Straight Talk Candor v. Duplicitous US/Western Double-Talk

The vast majority of US/Western politicians and bureaucrats are unindicted war criminals, serial liars and thieves in cahoots with their predatory corporate paymasters.

Endless wars on invented enemies reflect their stock and trade.

So is the greatest heist in recorded history — transferring trillions of dollars of public and personal wealth from ordinary people to the privileged few.

And repeatedly lying about virtually everything important to benefit the ruling class of their nations and themselves.

In 2020, reported the following from the personal financial disclosures of congressional members.

It showed that the median net worth of 535 US senators and representatives exceeds $1 million.

Over half of US senators and House members are millionaires.

The Senate is a virtual millionaire’s club.

The richest congressional members include:

Senator Mitt Romney, his estimated net worth at around $280 million.

Senator Rick Scott’s wealth exceeds $200 million.

Nancy Pelosi’s net worth tops $170 million.

Other super-rich congressional members include Rep. Michael McCaul, Rep. Darrell Issa, Rep. Vern Buchanan and Senator Diane Feinstein — each with a net worth exceeding $100 million.

While they enjoy the benefits of super-wealth and special status afforded congressional members, the average US household struggles to afford food and medical care, pay rent, service mortgages, buy gasoline, heat residences and pay for other essentials.

At the same time, they’re treated contemptuously by the nation’s ruling class and consistently lied to about issues mattering most.

In a recent video, eminent physician Dr. Vernon Coleman said the following:

The public was lied to when falsely told about a pandemic in 2020 that didn’t exist.

US/Western ruling class members “lied when they said there was a pandemic in 2021.”

“There wasn’t one” — nor in 2022.

“They lied about the (flu)covid jabs.” 

“They (don’t) work (as claimed) and they(‘re) toxic.”

“They lied about masks – which manage to be useless and dangerous at the same time.”

“They lied about the climate emergency. There isn’t one.”

Hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes bear full responsibility for Russia’s SMO.

They forced Vladimir Putin to act defensively after undermining years of good faith Russian diplomacy to end Kiev’s aggression on Donbass.

US/Western wars by hot and/or other means occurred against invented enemies throughout the post-WW II period.

Their hot wars continue in Syria, Yemen, Somalia, in cahoots with apartheid Israel against Palestinians, as well as against Russia in Ukraine and Donbass.

Soaring inflation was manufactured by the US to escalate energy and other prices, while creating widespread food insecurity, hunger, and starvation throughout the West and in developing countries as part of hegemon USA’s depopulation agenda.

What little remains of fundamental freedoms in the US/West is fast eroding with intent to eliminate them altogether.

Notably speech, press and academic freedoms are disappearing throughout the West — fundamental rights without which all others are jeopardized.

Western media operate exclusively as press agents for the regimes they serve.

Coleman minced no words, saying there’s “no free speech in Britain, America, the EU, Australasia or most of the rest of the world.”

“The conspirators deliberately created fear.”

“The covid (and now monkeypox) fraud (is) always about fear and compliance.”

And diabolical US/Western dark forces “are deliberating dividing young against old, men against women, black against white.”

In cahoots with their MSM press agents, they proliferate fake news “to create divisions and distrust.”

It’s easier to exert control if segments of societies battle each other instead of ruling classes. 

Big Brother is manipulating people to be subservient to privileged interests, said Coleman, adding:

Magicians trick people to “look the other way.”

Duplicitous US/Western ruling classes operate in similar fashion.

Supported by the dominant 4th estate, they distract and divert our attention with bread and circus rubbish, along with fake news over the real thing — while they steal our rights, money and futures.

And real food is slowly being replaced by health-destroying laboratory-made junk.

With fewer farms and less production, prices soar.

This morning, I paid nearly $6 dollars for a dozen extra large eggs.

I remember when they cost under one dollar and occasionally were sale-priced at around 39 cents a dozen.

I also remember about 30 cents a gallon gasoline, bananas and apples for around 10 cents, all of the above and lots more cheap stuff long gone long ago.

For over 250 years through the mid-20th century, farmland more than quadrupled.

In recent decades, it’s been steadily declining.

At the same time, increasing censorship is the new abnormal.

I recall when interviewed on a radio program years ago, the host told me off-air that their switchboard lit up like crazy with listeners calling for more programming with hard truths like I was discussing.

He later told me that he was ordered by management never to invite me on again.

Al Jazeera interviewed me twice years ago, each time taping my remarks.

When I tuned in to listen to the taped program I was on, I discovered that they edited out my most important comments.

When invited back a third time, I said I’d only go on live.

That got me blacklisted, in similar fashion by the BBC.

One time only I was on US corporate TV, by chance.

On an early morning exercise walk near where I lived and Northwestern University’s downtown Chicago campus, I passed a roped of crime scene — so crossed to the other side of the street and discovered CBS News Chicago covering what happened.

Other than police, I was the only one around.

A CBS reporter asked if I’d comment on local crime.

I said sure. The interview was brief. 

I was as candid as on my own radio program at the time and always in articles.

When I tuned in to hear a tape of my interview, CBS acted in similar fashion to Al Jazeera and the beeb — editing out my most important comments.

As bad as things were then, they became steadily worse after seasonal flu/influenza was renamed covid with depopulation and the transformation of nation states into ruler/serf societies worldwide. 

In Britain where Coleman lives, he said the BBC and other MSM no longer invite truth-telling doctors like him on air.

It’s much the same throughout the West on virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues — the fabricated official narrative featured exclusively.

The only solution is what’s not taken — a popular revolution against what no one should tolerate.

I agree with what Coleman sees ahead this fall — more pushing of toxic mass-jabbing for flu/covid, monkeypox and fabricated new threats rolled out, including more false positive PCR testing and hazardous masking brought back with a vengeance.

Protecting and preserving health requires rejection of all they push, along with resistance against the diabolical plot to eliminate the scant remains of fundamental freedoms.

We’re on our own, US/Western ruling classes our mortal enemies.

Our choice is simple. Resist or perish.

Power yields nothing without committed demands.

It’s crucial to deliver a bellyful en masse. 

The worst of what’s happening is deliberate.

Understanding the reality of what’s going on and sharing it with others is our best chance to beat the dirty game of US/Western dark forces.

Ordinary people have power when use it. Now’s the time when most needed.

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  1. “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a politician to enter into the Kingdom of God” (Matthew 19:24).


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