him.
      One way or the other.

      Who could?

      The White Sea..
      A Pipeline to Abadan
      And the Persian Gulf

      The White Sea
      Right up there on the Sea of Murmansk ..

      Up on the Arctic..


      Russia has discovered perhaps the Biggest Oil and Gas Fields EVER..!

      Biggest perhaps in all of Russia..!


      Russia has a 6 Lane
      Jersey Turnpike.

      Going from Sea to Sea.
      up in the Arctic…


      And with Global Warming
      It will have Palm Trees
      And a Las Vegas up there Next Century..!



      New Russian Sea Turnpike
      Cuts 3-4-5 days off the Rotterdam to Seattle route


      A Straight Line from the White Sea to Persian Gulf

      Is like a Strategic Line
      About 7,500 miles long.

      Uniting all of the
      North and South of the new Hegemonic Powers of the 21st Century.

      The Gods love Russia..!

      FABULOUS !

      Go Russia..
      To Total Victory…!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Fantastic Article.

    So much there there.

    First Off..
    God Bless President Putin

    The USA must leave Syria..!

    The USA ..the Burglars..!

    The USA..the international Terrorist Gang..!

    The USA…the World’s Greatest Hypocrisy..!

    Kick em the Fux Out.

    Keep trying that..

    Russia has tried like hell for ten years to get the Gangsters out by negotiating.

    Negotiating another ten years probably won’t do it either.

    With all due respect,


    You cannot “talk” the bag of trash to voluntarily jumping into the Dempster Dumpster.

    Have they ever..?
    Still in Iraq 20 yrs later.

    What’s so difficult, please..?

    I might add,
    I understand your position.

    And let me say..
    From the bottom of my heart,

    Russia saved Syria from the Fundamental Darkness

    That which is the Filth of the

    United Satanic America.

    Russia spilled precious Russian blood to save Syria.

    The World sees this.
    The Syrians love You.
    I love you for that..!

    That said..

    Only one more mile needed..!

    And Good God.. you’ve already come a 1000 miles..!

    Last mile..
    Will take some Elbow Grease.

    Golan Hts.

    That’s Syrian Land.

    A job half done
    Is a Job not done.

    And should you have any doubts

    When Push came to shove
    In the Ukraine..


    Kick em the Fux outta Syria..


    Liked by 1 person

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