Pelosi to Taiwan an Affront to China’s Sovereignty

On Tuesday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian stressed the following:

“There is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory.”

“The government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is the sole legal government representing the whole of China.”

“The one-China principle is a fundamental principle affirmed in UNGA Resolution 2758.”

“It is the premise on which the PRC established diplomatic relations with 181 countries.”

“It is an established international consensus and a widely recognized basic norm in international relations.”

Yet “certain” regimes defiantly challenge the legality of the Cairo Declaration and Potsdam Proclamation.

They vowed to respect China’s “red line” on Taiwan, then breached their commitment. 

They’re “trampling on…the international order and undermining international rule of law.” 

“This is an (unacceptable) affront (Beijing) will not tolerate.”

“The one-China principle is what underpins peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait” and the Asia/Pacific more broadly.

Zhao also stressed the following, saying:

“(T)here is no so-called ‘president’ in Taiwan.’ ” 

“(T)he path of ‘Taiwan independence’ will lead to a dead end.”

“If Taiwan (or its paymaster USA) wants to confront the mainland militarily, it will only find it futile and doomed to fail.”

Separately, China’s Defense Ministry warned that if hostile to peace and stability Pelosi visits Taiwan, Beijing will respond strongly to her flagrant one-China principle breach.

China’s official People’s Daily quoted Beijing’s Defense Ministry’s spokesman, Tan Kefei, saying:

If Pelosi visits Taiwan, “it would seriously violate the one-China principle and stipulations in the three China-US joint communiques, seriously harm(ing) China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and seriously damag(ing) the political foundation of China-US relations.

According to China’s Global Times commentator, Hu Xijin, PLA aircraft may accompany Pelosi’s military aircraft into Taiwan’s airspace.

And relations with hegemon USA may undergo major changes.

And this from Fudan University’s Center for American Studies deputy director, Xin Qiang, saying:

“Pelosi doesn’t care that she might make a big mess of US-China relations, because the executive branch and the military will be the ones forced to take the consequences and deal with the aftermath.”

Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences senior fellow, Yuan Zheng, called for sanctioning Pelosi and her family members, banning them from entering the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao if she visits Taiwan as planned.

And this from Institute for International Affairs President Zheng Yongnian:

The Biden regime and Congress are “semi-paralyzed and divided.”

Pelosi didn’t coordinate her planned visit with the White House.

And the fake Biden’s domestic approval rating keeps declining.

With the US already in recession, Dems want the subject changed to bashing its invented enemies.

If Pelosi visits Taiwan, it’ll risk possible Sino/US confrontation, Zheng believes.

“Cooperation, competition and confrontation coexist in the US’ China policy.”

In response to a Pelosi Taiwan visit, “China…should take real actions.”

Along with accompanying her aircraft into Taiwan airspace, “military exercises (should be) conduct(ed) at the same time.”

“(M)aximum pressure” should be exerted against the US because “Taiwan is at the heart of China’s core interests.”

“(R)eunification is inevitable.”

If the empire of lies intends to turn Taiwan into an Asia/Pacific Ukraine against China, it’ll be “a dead-end policy.”

At the same time, don’t “underestimate US irrationality.”

China must prepare for the worst, knowing how hegemon USA operates.

US regimes failed in trying various ways to undermine, sabotage and isolate China.

Playing the Taiwan card at this time explains Pelosi’s planned visit.

Hegemon USA “will continue…trial and error” China policies.

What hasn’t worked so far won’t likely work ahead with new tactics.

A South China Morning Post editorial on Pelosi said the following:

If she follows through on her planned visit, she’ll risk a “ ‘resolute and forceful’ response from Beijing that may have dire regional consequences,” adding:

Her arrival in Taipei will heighten military tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

The unacceptable provocation will trigger a strong Beijing response.

China, Russia and other independent nations are gaining in prominence on the world stage.

Decadent, depraved US Western states are declining because of their self-destructive policies and refusal to change their wicked ways.

A Final Comment

Ahead of Pelosi’s planned visit, Taiwan conducted air, sea and ground military exercises.

Rehearsing how to counter a potential Chinese invasion, Pentagon and CIA elements are likely involved covertly.

And if dominant Biden regime hardliners think Beijing is bluffing about a tough response to Pelosi’s unacceptable trip, proving otherwise should be its option of choice to show that US arrogance won’t be tolerated in a part of the world where it doesn’t belong.


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  1. Pelosi personally declared US Government support for the 1989 insurgency in Tiananmen Square by unfolding a banner there ( ). This is proof of a US Government-funded uprising, like nearly all anti-government protests worldwide.

    After failing in dismember Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong from China, this career troublemaker is attempting the same again on China. This is while failing to weaken and dismember Russia.


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