Hegemon USA Interventionism Worldwide

Since the empire of lies emerged from WW II as the only major world nation unscathed by the ravages of war, it’s been an unparalleled menace to humanity worldwide.

Count the ways.

For over the past 75 years, its ruling regimes, largely Dem ones, have been involved directly or indirectly in 201 armed conflicts in 153 countries.

They comprise over 80% of global wars over this timespan. 

At the same time, US rage for unchallenged global dominance waged war by other means on all nations unwilling to sell their sovereignty and souls to a high power in Washington — by color revolutions, coups, assassinations and sanctions to make economies scream.

The late William Blum put it this way, saying:

Throughout the post-WW II period, the US “war machine has been on auto pilot” — on the phony pretext of spreading democracy, what its ruling regimes abhor, tolerating government of, by and for everyone equitably nowhere, especially not at home.

Hegemon USA’s agenda throughout the post-WW II period “is worse than you imagine,” said Blum, stressing:

“If you flip over the rock of American foreign policy (throughout) the past century, this is what crawls out: invasions, bombings, (subversion), overthrowing governments, suppressing (popular) movements for social change, assassinating political leaders, perverting elections, manipulating labor unions, manufacturing ‘news,’ death squads, torture, (chemical), biological (and nuclear) warfare, (radiological contamination), drug trafficking, mercenaries,” police state repression, and endless wars on humanity.”

Countless tens of millions of corpses, at home and worldwide, attest to US barbarity, a rogue state like no others in world history from inception, especially in the modern era with super-weapons able to strike targets anywhere worldwide.

Blum detailed it in his books, articles and commentaries — essential to know truth-telling that US regimes and their MSM press agents suppress.

A near-generation ago, International Politics Professor Robert Jervis called “intervention as American as apple pie” in his book, titled “The New American Interventionism.”

It’s all about US sought hegemony by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.

From sea to shining sea land theft and extermination of Native Americans, to the halls of Montezuma and shores of Tripoli, to raping and destroying one nonbelligerent, nonthreatening nation after another for being free from US control — all of the above and what relates to it defines the American way, its diabolical drive for hegemony.

It’s been ongoing before and since its 1776 revolution, at the time continuing dirty business as usual under new management.

In 2019, Jimmy Carter, now aged-97, called the US “the most warlike nation in the history of the world,” adding:

In its history from inception, they’ve been only 16 years of relative peace.

West Asian and North African Studies Professor Jawaid Iqbal called the US “the greatest violator of human rights” worldwide, adding:

Its ruling regimes “attempted to hide these violations by superficially deploying the language of democracy and rules, a language that results in the further attrition of human rights.”

Days earlier, the China Society for Human Rights Studies documented US crimes of war and against humanity, arbitrary detentions, torture of prisoners, indiscriminate sanctions, and other major violations of international law on targeted nations.

According to Cuban philosopher Gilberto Valdes Gutierrez:

US history is pockmarked by “numerous military interventions and the organizations of coups to eliminate those governments that did not easily accede to its demands.”

Fidel Castro redoubtably resisted hegemon USA’s rage to dominate from the 1959 Cuban revolution he led to his 2016 death at age-90.

Notably he said the following:

“I find (predatory) capitalism repugnant.”

“It is filthy. It is gross. It is alienating…because it causes (perpetual) war(s), hypocrisy and (cutthroat) competition.”

“Someday, the capitalist system will disappear in the US, because no social class system has been eternal.”

“One day, class societies will disappear.”

“We will all be in for our turn, but (what Fidel stood for) remain(s).”

It’s “proof that on this planet, if we work with fervor and dignity, we can produce the material and cultural goods that human beings need, and we must fight without ceasing to obtain them.”

Fidel passed on November 25, 2016. His spirit remains eternal.

In stark contrast to forever wars that define how hegemon USA operates, Fidel championed peace, equity and justice for all.

Along with smashing one independent nation after another, the empire of lies uses virtually every dirty trick imaginable in pursuit of its diabolical aims, including illegal sanctions and election-rigging at home and worldwide.

In her book, titled “Covert Regime Change: America’s Secret Cold War” hegemon launched at least 64 covert operations of subversion against other countries.

During new millennium years, its sanctions on targeted nations increased over tenfold.

Ones imposed on nonthreatening Russia are unparalleled in numbers and what’s targeted.

Throughout the post-WW II period through 2000 alone, US regimes interfered in 81 foreign elections, according to Political Science Professor Dov Levin.

Its drive for global hegemony is built on a foundation “of greed and lust for power,” according to political commentator John Wight.

Imperial arrogance defines the American way — waging endless wars by hot and/or other means to control other nations, plunder their resources and exploit their people as serfs.

There’s nothing remotely democratic, equitable or just about a nation willing to risk destruction of planet earth to own it.

That’s what the American way is all about — from inception to the modern era.

A Final Comment

According to a newly published poll by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center, Vladimir Putin’s current approval rating is 81.3% — in stark contrast to the fake Biden’s 30%.

There’s no ambiguity about why the vast majority of Russians support Putin.

He serves all Russians, not the privileged few alone like US/Western regimes operate.


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