Latest MSM War of Words on Russia

On all things related to Russia and support for the scourge of Nazified Ukraine, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT is the leading proliferator of fake news in print.

On major domestic and geopolitical issues alike, its speciality is turning truth on its head and trampling on it.

In response to Vladimir Putin’s Thursday decree to increase Russian armed forces by 137,000 to  2,039,758, including 1,150,628 servicemen — effective on January 1, 2023, replacing an earlier decree that took effect on January 1, 2018, the Times hyperventilated with fake news as follows, saying:

The announced move is “the latest sign that the Russian president, despite heavy battlefield losses (sic), is bracing for a long war (sic) in Ukraine (sic).”

And this Times trash:

“Russia suffered up to 80,000 casualties (sic), its source: Pentagon fake news.

The Times and its dubious sources presented no evidence to back the above claims because there is none. 

Nor does any suggest a long liberating campaign by Russia.

Its forces are methodically and strategically eliminating the ability of Kiev’s military to continue going up against Russia’s vastly superior military strength.

If the Kremlin operated in similar fashion to how hegemon USA rapes and destroys invented enemies threatening no one, its SMO objectives could have been accomplished in a few weeks at most, likely sooner.

Because great care is taken to avoid civilian casualties and damage to vital infrastructure, things are taking longer.

At the same time, by no means have Russian operations stalled, as the Times and other MSM falsely claimed.

And this Times bald-faced Big Lie:

The Kremlin “has shown (no) readiness to negotiate or compromise (sic).”

And this fake news:

Russia “initially moved to topple the Kiev” regime (sic).

Plans now are “to seize large swaths of Ukraine’s territory (sic).” 

Ukraine’s “freedom and sovereignty are at stake (sic).”

“Russia’s forces have been unable to capture significant territory since the beginning of July (sic).”

And this Times trash:

“Russia has been scrambling to recruit volunteers to serve in Ukraine (by) stealth mobilization (sic).”

Separately, the Times — and other MSM — continue to falsely blame Russia for Ukrainian terror-strikes on the Zaporozhye NPP.

Falsely saying the plant “was cut off from the nation’s power grid on Thursday” (sic) failed to explain that Ukrainian shelling caused a power outage, following activation of the NPP’s security systems.

As usual, the Times suppressed what’s most important to explain, featuring fake news and gross distortions of reality instead.

The plant is not “occupied” as Times propaganda claimed.

It’s protected by Russian forces to keep it operating safely, free from sabotage attempts by the puppet Zelensky regime.

He turned reality on its head by falsely blaming Russia for a potential “radiation disaster” caused by repeated regime strikes on the facility.

And this BoJo regime bald-faced Big Lie, cited by the Times, saying:

“British military intelligence…released new satellite photos showing Russian military equipment parked close to the working reactors (sic).”

No such images exist because no Russian military equipment is at the plant.

Military personnel protecting the facility are lightly armed for self-protection.

If a “humanitarian disaster” occurs anywhere in Ukraine or Donbass, it’ll be made-in-the-USA and/or Kiev.

Russian forces are only striking military related targets.

What’s clear and unequivocal is suppressed in the US/West.

And this Times trash, citing Biden regime disinformation, saying:

“Moscow may try to stage ‘sham’ referendums (sic), possibly as soon as this weekend, to provide a veil of legitimacy as it moves to annex parts of the country under its control (sic).”

So-called Biden regime national security council spokesman, John Kirby, turned reality on its head as follows, saying:

“We expect Russia to try to manipulate the results of these referenda (sic) under the false claim of the Ukrainian people wanting to join Russia (sic).”

And this rubbish from Reuters, citing so-called security expert, Paul Bracken’s bald-faced Big Lie, falsely saying:

Russia is “spinning the chamber of the revolver, threatening to blow out the brains of the reactor all over Europe (sic).”

Russia’s liberating SMO is proceeding as planned.

It’s just a matter of time until the Kremlin declares mission accomplished.

As for Russian/US relations, they ruptured beyond repair for perhaps a generation or longer.

The Kremlin understands well what it hasn’t acknowledged publicly.

So does the world community overall.


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  1. I simply don’t see the point of all this massive, systematic disinformation. The only people who will drink it up ar Western civilians – but they have absolutely no power of any kind, and hence no relevance.

    If the Western nations were democracies as they pretend to be, they might have to take some trouble to disinform their voters. But for over a century the political systems have been fixed so that “unsuitable” candidates cannot be elected. They aren’t even chosen to be candidates.

    Mr Trump was the exception that proves the rule; but, thanks to the elaborate system of defence in depth (which rivals the Ukrainian trench networks in Donetsk) even once elected he found himself tied hand and foot like Gulliver. The first thing he did was to appoint a cabinet full of his worst political enemies.

    People in civilised countries like China, India, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, and most of Africa and Latin America immediately recognise “Western” lies and reject them – possibly with a sour laugh.


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